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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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If you live in the U.S., DO NOT DONATE until the problem with the communists has cleared.

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Something is bothering me about this lately. The situation is that at this time, they are too newly in power to have one ready. But give them a few more days and they will. We are getting into the time frame now where they might have been able to scrape something together.

They know the American people know they stole it. And they know the American people know (or at least too many know) that they were the ones who staged the capitol riot. In addition to that riot, it was not bad enough to get sympathy for. Evidently white hats stopped the worst. Videos leaked where an embedded reporter from CNN celebrates getting in. It was revealed that Viking guy was both BLM and military. And that pelosi's son in law was a coordinator. And that Nancy controlled the capitol police, who let them in, all caught on video while the MSM staged a fake entry showing them pushing over fences. The scam is too out in the open. So they might not use patriots for their false flag.

What might they do when everyone is expecting a false flag blaming patriots? They might come up with a different story line.

They can't really get away with using a virus because too many people know about that too. But Biden did promise us a "dark winter" so maybe they'll fake an EMP and take down the grid. This could be faked easily by simply commanding smart meters to shut off. There could be power in the lines the whole time and who would figure it was just the meter shut off? times the entire neighborhood or city? I have long suspected they might fake a power outage this way so the "good people", you know - the Jews - the ones fronting it all, won't be without. All they have to do is keep the lights low at night and since no one has the brains to go investigate their communities they'd get away with it. And I'd bet if someone did go there and discover this, they'd flap their yap RIGHT THERE, ON THE SPOT, asking them how they have power and then end up immediately detained, drugged, and then peddled on CNN as an American sleeper cell. The Jews would do that, you know. If you ever make a discovery like that, keep your mouth shut until you are OUTTA THERE. Then talk. Where you won't be instantly arrested for simply knowing that.

Other possible false flags -

A nuke is the obvious one. They false flagged a huge fire in Paradise California. Real, but false. The subsequent politics proved they did that to destroy the city and get everyone moved out of there. Perhaps they were too much of a unified pocket of the old America. Had to go. Burn them out, and block their return. That's how it is done, except in Palestine they simply drive the bulldozers back and forth over the rubble until even the rubble is gone. That way no one even knows where the property lines were or where their house was. They seek total annihilation. Paradise was a good American example.

Who knows if they will use jets again -

Think of anything you can dream up, even a Chinese invasion. We don't know what it will be, but the easiest are big booms and gun attacks staged by random losers, maybe they'll even pick a plot where the shooter hates Republicans and Trump. Yes, They'll believe THAT story line because we are not blaming them, we are blaming one of our own, and we'll say LOOK, one of OUR nutcases shot everyone up, we are going to ban your guns to keep you safe from OUR nutcases! Will they be that lazy? We are soon likely to find out.

Not a joke. New biden executive order bans the use of the term "china virus"

It is all about priorities, and Biden is hard at work!

A Catholic priest speaks up

He lays it out very well, but had to stop short of saying it is the Jews and instead rips one of the organizations they founded - masonry. He stopped short of naming them directly to help avoid getting his channel deleted.

My take: Though he did not go beyond "it is the masons" because you can rip the masons all you want and never get deleted, he still covered key points with regard to what is really going on. The main points:

1. they spent 300 years setting up the world for a fall now.

2. They want everyone enslaved.

3. They want a majority of the population culled

4. It is not enough to have people enslaved, they want the people to be as perverted as they are and they intend to enforce it and kill anyone who does not comply. This means the child sacrifices, pedophelia - the whole thing must be complied with and condoned because it is their goal to take everyone to hell with them.

MY INPUT: Their envisioned end game is to get so many people cast into hell that their combined power will be enough to overthrow God in a final battle. The Jews do not believe God is infallable or all powerful, they instead think he can be overthrown the way they overthrew Trump. There were, after all, battles in heaven where satan had the audacity to challenge God, and he happened to lose the last time around. Prophecy states God will win the next time around also, but it does not mean they are not going to try. To build their ranks as tall as possible, they are attempting to corrupt as many people as possible. Obviously the Jews think they are superior and therefore we should not matter, but they are doing it anyway.

What this priest has to say is a must listen.

Impending sense of doom

Something is changing out there in the spirit realm, (at least as far as I can perceive,) initially I was less stressed after the election carjacking was completed but the stress has been replaced with something else.

I am not sitting down here happy I am safe from it all, (actually I might not be, it appears a hit may be getting set up but I am trying to confuse that) - I instead am very concerned by what is on the horizon - clearly the left is setting up a genocide. One thing to remember however is that China refused food imports from the United States so if the food "vanishes" it is the Bolsheviks doing a repeat of Ukraine. There won't be a genocide in Mexico but as far as I am concerned, communists always do their clean-up.

They don't even need to cut the food supply that exists off, all they have to do is have Monsanto, which is a very evil company, produce one batch of seeds for the United States this year that produce nothing. Have farmers go through all the work of planting and growing a crop, only to have it produce nothing. I am so worried for everyone, constantly measuring and analyzing and planning for what needs to be done to counter the left which rises to new levels of appalling every day now. And it is concerning.

By the way, if they do manage to cut the site off, or this site is still online while everyone else is gone and there's not sufficient traffic to indicate that happened, I will try to pop up on AM between 900 and 1100 and on short wave between 16 and 20 MHZ. If I show up on short wave at a lower frequency it will be because I could not get the components for the higher frequencies dirt cheap. Any transmitters will be home built for peanuts and be over 5,000 watts. Sky wave only, intentionally made for ionosphere only.

Have to start thinking like this, clearly the curtain is falling.

Strange happenings around here.

Let's just say that there is nothing pending that will stop updates to this site and I am not suicidal. Communists ALWAYS do a purge. And a few wierd things have happened that have me limiting exposure and keeping a watchful eye. Enough said?

Biden's own cabinet does not know what he is doing

They were stunned to find out he removed Trump's executive order to protect America's power grid from China. Or so even the MSM says. Additionally, there was a video of him being leered over by Kamala, where he states he does not even know what he is signing. He probably does not even know he removed protections from the U.S. power grid. It is TEAM KAMALA, in a single player game.

What the MSM allows you to see:

Indian women protesting the XL pipeline to get permits removed by Biden.

What the caption above should say: Two probable half Chinese women posing as Indians petition to destroy American oil projects while actual tribes are PISSED biden is canceling them. SEE THE NEXT ITEM:

REALITY: Indians are PISSED at Biden because they needed the pipelines and other oil projects for financing their reservations. But you won't find THAT in the MSM.

Aaah yes, week one and Biden is shutting it all down. Why use nukes and other weapons when a stroke of the pen can wipe America out? AAAAAND remember, YOU VOTED FOR IT. At least that's all most people are technically allowed to say, OOPS, yep. allowed to say, or you're CANCELED.


2020 - WHERE "VOTE FRAUD" was a literal carjacking to put someone the public NEVER ELECTED in the drivers seat. That's exactly what it was, AND EVEN THE INDIANS ARE PISSED.

China has rejected U.S. agricultural exports

There is no explanation as to why in this linked report, they just speculate that China wants to sell their own exports. But the problem with this is that China has huge food shortages right now, so American agriculture would be welcome (one would assume).

So why would they reject American agricultural exports by paying shipping carriers more than the goods are worth to bring the containers back empty? What if China is not interested in American GMO's? That's not something CNBC would mention, even if they knew it.

One positive aspect of this however is that at least, GMO or not, the food will stay in the U.S, which would make starving everyone out more difficult.

Many are speculating nuclear blackmail was used to ultimately flush Trump

No one can understand why he abruptly gave up. Nuclear blackmail would do it. The prevailing story was that 2 nuclear devices were placed in DC and set to go off if Trump did not surrender. I am not sure of that exact scenario but it is plausible. Any way you cut it however, most countries now have a nuclear blackmail threat in place for situations like this.

I believe I know how the bombs got placed, and they are in all major countries.

The original plan was to have Israeli security firms plant the bombs via contracts they had (this is what happened in Japan) but the bombs were simply too conspicuous to get away with long term. Read the Fukushima report for that, it is laid out quite clearly and is linked at the top of this page. They changed plans, and I believe I figured out method 2. I reported on method 2 extensively, while it was happening.

