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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

I am obviously in deep trouble. So I am going to post my "fuckit page" that I have been thinking about doing, ALL OF US are done for if "they" pulled the shit they just pulled, it won't just be me. I don't know how far I will get with this, "they" keep shutting the USB ports off now which is why this is going up piecemeal. No USB ports equals dead text with no keyboard or mouse to post it with. So piece by piece. Here goes.

What do you do when . . . .

1. "They" break an impressive lock to get into your place
2. They rob nothing but it is obvious the computer has been messed with because it has been moved and the case is half cracked open
3. You find an extra folder in the root directory on the computer (where no one ever goes unless you are like me) that was not there before (found by the way the icons lined up, I did not dig the directory yet because the root directory is a bastard)
4. Then the folder disappears when you post about it being put there? They might have only hidden it and I did not check for that, because there's probably other hidden folders anyway so the mess would be deep and I wanted that hard drive outta here . . . . . because that's a frameup baby.
5. What do you do when your ISP is DHCP and suddenly your IP is static because it's compliments of a stinger?
What do you do? when you know the end is near?

You say fuckit.

Now, before I get into the "fuckit" part, I am going to point out that "they" have something huge planned and have probably done this to ALL dissenting media voices, a "necessary step" when whatever they have planned requires the lie to remain supreme. There's no doubt I am in trouble if they have pulled this sh*t but the trap has not been sprung yet, there's still a chance to say something at least.

There is going to be either an all new pandemic and forced shot campaign, or a huge war, and framing and eliminating alt voices will be part and parcel with that. Historically it has been that way with war, but this is the first time they pulled the forced shot BS and it's going to be one, the other, or both.

Now that's out of the way, so fuckit.

I am now going to talk about what has really gone on behind the scenes in my life. This is not one of those "confessions" because I am a biblical level hero and have never said it, now I will and I can prove it. Henry Makow, with "Jim Stone is the real deal" And David Icke with "Remember who you are", here is your vindication after all the horrific slander I have received which no doubt made you doubt, and Merit, you can stick it up your *ss,. You were not the only one, but the fact you hung out on the forum the way you did pretending to actually have "merit" still galls me to this day.
I will start by saying no one I have ever been married to has ever posted fuck all about me. Where did all the slander come from? It came from the same A-holes that are trying to put Trump in prison now. No one who ever posted any sort of slander had anything official against me or anything to bitch about, it was simply targeting an "enemy" to destroy it.
Thus far I have prevailed.
So what really happened? Why did I shitcan my life before 2005? That actually did happen, but why?
Because in the winter of 2004/2005 President Bush was going to destroy Iran and I disagreed. I saw "shock and awe" like the rest of us did, and I did not agree. In the NSA I was assigned Iran as my main mission and though I was biased against Iran, I was not stupid either. I knew they were at least, for the most part good people. As long as they were kept in check as far as I saw it, there was no reason to destroy them and I was a serious bastard at keeping them in check, NUMBER EFFING ONE. I handled all the systems that intercepted their communications, talked to the people in the mountains of Iran, THE WHOLE BALL OF SHIT. I knew the entire American intelligence mission in Iran from top to bottom, and was one of those champions who knew stuff far outside my clearance level (like how all the data was smuggled out disguised as film rolls for movie theaters) something I was not supposed to know but I did - and it was all cool because I worked so hard to keep everything in top notch shape.
I am going to just throw an insult out to Kieffer here - you are a prick extreme. When Chewy cut those cables in wideband while I was not even on shift and you stood there with Chewy right in front of me days later and told me to my face right in front of him that I was going to take the rap for it you proved how much you sucked you rotten kike and I did not even hate Jews then. It may have gone down in lore but on an official level I was totally unscathed, everyone knew the truth. Eff you. Now back to the main story -
I knew EVERYTHING about Iran and quite a bit about China, Iran was primary for me, China was secondary and Russia was third. But even with Russia as my third official assignment, I was also #1 at reparing the systems used against Russia, I burned and installed all the hardened operating system chips used against Russia simply because no one else who was "equally qualified" could and knew those systems like the back of my hand, I'd get back after a "weekend break" and there'd be 7 or so offline because "no one could fix them" and I'd have them all up and running before my first break just by watching how the function keys flashed (those damn computers would TELL YOU what was wrong if you could just watch the function keys and understand, (there were 6 rows of 15 function keys on each keyboard that all could light up and those computers would communicate their problems through those keys.) They were dual keyboards with Russian on one side and English on the other, they were HUGE - I'd solve the problem before the boot was even complete just by watching how they flashed. Fix all of the computers attached to them (giant thousand pounders) before my first break, All the time was spent getting parts, not solving problems. I was absolutely #1, all the operators loved me and requested me even in the submarine tracking systems . . . .

THAT is the level I was at when I stopped President Bush from destroying Iran, here's how I did it.

