The process involves:
1. Mail in ballots.
2. Mail sort machines.
3. Address databases
4. Voter records.

Here it is, in a nutshell.

Snopes and election officials lied:

Thousands of completed, stamped, and unopened 2020 mail in ballots really were photographed at Sonoma county landfill

Whistleblowers are stating that mail sort machines with address and voter databases merged are throwing Trump's votes straight in the trash.

Mail sort machines that have everyone's address in them (for barcoding the envelopes) are plugged into the voter records database. When they see a ballot from someone who is at an address which the voter database shows is not Democrat, the mail sort machine pitches the ballot into a dumpster (like the one you see in the right hand column above). Then, a record is made by the machine that the person the discarded ballot belonged to voted. Since that ballot is now in the trash, a new fake ballot can be drawn up and put in it's place. The mail sort machine itself provides the information needed to ensure ONLY ballots that have been discarded have forged ballots put in their place. This ensures there will be no collisions of duplicate ballots. If the voter goes to the polls to see if his mail in vote made it, the answer will be YES. And this is precisely why the signatures don't have to match the actual voter this time, unlike other elections this time the signatures do not have to match because they can't get that many ballots correctly faked and put in place of the actual voter this time if they have to worry about signatures matching.

The media is lying when they claim the mail in vote process is ensured accurate by signature verification, for this election they canceled that under the ruse of "not throwing away anyone's vote" and the excuse "It is too difficult to confirm if signatures match". The obvious real reason is because they cannot fake the signatures of millions of Trump voters. After the new rule was passed (nationwide) the signatures do not have to match, they just have to be there, written by anyone.

The only way to circumvent this is to go to the polls and cancel your mail in ballot. If you do not and you are not Democrat, your ballot will be thrown away and forged for Biden, this must be canceled at the polls to reclaim your vote.

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