Years ago there were horrible looking spiders that were peddled as mobile art displays that got moved to various cities for a few months at a time. The spiders looked like this:

At the time these spiders were making the rounds, there was a mysterious shortage of helium 3" which has a half life and was needed for the sensors in nuclear bomb detectors. For a period of time, every nation's nuclear bomb detectors did not work. Nuclear bombs are well shielded, a geiger counter won't pick them up - a special detector is needed that detects neutrinos. And they were all offline a few years ago.

I did a huge report about this at that time, and speculated that the actual way the nuclear blackmail threats were being placed was via these spiders which showed up in many places. Once the "art" is placed, notify the country what the "art" really is, and tell them to accept the placement of another nuclear weapon or you'll set it off. This could have been done other ways as well, but I suspect the spiders. If the spiders were used, it would have been smaller (but more powerful) implosion type nukes placed in the body (which does not look like a spider at all, it looks like a container of some type). Any way you cut it, the "shortage of helium 3" was a manufactured shortage, and no one had the ability to prevent the smuggling of nuclear weapons EXCEPT ISRAEL between 2010 and 2015. No doubt it was somewhere in this time frame that the nuclear blackmail threats were placed.

So the big question is, did Trump bow down to a nuclear blackmail threat? Did he get threatened again for the patriot party? I would say that is highly probable.

Imagine the psychological aspect of having the bomb be in one of those spiders. Everyone threatened would know exactly where the bomb was, and it would be hideous in appearance. Perfect psych warfare.


This morning,, Infowars, and many other alt media websites did not work on Att but did work on Totalplay. I don't know what the game is but also, even with Totalplay a cached page AT TOTALPLAY was sent rather than the latest page, even changing computers sent the cached page for computers that never even hit it before. To get the page to show, I had to change .htaccess and point it to a new page (this is the usual (sort of) I know how to handle this but it could seriously mess with other sites. The objective is to make it appear no one is posting anything because only an outdated form of the site shows. If you totally change the landing page, it will then load fresh. No-cache commands should make this unnecessary but it happens even with no-cache commands.

Anyway at least I got on here to post this. It caught me by surprise and then I remembered "THAT GAME" Again!

UPDATE: Usually after I post something like this the problem clears quickly. But I just checked on ATT again and the site is hung like Clinton should be.

There's no question this ( site did make a difference, but when they were simply going to carjack the election NOTHING would have worked to stop it.

It was NOT an election theft, it was an election carjacking.

It was WAY worse than normal fraud or a simple break in robbery and now the communists are going to take America on a joyride off a cliff.

Bad feeling in my gut

Aside from my being stalked recently and questioned to confirm who I am, (right outside the house by a total stranger who looked like a drug lord in a brand new tinted glass vehicle,) - communists take care of EVERYONE who might have influence - ASIDE FROM THAT, I have a horrible feeling in my gut.

It might just be a combination of Pretty Polly and her spooky mask video, combined with the DOJ going after anyone who tried to prosecute vote fraud under the label of "trying to influence the election results" - a position so dishonest only a communist could ever take it -

Something is not right. And I believe it is a very good time for people to get right with God. If you're a leftist who thinks the fraud is OK, you'll mock but this message is for your opposite - get right with God NOW because I am very worried about something, and I don't know what, other than the baseline of we are in the middle of the greatest most historic communist revolution in history. Don't assume you'll make it.

It could be a false flag, an attack, or an assassin outside the door. At this point, anything at all is possible, and I mean ANYTHING.


DOJ ordered to investigate whether or not anyone tried to use them to prosecute vote fraud

They are going to use this in the impeachment case against Trump, by claiming he tried to use the DOJ to "influence the outcome of the election" and they'll of course totally omit the vote fraud aspect of it all.

Communists always do their clean up after they rape a country, lots of IDIOTS are claiming this is proof Q is going to get even when in reality it is exactly the opposite, they are going to use the DOJ to destroy Trump. Nothing functions anymore, and there will be no cavalry, saving the country will be UP TO US.

This is an unbelievably bad developmet, they are not going to stop until Trump is totally destroyed, in jail, or executed. Communists do this to those they overthrow EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Drudge has fake stats

Even at it's dilapidated current condition that was a shadow of it's former self, (you know, when it at least appeared to be legit) the stats cannot possibly be as stated. Reason? Because I left the window to Drudge open on the screen (behind the laptop) while I worked on other stuff with the laptop and that site re-loads constantly, once every two minutes or even one minute, and every page load counts as a new page view and hit. Drudge actually updates real content so infrequently now that auto-page refresh is not needed, and only hoax boosts stats. In the past, Drudge used to keep that thing FRESH. Not anymore, he's not there anymore obviously. The garbage that gets fronted plus the laziness of the admins proves it. Not that it matters, we all ought to know by now that the MSM is total trash but it was still annoying to see.

And now that they scammed Biden in, it is puppy and kitten time!

Do you remember SRA's when you were a kid? The MSM sounds like that now

I don't remember what elementary grades they were in, but they were called SRA's, which were a single page of stiff paper that were handed out to students during class. Each one had a different topic and you were supposed to read them and then report or answer questions for what they said -

The writing was VERY SIMPLE but there was a lot of it considering the size of the page and it matched the style of the writing in this AP report.

Take a look at how that report is written. College or even high school or even middle school it is not, the MSM took another step down in the comprehension requirements, that reads EXACTLY like an elementary school SRA.

One comment on that report is they state Mexico is having more covid deaths than ever now. That is a lie multiple people in our circle of association, including two direct family members got the flu shot, it killed them, and all deaths were written down as Covid. If AP was worth it's salt the report would be about a deadly flu shot going around . . . .

I hit World Affairs Brief for the first time in a while, and Joel had this posted:


It has been a long battle trying to convince subscribers and Trump supporters that all the stories of false hope spread by "insiders" like Q about Trump staying in office after the theft of the election were bogus. In reality, Q was only a small part of the plot to lead Trump supporters astray with false hope. There were also former and current people in various branches of intelligence who would call up people like Generals Flynn and McInerny to feed them false information. They were so effective the good generals bought it-in part because they were naive about the depth of control held by the Deep State over the NSA and the rest of our government and military. Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were also targets of disinformation, with Wood spreading some of the most bizarre rumors. Simon Parkes, an old intelligence man in the UK, developed quite a following to his daily "Online Updates" with a mixture of true facts and outrageous claims. The disinformation he gets must be coming from British Intelligence which is in league with our own Deep State, because it echoes what many have been saying in the US. It became downright absurd last Wednesday when he claimed that the Inauguration would be faked - that it would be a computer generated event using Deep Fake computer animation and that all the soldiers in DC were there to arrest all the traitors and reinstall Donald Trump as president. Of course, that never happened. Even as he was saying it, president Trump was packing up and moving out of the White House. What is most disturbing is that NONE of the sincere recipients of this massive disinformation campaign have come out and apologized for passing on the bogus information. None have come out to expose and decry the people who whispered these lies in their ears. How are we to learn from these campaigns to deceive if the victims of this disinformation campaign don't have the courage to reject and expose it?"

My comment: Mostly right. Except for the inauguration. The inauguration was indeed faked, however, that does not make a difference in the results. But for the most part Joel is spot on with this, I am not the only one saying it. I'll also add that the fact Lin and Sidney were probably working for the left (with the current dominion case being a show hoax) because they have not redacted known false data and anyone legit would have.

I was not suckered by Q, I figured that op out early on and even took heat for stating it had to be a hoax because nothing ever worked out.

Obrador has Covid?

Yesterday there were reports that Mexico's president Obrador has Covid. He said he's alright with minor symptoms, however, I find the timing of this strange considering the same people who hate Obrador ousted Trump, and with Trump gone Obrador is the biggest man standing against the New World order. Mexico is the last real toe hold on the cliff the world is being pushed off of. Trump was tough. Obrador's only big advantage is less corruption and the fact that Mexico is not a small country. How tough is he? We will be finding out. This will be something to watch very closely.

I lamented the election being stolen from Obrador last time, but it ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened, Mexican presidents can only serve one term and he's in RIGHT NOW, right when the world needs him the most.

And by the way, as far as Venezuela goes . . . .

