Large numbers of people have complained about being blocked from early voting in 2020

Early voters are beginning to discover all the mail in ballots have already been cast for Biden, and that they have to cancel their mail in ballot "vote" before they are allowed to vote at the polls. So far there are no reports of people not being able to cancel their mail in ballots but this does mean that Biden had a near insurmountable head start before a single ballot was ever mailed out.

Those who steal elections in America have a saying: "Vote early, and vote often". It has never been more true than for the 2020 election, if you do not go to the polls early and cast your vote it will be stolen, and has possibly been stolen already. If so, you have to fix that NOW, not on Nov 3.

There has not been a word about this in the media, and initially there was an uproar on social media which has since been crushed to complete silence. You therefore must go vote now. In some states you can resolve the problem at the polling place, but in other states, for example - South Carolina - you have to go to the voting commission to cancel a vote that has already been cast in your name and therefore voting becomes a process that takes 3 days. If you go in on Nov 3, you will not be able to repair this and your vote will go to Biden.

Illinois is a state where you can resolve the problem immediately - one voter wrote:

"The situation in Illinois is somewhat similar.

The person in front of me was told that she had already requested a mail-in ballot; but with her consent, the clerk invalidated her mail-in ballot (via computer) and gave her an in-person ballot.

Thus, the safest course is to vote early, in person."

The only sure way to find out what the situation is in your state is to go early vote as soon as possible to reclaim your vote. A poll worker sent the following:

"I have seen this scam while working elections.

Dem Activist Number 1 is a Clerk at Early Voting.

Dem Activist Number 2, who is well known to #1, comes in, claims to be a voter, flashes an ID which is NOT the person that he is voting in place of, and is allowed to cast a vote.

Note that voter ID laws mean NOTHING if they are not enforced!

When the real voter shows up, he/she is told, "You already voted". There is NOTHING that can be done at that point to fix the fraud. Its a done deal."

This year's poll workers and ballot counters were pre-selected in many states to ensure an election steal is successful. These people are limited in number and have a lot of work ahead of them to steal a landslide from Trump via falsified ballots. They have therefore already started filling them out and this is starting to show up when people go to vote early and are told they already voted. So far, unlike what the poll worker said, we have had no reports of people not being able to fix this but we have also not been in contact with people in every state. If there are problems with not being allowed to vote, we suggest people demand the first ballot be canceled, and to at least go in at least a week before Nov 3 so problems can be dealt with as well as possible.

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