Thousands of unopened 2020 mail in ballots photographed in Sonoma landfill dumpster

Snopes and everyone else immediately debunked this, because when the deep state has a steal underway that's how it is done. Immediately after this story broke it also got placed in the censorship engines to prevent it's spread on social media where it disappeared. Here it is, fully proven accurate and fully documented.

Snopes and election officials lied:

Thousands of completed, stamped, and unopened 2020 mail in ballots really were photographed at Sonoma county landfill

Whistleblowers are stating that mail sort machines with address and voter databases merged are throwing Trump's votes straight in the trash.

Sonoma county election officials, Snopes, and everyone else stated this picture was taken in 2018, from when they threw the OPENED 2018 ballots away. Yet there is a September 18 2020 "Community Voice" paper in the dumpster with them, they are not opened, they all have stamps proving they were mailed after being filled out, and only one has a canceled stamp. These were taken directly from a "mail in vote mail box", dumped into a special mail sort machine that did not cancel them and separated out those who, based on address were confirmed registered Republicans. One envelope has a canceled stamp, probably from someone who mailed it from home.

Let's take a better look at those ballots:

In the (slightly) clearer photo, you can see that yes, the return addresses really are filled out and that only one stamp is canceled. These were located and trashed before they even entered the mail system, and the one that did enter the mail system got trashed anyway. And perhaps more importantly it is obvious they were not opened. That one revealing detail proves both Snopes and the election officials lied straight face, even on Snopes, where they claim they were "opened and discarded" ballots.

And now let's see what Snopes and the election officials said about this, now that you know the truth:

There you have it - a clear cut case of election fraud that cannot be put away, along with proof that they will lie to the bitter end to cover it up. The election is obviously being stolen and people need to get on their phones, chat with family, friends and fellow Americans to put a stop to this NOW.

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