Guess who Biden supported right from the get go - GUAIDO. If Biden being who he is supports Gaydo, Maduro is the legit president and somehow Venezuela kept their Dominion machines in check. Someone from overseas figured they'd rig Venezuela's election and then flipped out like Hillary did last time when something went wrong . . . . so attack the grid.

They tried to steal the last election in Mexico but got caught in one of the northern states and after that they gave up. I was onto that and used whatever pull this site has in Mex to report it while it was happening, during the election. They wanted Anaya in, what a disaster that would have been during Covid. He'd have probably hammed it up and made everyone happy as credibility bait and then slammed it into the sewer when directed to . . . . . I think Iran's last election got stolen like America's last election. In Iran they at least get a printed receipt that they can confirm online but how would people get together to confirm it was not stolen? you can't do that one receipt at a time. There can be two databases don't ya know!

Want to see something disturbing that proves Covid 19 was planned 4 years prior? See this two minute video by singer Poppy.

At first I figured it was too creepy to post. But watch it to the end. It spells out what has happened and is going to happen without even saying it. It is sooooo freaky. You will know after watching this what the game is, and remember, this is from before Covid 19.


And remember, even with all the vote by mail fraud, PLUS all the false ballots, PLUS all the dead voting, PLUS all the illegals voting, PLUS all the Jews "voting early and voting often," Trump still won by THIS MUCH and it took simply changing the numbers in the machines to fix it, his victory was so enormous they simply could not get that many ballots made.


Highly probable: Trump took every precinct in the United States once ALL forms of fraud are removed. It took the European smack down to destroy Trump AFTER all the other fraud, with the map still showing as is above.


Vaccines are safe, and THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

Vaccines are "for your own good" and THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.


Sandy Hook will be used to take Alex out

A federal judge opened up the pathway for all the con artists to sue him. AND NOW MY NEXT REPORT: THE WALKING DEAD WAS REAL


YEARS AFTER THESE GIRLS WERE CERTIFIED TO HAVE DIED AT SANDY HOOK, THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. only not. YOU SEE: Zombies are real, there really is life after death and here is the proof:

You can compare these much more clearly with this larger photo.



Obama disappeared from the feed today. Here is the video.

This is how completely he vanished. Trolls are saying it was just a video glitch from compression, but that's a HOAX because the camera re-drew the pillars behind Obama, they did not just leave a distorted frame, they left a clear frame with what was behind him showing. QUESTION: Is Biden even alive, or is everything being hoaxed via AI?

THAT is what I'd call a "glitch" in the matrix!

LANCET: "OOPS, SORRY:" Hydroxychloroquine works GREAT against Coronavirus! right on cue!!!

SURPRISE SURPRISE: This got buried totally by all media outlets until AFTER Biden was sworn in, so everyone missed it!

Meanwhile the MSM kept quoting there was no science for hydroxychloroquine and that it had been fully debunked by The Lancet all the while they bashed Trump right to the bitter end. Guess what? NOW THAT BIDEN IS IN THE REPORT AGAINST HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE HAS BEEN REDACTED WITH APOLOGIES FOR HOW POORLY IT WAS DONE, AND IT IS BACK DATED TO JUNE!!!!!

I don't believe this was retracted for that long, yet there are supporting stories even in the MSM that are back dated, stating that they knew about this all the way back then, and WE DID NOT KNOW???? That's how communists roll, I DOUBT I MISSED THIS. NOW THE LANCET IS CLAIMING HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE WORKS GREAT AT CURING COVID. Gee, a LOT of people said they'd do this the minute they ousted Trump, and now, VOILA! right as the coup is complete and Biden is sworn in, THERE IT IS.

HEY EVERYBODY, we have been stating the report was bogus and Hydroxychloroquine was GREAT, EVER SINCE JUNE. Gosh, you did not know that? YOU MEAN YOU EVEN MISSED ALL THE MSM REPORTS SAYING SO? BY GOSH! HOW???? WHY ON EARTH did they even bother with a vaccine? the problem has been licked for 8 months!!!

Welcome to life under communism!

And by the way, keep social distancing and wear your mask.

Now we know for certain: The entire Covid hoax was run for the sole purpose of getting Trump out of power. Whether or not they continue to run this hoax after the main objective has been accomplished will be anyone's guess.

Trump's "coke button"

According to looney toon news, which may or may not be accurate, Trump had a button on his desk he pushed to order diet coke. Now, I don't really believe this because if it was so, the MSM would have been all over this. But I'll humor them, and point out that Biden should have left that button in place so he could summon a kid to sniff whenever he wanted. I am sure the capitol is now corrupt enough to have that happen right out in the open and no one would utter a peep, after all it was not Bill's fault he got caught with Monica. How many times prior did he get away with it?


Usually when I post here it has a ripple effect and the B.S. stops. Not this time. FOR THE RECORD: There is no interim goverment. Biden and Harris ARE IN CHARGE. No one is going to save us. Not the military, and not some Quack Anon. IT IS OVER, unless the American gun owner finally decides to make a difference. But you can keep believing in false hopes and watch everything go right down the ol'shitteree. The communists are absolute masters of manipulation. Watch it happen, while everyone is disgusted with the martians for not saving us. Yes, I have even heard there is a group of aliens that won't tolerate this coup.

THERE WILL BE ONE (1) PURGE OF CORRUPTION FROM THIS SYSTEM NOW, AND ACCORDING TO THOSE IN CHARGE NOW THAT "CORRUPTED" INDIVIDUAL IS YOU. Communists will simply label YOU as the threat and they'll take you out, people had damn well better realize the tables have been turned. It goes the same way every time, and despite history being right there to tell us, it keeps on working. All the communists have to do is play the book and they win, even when many people know what is in that book.



LOTS of people are spreading BULLSHIT about how Trump will be back and that the military will take action. SORRY, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. IT IS, INSTEAD, A BOLSHEVIK PSY OP THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE BEFORE. SEE THIS:

The Bolsheviks already ran this psy op very successfully 100 years ago. They caused the public to do nothing until their takeover was complete by feeding false hopes that there was a movement within the military to stop the communist takeover. It worked then. Don't let it work again.

Here is proof this has been done before, and is happening RIGHT NOW, in the United States. There are no good factions of the military that will save us.

RUMOR: Biden told Congress to go home because they are not needed when he can rule via executive order

This is not spurious rumor, It is highly credible, do not write it off. I'll wait for secondary confirmation before I totally believe this however.

RUMOR: Rep Marjorie Green filed articles of impeachment on biden today, as she stated she would

Waiting for confirmation on this.


The impeachment is likely to succeed so they can position Kamala and Pelosi and then really let tyranny rip.

CONFIRMED: THEY ARE DELETING DISLIKES FROM BIDEN'S VIDEOS. However, I found an inauguration video Youtube missed, that shows the true public sentiment, HERE ARE BIDEN'S REAL STATS (until Youtube deletes them)

UPDATE: This went from 30K dislikes to 40K, with 4.3K likes, Youtube has obviously not found this yet because it is not listed. This video is the REAL litmus test, in reality, Biden is getting dissed just shy of 10:1

Here is a capture of them deleting dislikes from another Biden video.

But wait, there's more!

If you post the compilation of Biden sniffing children, Twitter will ban you for child exploitation! I KID YOU NOT. THAT IS NOT RUMOR. that is how corrupt communists are.


Look at the expressions on every face in this photo. Sorta tells the whole story.


New meme going around

MORE Q TYPE B.S. WITHOUT Q'S name attached.

Now they are "quoting generals" and drawing wild assumptions. NEW LINE: Yes, the communists seized power, YES Trump got it stolen, BUT DON'T WORRY, THERE IS A 30 DAY PLAN TO TAKE IT ALL BACK. The story claims the American corporation has been dissolved and we are back to the good ol' UNITED STATES, and that Biden is powerless but we have to sit on our asses and do nothing about the theft of the country for 30 WHOLE DAYS and just wait, you'll see. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. do nothing for 30 days and Voila! like magic, all these corrupted people will be jailed and Trump will be president again.


DO NOT GET Q'ed AGAIN. Not even under a different brand name.

The National Guard is not leaving DC until February 16.

