Here is how you can help stop the steal:

Pick up your local phone book and cold call at least 20 people. Ask them who whey want (Biden or Trump) and drop your results into the polling report box you see to the right on this page. You can also mail your results to Make sure you write down every number you get an answer from and drop those numbers (with at least one area code) into the box also so our people can confirm your results (this is to help prevent partisan skewing of results with fake entries)

How to do this: Call numbers in order off the same page of a phone book to make sure the sample is not cherry picked. This means that if you hit the Anderson page, you'll dial nothing but Andersons. Skip around the phone book a little but make sure you dial at least several numbers in sequence off each page you hit so the work can be double checked to make sure a rigged list was not dialed.

If you get a vote for the candidate you do not want, report it anyway because those stealing the election know what the numbers are and it needs to be proven they are busted.

We need un-biased proof of an election steal, and you can make a difference. If you are sick of fake polls, join the team here to get a real one. Pick up the phone and drop your results into the box!

Snopes and election officials lied:

Thousands of completed, stamped, and unopened 2020 mail in ballots really were photographed at Sonoma county landfill

Whistleblowers are stating that mail sort machines with address and voter databases merged are throwing Trump's votes straight in the trash.

Donations not accepted, we need to make it clear that is not what this site is about, this site is fully funded and only about saving America - Saving YOU.