Ok, so I'll put that straight. Originally they were supposed to leave today. And then that order came down. And now they are not leaving until mid February. CONCLUSION: They are permanent. The communists know they have ZERO approval, so to be safe they have to have a pile of troops protecting them. Why THE HELL is the National Guard accepting this? They ought to just shoot the bastards they are there to protect and solve America's problems. It is UNBELIEVABLE they could be there not doing exactly that. And it is spooky to see them do nothing but enforce a coup.

THANK OBAMA, Obama was the one who corrupted the military and Jared made damn good and sure Trump did not repair the damage. This takeover is tribal. NEVER FORGET THAT. Gosh, they are protecting the HELL out of DC when the real problem is elsewhere, guaranteed to be no more than 20 miles from 95 percent of Americans, no matter where they live. It is the LOCAL tribe members that controlled the machines to steal this election and corrupted all the courts. It is the LOCAL tribe that handed out sharpies. THAT is where the root of the problem is.

If the National Guard took out DC, they'd only remove the puppets. But that would be one hell of a good start. That might set the locals back 30 years, but they'd be back. In the end, the problem must be solved at the local level, why not make that first?

Do not believe anyone who says "trust the plan" or "there is hope."

The only hope is the American gun owner, which will do nothing. I just hope there are a few people that want to do a little well directed long range house cleaning. Anyway, consider this:

The communists have infiltrated America so badly that to enforce the stolen election they were able to shut down every court, every governor (that mattered), every media outlet, even Newsmax (which may be pumping B.S. to re-legitimize themselves now that the coup is complete, so it does not matter) - AND NOW AMERICA IS HOPING THE MILITARY WILL SAVE US, WHEN OBAMA PURGED EVERY LAST AMERICAN LOYALIST OUT OF THE LEADERSHIP AND TRUMP DID NOTHING TO FIX THAT BECAUSE JARED WAS HIS PRIMARY ADVISOR. Dream on, the military will do NOTHING.

Rather than let spurious "hopium" drug you into inaction, GET MOVING AND AT LEAST BUG OUT OR PREPARE TO BUG OUT THE MOMENT THE POWER GOES OUT, if the power goes out it will be one message: TIME IS UP.

Things are going to be moving very quickly very soon, communists smash it down QUICK and many many many of them in various positions have called for the destruction of anyone who refuses to accept the official lie.


"Trust the plan. Harris and Biden are secret agents working for MAGA! Please wait for it to happen."


And no matter how good it looks, it is the face of a killer. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TRUST THEM, they have committed a coup and are downright dangerous.

THE CON JOB: After destroying so many people with the Corona scam, team Biden claims they are going to make everyone's life easier with a BIG CASH PAYOUT.

You know, the one Trump tried to do and they filled with pork and destroyed.


Don't be the IDIOT who posts that, if you think they don't know that ruse you are LOST. The FBI is not incompetent, the FBI is CORRUPT. Don't tell them ahead of time what your story line will be, you just say you sold them all. Or they got stolen. Break a lock and take a picture.

IF YOU BURY YOUR GUNS, PUT THEM IN PVC (OR ZINC COATED STEEL) PIPE AND IN THAT PIPE, TOTALLY IMMERSE THEM IN OIL. Leave no room for water in the pipe AT ALL. Silicone will not seal the pipe, use only PVC glue on a cap on one end, and on the other end it has to screw off and be sealed with teflon tape. If cooking oil is cheaper, use that and make sure the pipe can unscrew without losing the oil.

The action and barrel will fit in a small pipe. Take the stock off and hide that somewhere dry.


I took heat for that, but I was right. What happened? INACTION. Exactly what they needed to get away with stealing it.

Now we have an election that was SO RIGGED the military has to enforce it. How could even the military be corrupt? Remember the Obama generals? How he fired ALL OF THEM that were loyal to the United States?

This is the real election map that includes people who voted early and voted often, plus illegals. This is how Trump smashed it even with dead people voting. This is what they saw in Europe.




This sign should say "please send us information on vote fraud".


If the web gets cut off from all conservatives, at least you won't be stuck with America's MSM.

Obviously it does not have to be that model, but that's a guaranteed good one. If you want to spend less, (this one costs about $90) read the reviews on Amazon and pick one out.

Amazon has these but I hate Amazon now. You can also get one on Ebay. It is a very sensitive radio that will get foreign stations if the alt media gets totally blasted away. You should be able to get one for less than $100.

The CCrane radios are OK too but the Sangean is just as good and cheaper. If you want to spend more, the sky is the limit and the quality gets better. The Sangean 405 will solve the problem quite well for a price that is higher than the cheapies but nowhere near exotic. Most bang for the buck. Art Bell talked about these when he was not advertising for CCrane.

I am going to ignore this topic for now because Mex is anti-censorship, I'll get info one way or another. If I HAVE TO I'll get the Sangean 405 off Mercado Libre (amazon is OUT) but I have no plans for this now, other things are a lot more pressing and I have to prove I actually need this for the site before I get one.

By the way, if the site gets cut off to the United States, I have considered building a radio transmitter with about 5,000 watts that is explicitly set up to ONLY do an ionospheric bounce down into the United States from here. A radio like this one would pick that up. The newer switching semiconductors can do the transmitter very well on the cheap, and the power supply will be a bank of group 31T batteries. That's how you do it CHEAP. If this gets done, the frequency will be AM and would not stay the same, it is a safe bet it will be jammed so I'll be able to drop it anywhere on the dial instantly.

Don't buy the radio for this reason though, I'll only do this if I can confirm they put up a firewall to block this site.

Here is Trump's outgoing speech.

A lot of good that does. I did not get excited. Any "accomplishments" will be erased along with everything else that was done well before Trump in a mere political instant once Harris takes over. It is irrelevant.

They claim they are going to move quickly to shut down conservative web sites. BOOKMARK THIS LINK, it is the universal link that will ALWAYS land you on the latest page here even if DNS gets taken down.

Take a look at this video by writer Don Winslow

While watching this, REMEMBER: Trump supporters did not storm the capitol, forces led by Nancy Pelosi did and they entered via escort provided by police Nancy Pelosi controlled. Think about what this means, and how filthy communists really are. THIS is they type of dishonesty we are up against. This is downright dangerous. Don Winslow is either a complete moron, or he's filthy to the core.

Air rifle fully tested.

Despite being well informed on air rifles, I made an error when purchasing mine because I did not read the box. I just thought the RM3000 was spring action and that is what I wanted. And the spec sheet taped to the box matched the springer. It was the wrong spec sheet. As it turns out, the gun ended up being an RM3000 Safari Nitro. It is powerful. Today, after making good and sure it was fully broken in I did real world power tests. I wanted the most legit test possible so I used the highest grade plywood. With no tricks or funny stuff, it will penetrate 3/8ths plywood and then go through 14 layers of shipping cardboard with a 14 grain .22 pellet. If you use a q tip and put a little oil on the back of the pellet, it will go through 5/8ths plywood of the highest grade and I did not count how many layers of cardboard. So it is good. I can't complain. The scope that came with it was good too.

I don't know if Crosman mentions Mendoza in the U.S. but Mendoza does mention Crosman in Mexico and Mendoza does make a lot of air rifles for Crosman. But Mexicans prefer the Mendozas made for and sold in Mexico. They are ACCURATE. I don't know how many crosmans are that powerful but certainly the PCP ones are and I don't know what models of Crosman are a re-branded Mendoza. I do know however that Mendoza changes the spec for Crosman because Mendoza pellets don't work good in a Crosman and vice versa. If you can somehow pick up the model of rifle I got in the U.S. (they do occasionally show up there branded as Mendoza) I doubt you'll be disappointed. USE MENDOZA PELLETS, the Mendozas do not like other brands.

BOTTOM LINE: If you carefully apply a thin layer of oil with a q tip there's not a chance you'll hurt the rifle and if it will go through 5/8ths super high grade plywood, with a total of 12 plies (the REALLY GOOD stuff) I got my gun back and that's all there is to it. I don't need more. I won't even make it do that much (it was just a look see) it is strong enough as is, out of box. A true quiet survival rifle. There is seriously nothing at all wrong with a good pellet rifle and the level of power it has is something I never expected.

UPDATE: One thing I should point out: All the youtube videos of oiling pellets are done wrong, and they can easily hurt the gun. Not one person, even knowledgeable shooters, did it right. NEVER put whatever you want to explode and push the pellet harder in the compression chamber. That will quickly wreck the rifle. Also, do not "put one drop" in the back of the pellet either. That is WAY too much oil. Instead, get a q-tip wet with oil, scrape off the excess back into the container (I used sewing machine oil in a glass jar) and then spin the oily q tip in the back of the pellet. If you get smoke, you used too much oil, when done right you get no smoke at all. Only do this if you have to, and be willing to change your seals. You probably won't wreck them frequently with the method I described and they are cheap. And I do not plan to do this unless there is a reason, the gun is powerful enough anyway. If you can maintain your own rifle, doing this is probably not a bad idea, IF you have the seals, never do this to an air rifle if there is no way to repair it.

Even if a miracle happens tomorrow in the United States, much of the rest of the world is in deep trouble.

If you are in Canada and it is still possible for you to bug out, definitely do. The problem is that all areas inland are difficult to survive on during the winter. If I had the chance I definitely would go to the Yukon or NWT rather than stay around anywhere the communists will have a strong influence but I don't think that is an option for many Canadians. The Yukon would be cool because if there was time left over after prepping for the next winter you could prospect for gold. Not that you'd be able to turn it in with the communists in charge but what if they fail? Anyway -

I really don't know what to say about Europe. I simply don't have enough information to say anything of substance, other than that Europe is farther along the trail to tyranny than the U.S. is and I don't even know if it is possible to bug out there. Obviously if it is possible, GO FOR IT. However, I would not pick Russia because it is highly probable Russia is behind all of this still, Putin is ex KGB never forget and they absolutely would play dead while running psy ops to conquer nations elsewhere. Once everything is weakened sufficiently, SURPRISE, Russia is not gone after all . . . . . or China.

I guess if somehow a miracle happens tomorrow it (might) be good for much of Europe but I would not place any bets, Canada is going full steam ahead straight into an iceberg, far far worse than the United States is, and in Mexico, life is NORMAL except for the face masks, Obrador said FORGET that and called them out, stating Corona was being used by very evil people to gain power. He then proceeded to make good and sure Mexico stayed open, with appropriate precautions taken. I have always been a fan of Obrador, seriously, Mexico is probably the luckiest nation on earth. Four more years. He has four more years. By then, Mexico will get a GREAT look at what happened elsewhere and will be able to proceed well informed.

Strong evidence: The Trumpers at the capitol are not trumpers.

Trumpers will arrive pre-dressed. These were caught on video changing into Trump attire in the bushes at the capitol, from identical black duffel bags. The guy shooting the video was told to delete it also.

Many people got upset with me for having no confidence in Q.

Like the spanish flu (that is the same as Coronavirus now), when the Bolsheviks took Russia, they also had a "Q anon" which served the purpose of giving people enough hope to not take action until a gun was pointed at their heads. History repeats.

In addition to Q - With the way the communists are faking the stats now, how do we know even the spanish flu was real? The communists are recording death after death with corona, all of it lies, what's to say the original spanish flu which is only in the history books was real as well? You'll get lots of morons telling you corona is real, what about back then? There were idiots then too. HISTORY REPEATS, the timing of both happening in the middle of communist revolutions cannot be coincidence.


MOST DAMNING ELECTION FRAUD VIDEO SO FAR (TOTALLY NEW) I was going to ignore this because it is too late, but it is too damning.

During the Michigan election AUDIT, not the original vote count, the AUDIT, the people doing the audit found enormous numbers of ballots with the exact same signature and protested repeatedly, saying that the ballots could not be counted, and they were forced to count them anyway.



This is FAR WORSE than ANYTHING that has EVER been released. The election was stolen, it is past the "evidence" stage and hearsay, the election supervisor herself gave clear cut orders to count known fraudulent ballots and it is not a witness saying it, it is HER GIVING THE ORDERS, arguing with auditors and forcing them to.

HA, I was so mad at that video that even while being totally silent the look on my face made Lucas run to another room.


After the coup in the United States, the communists in Canada got BRAZEN. In Ontario, starting at 12:01 AM on the 21'st of January, no one will be allowed out of their houses or driving in the street without explicit written permission. If anyone is seen anywhere it will be a $750,000 fine and they won't accept Canadian Tire money (which in that amount would still be a serious loss.) In other words, comply or EVERYTHING will be totally lost. That's worse than anything I have ever heard of and clear proof the communists have taken Canada. If you are going to bug out in Canada, PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE NOW. The Yukon sounds good, deep into ATV territory.

I am absolutely shocked, but the social media post that tipped me off to this ended up being real.

A few people took off ahead of this disaster and fled for the Yukon. That is how I found out about this. And the Yukon is NOT where anyone would want to live, that's a total act of desperation. Sad days indeed. It is likely they read this site, so I am going to give a reminder: If you do not have bow saws pick them up in Whitehorse along with a few axe handles, once you go in, you are NOT coming out, even Whitehorse is going to go down the Communist shitter. You had better buy forward if possible.

UPDATE: I forgot: Here is how you replace or tighten an ax handle and make GOOD AND SURE you buy at least 20 bow saw blades. The short bow saws are a lot safer and if you are not using two people they work better, a bow saw will chew you up REAL GOOD, be careful. Obviously chain saws are good too but you can't expect to keep that going after the crack down because the gas will eventually foul so even if you have gas it will be useless. A bow saw will be a lot better to have for the long haul. Get the 20 inch bow saw and blades, the larger ones are too dangerous when no medical is available especially with two people on them, I'd rate a chain saw as a LOT safer. I have had all 3 items, the chain saw is the safest, followed closely by the axe, and the bow saw needs to be used with a lot more caution.

Putting two people on a large bow saw is not worth the risk out in the middle of nowhere in my opinion. It is fun because you can almost hit the speed of a chain saw but it is dangerous. Due to how well a bow saw cuts however, in the absence of a chain saw it is the ONLY ANSWER. You have to have a couple at least and lots of spare blades.

I am going to replace all my advice on how to deal with tyranny with ONE COMMENT:

The second amendment was written for this place and time in history. The American people do not have to tolerate a communist takeover. The American people will get the absolute worst situation they will tolerate. It is not going to do any good for me to sit down here in Mex and tell people the obvious about how to deal with check points and so much more, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE IT and will get exactly what you allow. THE WORST of what you allow. I am not going to spell it out anymore.

It is a better plan to make sure I am at least here to warn people about whatever info I find with regard to ongoing genocides than to tell people verbatim to start shooting and then either get jailed or shut down for it. If people can't figure that out, my words will fall on deaf ears anyway. And besides, I think it is pointless to say it anyway because I am certain EVERYONE will comply with their destruction and might even blow their own brains out if they are told it is against the law not to, my god, the willingness of the people to comply with tyranny is downright galling. I pray to God it won't end this way, but in the pit of my gut believe everyone will just sit on their butts and take whatever comes without a fight, including even death.

I have said my piece on this topic. Why risk arrest or shut down telling people what is so obvious a 10 year old can figure it out?


They are publishing BOGUS reports about Twitter not transfering Trump's "33 million" twitter followers to Biden. But there's a problem with that:

YES, they are saying "33 million" because the number of twitter followers has to be LESS than the number of people who voted for him, RIGHT???

The MSM is making a BIG DEAL out of how "Trump is not going to pardon himself or his family".

Salient point: What has Trump OR his family done that needs a pardon? All the MSM is doing is trying to convince the public Trump is guilty of something when he's not.

This is just another back stab. And preparation for any future event where they round him up, press false charges, and dispose of him like communists usually do to the previous LEGITIMATE leadership. ADVICE TO TRUMP: If things really are as hopeless as they look and Trump has no aces to pull, he needs to be off to a safe haven somewhere out of their reach, ALREADY.

Corona vax takes out another nurse

Gee, all the videos except Tiffany's look the same. The difference with Tiffany was that she died before continuous never ending convulsions manifested, and yes, it was never "fact checked", she is still missing and still dead. That said, convulsions seem to be a common theme with the corona vax. GEE, I wonder why. Actually, no, I don't wonder.

This will be showing on CNN in about 5 years, IF CNN is around then, and mis-labeled as a right wing gas attack. Quite frankly, I'd rather get a bullet in the back of the head than this.

There are numerous reports of the same thing happening to a lot of people out there on social media, but only a few have videos posted. REMEMBER, THE SAME PEOPLE PUSHING THIS CRAP STOLE THE ELECTION. I'll excuse Trump in this because Jared was an advisor, and how is Trump supposed to know this was a weapon when he never even got the whole truth about the steal or what to do about it? Even Giuliani has flipped, Trump was in the tank with ONLY SHARKS, I believe Bannon was his only real friend and he got duped into avoiding Bannon.

LET ME GUESS WHAT THE CORNA VAX IS: IT IS AN MMR SHOT FOR ADULTS. The MMR shot is not guaranteed to stop anything it is supposed to stop. But lots of kids end up autistic and screwed up like what is now appearing with the corona vax. The medical community had the audacity to pass it all off as "childhood defects" but I think passing it off as such for adults is going to be a far more difficult row to hoe. And that's why Biden stated that America would enter the darkest chapter of it's history after he took office.

The American people are going to have to decide on whether or not they are going to accept this as their future. It does not have to be America's future but it will be if the gun owners allow it. The white mind has what may be a race-ending defect: EXCESSIVE TOLERANCE AND RULE FOLLOWING. I believe it is entirely possible the whole white race will obey the orders of those they KNOW were not elected, and those they KNOW are tyrants, even as the tyrants kill everyone off. DO NOTHING TO STOP US, IF YOU DO, YOU ARE INTOLERANT AND GUILTY OF BREAKING THE RULES. I can just see it. "Karens" will be rejoicing in how right they are as they get rewarded for making call after call, sending countless people to their doom. Their phones won't be among those cut off, that's a safe bet.

The FBI moved in and arrested Oathkeepers and more, despite them doing nothing wrong.

That says RIGH THERE how things are going to go, the FBI is already rounding up patriots.

Additionally, it (appears) our communications are cut but it will take more time to know for sure. The web still works but it looks like we are cut off from communicating with anyone. It could be showtime. In advance of the inauguration we tried a donation request last night but it appears to have been cut at about 2 hours, and there was no response to what was posted in that regard today. So we are suspicious, this really could be it. They said they were going to do this. Looks like they might have gotten a head start.

President Trump issued a VERY ODD executive order today

If Trump does not intend to stay in office, this executive order worries me. Why on earth would he issue this if he is not going to fight? If he is not going to fight, this order will only help tyranny be enforced.


Do I need to say what that means? Full steam ahead communist revolution. They'll impeach biden early on because Kamala is what they want. Biden may be a sniffer but I don't think he'll do a genocide. Kamala will, with fresh breath, primped hair, and a smile.

Anyone can see this inauguration is not normal

It is clear we are entering a new chapter in American history. The communists know we know they stole it, so they are extremely nervous about it. This has led to a total lockdown on DC, with thousands of troops present. No one knows what way this is going to go.

I am going to assume, as has been true in the past, that the communists will succeed with the coup. They don't try these things until they know every general is compromised and every court is rigged. They spend decades setting events like this one up and they don't have an extensive history of screw ups. So I am going to focus on (over the next few days) how to get through this.

People in Ukraine did not receive the type of warning I am going to give next, hopefully this will make a difference

First of all, if you are facing eviction now, the ONLY thing you do is head south if that happens. Get to Texas if possible. Your chances of actually surviving in the north are quite low. Look at how long people live when they are trapped in their cars during blizzards. A couple days, and then they are gone. Your situation will be no different, the cold will get you. And don't count on homeless shelters or anything else to save you, once the communists take action, IF those places remain open, they'll be 50X overwhelmed. Your best bet will be to simply head south. Running out of gas in Texas just does not equal the same in northern Minnesota.

Even if you do not get evicted, if they cut the power, the situation will be identical. The house will cool off and that will be that.

If you have a fireplace and wood to burn (a rare combo) you might be able to stay put, and if the cops tell you "due to emissions standards" you can't use it to keep warm under these conditions, shoot them on the spot. If they enforce emissions laws under such circumstances they are murderers. Lots of pellet stoves are not going to work, people are going to be in for a rude awakening quite often.

IF you have to flee:

WOW, how things change after a communist revolution! Imagine THAT being said a year ago. And it is the right thing to say, despite the risks involved in saying it.

Hopefully you'll get to the southern state of your choice without incident. Once there, you will crash but it will be better to crash where it is warm. I have a hunch Texas is going to be ready for this, one quick change of the rules and they will easily have millions of small homes built quickly. DEAR TEXAS: HERE ARE THOSE RULE CHANGES Allow dry stack construction and 500 PSI concrete. Shoot for 200 square feet and don't even bother with proper doors or windows. It can be done, but people who have a long history of making other people's lives miserable will need to very quickly pull their heads out of their butts and DO WHAT IS RIGHT rather than code. Old style pit latrines with no one complaining about "corrupting this or that", if there is a genocide underway in surrounding states, Texas is going to have to move beyond beurocracy and simply allow people to live. And "not in a month" or "when legislation passes" or whatever.

And if opportunists spring out of the woodwork, don't even bother with concrete, just use adobe. Adobe worked before. House built in a day or two for the low low price of FREE, what's wrong with that in an emergency? Adobe would be the answer if resources were stretched so thin Texas could not even issue tents. Bring the water trucks and let people make their homes "wherever" with mud. All that would be required is for a few beurocrats to think clearly enough to allow it.

In all reality, I am just throwing ideas out, I have never been through a communist revolution so the only thing I can do is tell people to not put up with it, to shoot the enforcement, and then do what it takes to make it. Tolerance will be the only thing that will permit a genocide to happen with America armed the way it is, unfortunately, whites are VERY TOLERANT. And the communists depend on that.


For now I will embed this, but it will probably get wiped off Youtube and if it does I'll serve it from here.

Nurse in Broward County says they are already converting her unit over for a planned "covid crisis" and that even the supervisor giving the orders knows it is a con job but they are doing it anyway. She is very upset with the corruption.

This is a MUST WATCH, this proves the entire covid thing is a total scam, and that after the Biden coup is complete, it will be full speed ahead, they are immediately going to proceed with the setup for the "dark winter".

I suggest linking to this page rather than Youtube because if it gets deleted, I'll replace it and it will still be here.

Biden requested the National Guard be disarmed because he's afraid they will shoot him.

This is playing out truly and totally FULL BANANA REPUBLIC. They really are hell bent on destroying the United States. Disarm the troops so they won't shoot you? WHAT??? That's full on Kim Jong. Don't steal elections and promise "the darkest chapter in American history" and you won't have to disarm any troops.


Do not allow them to set up check points and restrict travel. That is one thing you can point at and say NO that you actually can do something about from 400 yards away. By far the best calibers will be 30.06 and .270 JUST SAY NO. MOVEMENT WILL NOT BE RESTRICTED OR BASED ON PAPERS OR APPROVAL.

There is also an interesting new caliber I did not know about. It is the .17 HMR. This caliber is small enough to silence near completely and can reach out and touch someone from 300 yards. That will be VERY HELPFUL because if you are 300 yards out and they don't know where the shot came from, (IF they know there was even a shot taken and you miss) - but if they do know a shot was taken and they can't hear jack, your chances of survival increase by 360X (the degrees of a circle.) I think the .17 properly silenced will prove to be the ULTIMATE.

The super mag version of .17 will hit a muzzle velocity just shy of an AR (3000 fps) and will reach out almost as far. That one would be good for a 400 yard shot if you were familiar with it.

The AR will be so-so for this, but the problem is that it is too big to silence and will reach about 200+ yards short of what a .270 will be good for. For the ultimate long range, the .270 will really shine. The .308 is also a nice famous long range round but there are more 30.06 and .270's out there. Obviously use the .308 if you have one. Here are the ballistics charts for the best sniper rounds out to 1000 yards. The .270 really does shine here, as does the 30.06 The AR is not even considered. If you have the calibers on this chart, ONLY USE THEM FOR SNIPING WHEN POSSIBLE, other uses are just wasting potential if there are other options.

I won't post for a while, I am going over my new rifle real good.

It is a made in Mexico brand (Mendoza) that Benjamin puts their name on for some of their models, these are supposed to be real good.

My hope is that the communists do not plan to instantly smash Mexico when they take over the United States. That could happen.

I am not just preaching to people. I am doing what I say to the best extent possible (legally) in Mexico. Claudia's training will be MANDATORY.

I am excited. I did not know anything like this was legal in Mexico and feel like I FINALLY "got my gun back", the power of this particular rifle is WAY out of the "toy" category(probably 15X over the most powerful "toy." 10X more than the most power you can have in Canada and above britain by about 4X if you tweak it.)

UPDATE:How strong is my pellet gun? I don't know exactly by the number outside of it's claimed spec, but it is able to go through 54 layers of shipping quality cardboard (a stack 8 inches thick) and then embed the pellet into a folded up want ad section I put behind that AFTER all the manufacturing oil was cleared out and it was not dieseling. Did not embed in the backing board after 54 layers but from what I have seen on youtube, that's amazing.

First I tried 20 layers not expecting it to penetrate and it buried in the backing board. Then I tried 38 layers and it did it again. Then I tried 54 layers and it still went through but it bounced off the backing board. Then I put the folded up want ad section behind that, and that caught it. So I imagine that's fairly powerful. 14.8 grain .22 pellet.

Message from Sidney Powell:

"All indications are that despite the overwhelming evidence of massive fraud, and more evidence available inside the government, and other legal options available, the President is taking no action to protect the Republic. People around him are limiting his information and lying to him about his legal options. The Biden administration will be consolidating power day one and the fascist corporations are already limiting speech and firing freedom lovers. Just look at the military in DC now. Trump did not call them in. And all that for a virtual inauguration that no one will attend?! It's all about power and global/communist money. You can see and smell the corruption in DC. It's gone from a swamp to a pure cesspool. There were and have been a lot more people illegally elected than just Biden and Harris."

The future becomes clear. They are going to remove Biden very early on for taking 140 million from the treasury and handing it to burisma and then Kamala takes over.

The linked document is not simple, you have to go through it and add it all up, and yes, Pompeo was the one that posted the final number.

This cinches it, Trump is OUT. They knew damn well for over 5 years that Biden stole this money and then stole an election for him anyway. Why would they do that? So they could play the good guys, impeach a "president" everyone hated RIGHT AWAY (to cheers) and then install Kamala and Pelosi as pres and vice pres.

Never mind the fact that Biden never even qualified to run for office (for this alone), no, we are not supposed to question that, we are just supposed to accept having Kamala be installed, where she'll then shred the country from sea to shining sea.

Now we have the whole plan, Biden can't survive this. Watch what the MSM does with this, they also no doubt knew this all along.


There will be sanctuary states. These states will probably be North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas. The Mormons in Utah are likely well prepared but don't bother with that state, the actual net resources are not abundant and none of them are stupid about protecting assets.

I am certain an American catastrophe is on the horizon. The left wants anyone of good moral standing dead. They have continuously stated this over and over again - that anyone who supported Trump or the United States must be removed from society. It is redundant to say it. Everyone knows it. So where do you go? You go to any state that is likely to secede. I don't know how all of this will play out but Biden did say there would be a dark winter, the darkest period in American history after he takes office.

For the FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY we have a provably stolen election, with the thief telling us after he takes power it will be the darkest chapter in american history. There have been LOTS of conspiracy theories floating around over the last few decades, and even though they all have now come true, NONE of them ever had anything like that in them. I urge my readers to focus on being able to be mobile, with a large food cache WHILE MOBILE, (you have to take a substantial amount of food with you) and IF tshtf the way I expect it to, GET TO TEXAS, WITH FOOD. Don't arrive hungry. Arrive with ALL the food you can take plus a tent and camp out on BLM land IN TEXAS.

Prediction: Texas is going to understand.

They know damn well what happened, and they are talking about secession. There is very likely not one single place better to go than there. And what do you say? "They cut the power and are trying to starve everyone to death. That is why I am here. And I'd like to do my part to make Texas a great place." YOU WILL NOT GET KICKED OFF OF BLM LAND, but the rules are you have to change locations once every 2 weeks. And during that time, you MUST try to find a way to integrate with society before your resources run out. Hopefully by the time all of this gets going Texas will have woken up to the reality and won't let everyone who goes there starve. You have never worried about water before, but you can safely bet that if you go to Texas and have to camp in the desert for a while you will. You'll need to bring at least 20 gallons of water that can all be filled in one whack. Don't be foolish by bringing small bottles, they should all be gallon size and up.You need to be able to re-charge your water for an entire week in one whack, otherwise going to get it will destroy too many resources. Water holes will be dangerous but flowing streams will be relatively safe, and if you can camp out near a dam, you're probably going to be in good shape.

"I don't want to leave everything behind! Everything I know is here!" Yes, but it is not the same world anymore. The communists are taking over, and want YOU eliminated.

Obviously we have to wait to see if they really are going to proceed with a genocide or not. But I am betting they probably will if they have already openly talked about it.

If what Texas provides you is total sh*t compared to what you are used to, but at least you can live, DO NOT COMPLAIN, their resources are going to get stretched to the MAX. You might get stuck in a desert tent eating corn mash for 3 years.

Inside the DC lockdown video

Someone got a video from inside the DC lockdown and it's unprecedented security procedures and reaches the correct conclusion: If they need this, they know Biden was not elected. DC lived without security and in near total peace until now, and now the illigitimate government needs a lockdown of the type needed in a shithole country, because that's exactly what the scamming leadership has done.

Mexico's president Obrador likely to crack down on social media censorship

After Twitter removed Trump and Facebook censored Trump, Obrador is moving from Facebook to Telegram. He has stated that corporations should not decide who has a voice online and stated that social media cannot conduct a second spanish inquisition and stifle free speech using safety as a pretext.

That's exactly what facebook and Twitter did, Trump did nothing at all that warranted any action against him in the name of "safety". Kudos to Obrador, I think I'll set up a telegram account and see if it is worthwhile or not.

Lucas has been very cool lately

He knows I am stressed as hell over everything that has gone on lately and stays by me constantly now when I do the site. He is a super cool dog. I have been sad, angry and stressed. He knows something is up but does not know what. He never did this before, he's here ALL THE TIME now.


THAT MEANS: He was never arrested, he's either walking free or in luxury club accomodations laying low while the scamming FBI and leftist media pushes a bullshit script. He is getting paid BIG.

We have on video, on this site even, CNN going into the place and laughing and rejoicing about how they are going to "frame Trump" and now Viking guy is saying this? The left goes to such levels of debauchery there is absolutely no way to deal with it other than ways I can't post here. They are so damn disgusting there is only ONE WAY.

REMEMBER: YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR HIM TO SCAM THIS, SO YOU WOULD BE DESTROYED. That is what the end result of this is going to be - YOUR DESTRUCTION. IT IS THAT SERIOUS, VIKING GUY IS A THREAT TO YOUR VERY LIFE. All they are going to do when committing the genocide is play that bastard on repeat to justify it.

There are a lot of theories floating around right now

I am not going to go over them all, but I'd say there is about a 20 percent chance Biden will not be inaugurated.

I will say, however, that the MSM is beyond appalling, they are just inventing lies and running with them like they are solid gold facts. It is actually disturbing to see the Jews behave like this, they own the media and they are responsible. If you know what the truth is, take what the MSM is doing as a solid lesson into just how debauched the Jewish mind IS. Not "can be", I mean IS. Because it is taking too many minds to front a falsehood as big as they are fronting for there to be all but a spurious exception to the rule in the entire group. Blaming China for this is lazy and totally inadequate, China has ZERO influence over what is stated in the American media, NOTHING AT ALL is forcing the Jews to use their media outlets the way they are. This means the coup is owned by them 100 percent and all the china crap is being done to make people want war with China. How is that going to go when we have been set up to fail in that scenario?

They DESPERATELY wanted Biden in because they want the United States destroyed and know Biden won't do jack to stop it, he is owned by the Chinese and the Jews protected him 100 percent of the way to their set up for our destruction. The Jews put Biden in power. That cannot be denied. And Biden will not stop China, despite not being Jewish. They have set America up for an enormous fall, and THEY WILL OWN IT, but probably won't be held accountable.

If anyone wants to argue this, just look at what the MSM and big tech, wholly owned by the Jews, has done. They got their guy in. They got a treasonous bastard in who WILL destroy the United States. And they are happy to not be taking the rap for it, because their weapon is not a jew. No one will hold them accountable when whatever the hell Biden is destroys us. And then it's New World Order - the Jewish slave world, ALL THE WAY with absolutely nothing to stop them. They hated the United States and the white race for getting in their way. Without last minute intervention at this point, nothing will.

Here is the Veritas video Busting Jack Dorsey

He comes across as level headed, the problem is that there is endless leftist bias in his opinion and as usual, the full slate of leftist dishonesty is colored all the way through every word. He claims to be "wanting to stop violence" but his entire premise is beyond flawed, it is nonexistent.


Obviously this site is not affected by this because I knew they'd do this eventually and therefore never used HTTPS even though it is a "one click feature" on this server.

This started happening this morning. The sites will still load, but only after a delay of exactly 23 seconds. This is repeatable across all pages on a site. The delay is obviously timer based.

I tried this across multiple computers and internet providers. The reaction is the same. Clearly a timer is being used to delay page loads, and it is the HTTPS certificate that is holding up the sites. Obviously the objective for this is to discourage hits without actually taking the sites offline. If you do not need https, there is no way you should ever put it on your site. That is why this site does not use that, I knew they'd use that certificate to hang sites when the figured they should.

If you notice a site is behaving like this, and it is https, it is not the site's fault, it is the fault of those issuing the certificates.

And, a rant. WARNING, this rant is bad.

And if you are responsible enough to realize you should offshore your servers NOW and are actually willing to act on that, here is where you go:

Due to the superior level of service, I highly recommend Orangewebsite. Take your pick:

You need to be set up in Iceland with direct IP. That is the one place you'll be safe, (actually, there is a vulnerability but Iceland will be the last place to go down.) It eventually will go down. LAST. Flokinet is probably the last host that will go down in Iceland, but Orangewebsite is vastly superior. TAKE YOUR PICK.

And now for the rant. If you are not going to offshore, you deserve this.

If you are not doing anything with your site that involves banking, HTTPS is horse dung, WTF were you thinking when you set up that vulnerability? Who convinced you to be stupid with your news site, which is supposed to be 100 percent publicly available? Oh yes, the MSM TOLD EVERYONE to do it because it was the responsible thing to do, and NO ONE thought it might be a trap to screw them in the future. That is EXACTLY what it is. What? you have to securely send what you are OPENLY posting for the public to see? ARE YOU STUPID? I have a secret. If you are alt media using HTTPS, I think you are. And I sent that secret to you directly and unencrypted. Thanks for reading what I sent to everyone, their dog, and even their dog crap totally unsecurely THE WAY IT SHOULD BE IF IT IS TO BE DISSEMINATED WIDELY. Anyone who sets up HTTPS on an OPEN BROADCAST has got to be some sort of sucker. THEY WILL HANG YOU WITH THAT WHEN THE TIME COMES, THE CERTIFICATE HAS TO BE ISSUED BY THEM OR YOUR SITE WILL NOT LOAD. And you'll probably wonder how you got cut off, even after you read this. I know I am stating this rudely, I don't care. If you set up HTTPS and there's no reason to have it, you deserve it.

STOP MAKING YOURSELF VULNERABLE BY USING B.S. THAT IS CONTROLLED BY THE ENEMY. NO HTTPS. NO ANALYTICS. NO WORDPRESS. AND NOT EVEN DNS. BE RESPONSIBLE AND GO DIRECT IP WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ATTACHED TO IT NOW OR YOU WILL BE GONE and if you lived only on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, or any other site and you were serious, well, I never considered you serious. This warning is not for you because clearly you did not have the skills needed to make it at all and as a result you are now either dead or dying all the while if you had a lick of sense you'd have at least gotten a bottom dollar shared server and pointed to it from wherever you were while you still had a chance. You would not get direct IP with that but at least you'd get a warning. My warning this time is for those that at least had enough sense to do that.

You need to be set up in Iceland with direct IP. That is the one place you'll be safe, (actually, there is a vulnerability but Iceland will be the last place to go down.) It eventually will go down. LAST. Flokinet is probably the last host that will go down in Iceland, but Orangewebsite is vastly superior.

Please note: Having a dedicated IP is NOT ENOUGH by itself, you need to configure .htaccess to automatically load direct IP when your domain name is hit, that way people can bookmark it.

Moving trucks at white house with boxes. Trump is moving out on schedule.


1. Buy all the common foods you eat that do not require refrigeration. Pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, crackers, pancake mix, soups, YOU NAME IT. GET IT NOW. Word on the street is that many people are not going to give up easily and they are making last minute preps now. BUY ALL YOU CAN AND PUT IT ON CREDIT CARDS IF POSSIBLE. The guns are gone. You have to do other things if you don't have one.

2. Get ALL your cash out of the bank. If the mayhem hits - if it really is a "dark winter" like Biden said we would get, cash will still work but not if it is in the bank after the bank declared a holiday and the internet is down and you can't access funds. If nothing happens you can celebrate and put it back. And you can eat all that food you bought for quite a while, happy you don't have to go shopping.

3. GET IN CONTACT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOW. Find out who the fruitcakes are who think Biden won, or don't care about the steal, and dis-associate. Connect with those who are not fools and agree ahead of time who's house everyone will go to if the power gets cut. Simply having a large number of people in a house will be enough to keep it substantially warmer without heat.

TIME IS GONE. Word on the street is that a lot of people believe panic will set in early next week and by the 20th it will be chaos. GO TO THE STORE TODAY, RIGHT NOW, AND BUY EVERYTHING YOU CAN. BUY CALORIES, NOT "healthy" STUFF. TIME IS UP. Biden promised us a dark winter after he openly stated he did not need our votes to "win". Nothing at all appears to be stopping anything the left has promised, including YOU BEING WIPED OUT. GO SHOPPING NOW.


They could be sitting on a mountain of preps, notice the preps declined a few percent, panic, want to replenish them, and then if they find out where your preps are they'll manipulate whoever they have to to take them, add them to theirs and let everyone die. Leftists are THAT EVIL, DO NOT LET THEM CLOSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.


Here is another way to know a coup has happened: Pelosi is so afraid of being shot for it she's requiring all congress critters to go through a metal detector!



HA HA, she says repeatedly "you are not recording this, are you? and the guy says, "You are not in it, it is only your voice" and "I'll delete it". That was a PRIME bust of CNN with cream and sugar on top.

LISTEN TO THE BACKGROUND. SOMEONE SCREAMS "NOW WE CAN IMPEACH THAT M.F." And of course, the FBI got this as "right" as a commie would want.


The following post about the KFC gaming computer is actually real and not a viral hoax. When I searched this, all the tech magazines have it, including (boring) Cnet.

KFC gaming computer keeps your chicken warm! How are communists going to react to this? (that is, when people who are NOT the kids of Communists own them, I am sure they will)

All for me, and none for thee, BIGOT.


Yeah, to his platform. He'll make GOOD AND SURE that's fixed, AFTER JANUARY 20.

UPDATE: Project Veritas got Dorsey on video. They'll be releasing this soon.

Trump is now realizing Giuliani backstabbed him.

This will be in the news in the coming days. Giuliani intentionally set up cases that would not be cases. I warned about this occasionally because Giuliani is Jewish, knew about 911 and should therefore not be trusted. What can I say. It looks like it is over.

NO ONE but reporters and performers will be allowed to attend Biden's inauguration. It is now official. As I said earlier, this will be the case because Biden cannot draw a crowd and they did not want the embarassment of an empty capitol so they are using "terrorism" and "insurrection" as the excuse for why there won't be a real inauguration party at all. Only a show, from treasonous "super stars". They had to get the TV ratings up somehow, if Biden can't do it surely J-Lo will. Not for me however, they can take their communist fraud and stick it.

Video: Woman gets corona vax and got destroyed

Trolls are calling the above video fake because "It just can't be like that" and "it looks like she's faking it". However a few days after the video linked above, the woman is in emergency care. The emergency room video is short enough to post here (I have them both saved just in case,) here is the emergency room video:

This is a different video than the one linked above, which shows her talking about it, here she is in the emergency room and she can't talk anymore.


Let's see them call THAT fake. Now more than one. How many are there like this? Tiffany Dover's body did not take it so well.


Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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