I knew the intelligence mission from top to bottom, obviously. I also knew that without good intelligence, the Pentagon would not do jack. The Pentagon is full of pansies now who don't want to write out letters to countless mommies wondering what happened to their kid - they now want pushbutton wars that go as smoothly as a trip to the mall - and I knew that if I could wreck that they'd do NOTHING. And I could wreck that, I was the CHAMP.
At that time, I was out of the NSA, even past the point of limitations for prosecution (but that won't keep you alive, I expected to die for this) - I also knew the psy op side of the mission and by listening to the news knew the mission did not change. They were still using the same hardware and the same method - smuggling data disguised as film rolls for movie theaters - it was the same as when I left (those systems kicked ass and were modern, they would not retire them quickly) for example - if some guy in Russia keyed a mic, the system would have him pinpointed on screen in 3 seconds saying "He's right here, at the end of this bridge" and it was all mapped and instant, it did not need satellite confirmation. There were more than 70 of those systems running, they could do a lot - anyway, a big budget item obviously still in use in 2005 -
By the time 2005 came around that was post 9/11 which did not fool me, I was onto 911 right away - and my eyes were fully open about how innocent Iran was by then. I did not regret my mission against them because nothing was done against them when I was working against them, it was all just "national security" for real, the mission was not "stuff Soros pockets" pre WEF bullshit -
But I knew it would become that if I let it happen and "shock and awe" in Iran would be an absolute atrocity - worse than Iraq which was plenty bad and also totally unjustified for the second post-911 go around -
I first checked the consulate in Washington DC (Iran is not allowed an embassy in the U.S.) and deemed it unsuitable. I at least got to see how horrible Iranian movies are, if you ever sat through a Mexican baptism prep class for a kid, you'd know what boring is. That. Anyway -
So I headed to Ottawa Canada K2P 2K2, a real embassy Iran had there. I spent DAYS at Starbucks with a brand new laptop typing up everything about the mission against Iran, knowing damn well it was still 100 percent completely relevant, told them how to find American intelligence assets on their soil, told them all the data was smuggled disguised as film rolls for movie theaters, told them all the intelligence equipment would be located in shipping container boxes in the mountains disguised as cell phone equipment installations hidden in with the antenna stubble all mountains that have a clear line of sight get adorned with - told them to look for tourist hikers in the mountains because that's how the people that manned all that shit got in and out of there - I blew that bastard TO THE MOON, even how "America would just sit there playing war with them like it was a video game" and "How to install communications systems America can't intercept," and "Get your drone program going because that's how you are going to find all this shit and the "hikers" without a whole lot of work" THE WHOLE 9 YARDS

IRAN DID ALL OF IT. ALL OF IT. Including banning American movies, arresting the hikers, ALL OF IT.


And I was RIGHT. 100 percent platinum certified RIGHT. Iran, which was "2 weeks away from a fictitious bullshit nuclear bomb" in 2004 is now, in 2023, "2 weeks away" from a fictitious nuclear bomb.
And what aggressive things has Iran done during all that time? Answer:

And now to Merit and all those who shitposted about me. Yes, I did indeed abandon my past. You got that part right. But what was I supposed to do? Stay in the system and get killed instantly??? There's a story behind the story lemmetellya - and no wife EVER POSTED JACK.

I thought long and hard before doing what I did. Went over the Bible lots. And you know what I found, and what you'll find also? A book full of heros who dropped everything in their lives to do huge missions only to return to their kids they never saw for 20+ years, WITH HONOR. I saved a nation of 70 million, never asked for a dime or anything else back from Iran for it AT ALL. There was no payoff. Just a lengthy well written document, an intelligent insightful and obviously holy Iranian man in an ultra secure "rumble room" (background noise emanating from a pipe) a 40 minute talk, no strings attached because all I wanted was to avoid "shock and awe" on 70 million totally innocent people - how much more holy can that get? I destroyed myself for them, no strings attached just because it was the right thing to do.
Yes, I blamed my problems on the Fuku report to avoid saying what I just said, that report was good, but not enough for the problems that resulted . . . . the problems from that report were explicitly caused by me sticking my head up to post it.
And I was homeless. I knew I could not get a home after doing that for Iran because I'd get whacked instantly. I made my way to Montreal and spent the entire winter of 2005/2006 up to the middle of February outside, not even going to homeless shelters, I built a well hidden makeshift shelter that had no heat because you can't make smoke and stay hidden - eating out of the garbage, collecting bottles and turning them in, - I had fantasies on New Years about cakes thrown in the trash, looked so hard for them and there were none. It was effing cold and I damn near died that night and the whole time, through all of it, I was calculating: It has been 9 months now, and no war. Only headlines about Iran rejecting Western movies and arresting "hikers", none of which they killed, they only got deported. As I predicted would happen if they listened to me, and they did. How much was what I did worth? today, 45 million life years. That's a lot more than I could live, fair trade if I die tonight . . . . .
All the other shitheads who did what I did only did it because they wanted something out of it. A million payoff. Whatever. I was the FIRST EVER who simply did it to do the right thing, and submitted to definite homelessness and a probable death as a result. I woke up the next morning with obvious hypothermia. The alcohol I did my coffee with would not light because it was too cold. Even lighting a candle to heat up the alchohol was not enough and it had to be matches because the butane in lighters would stay liquid. They did not work. It was effing cold. And I could not light a fire and avoid being discovered. I forced myself to go look for cans and eventually warmed up, at least I had many dry layers on.
It is now 2023. Over a billion life-years later. No war. No aggression from Iran, they were as good as I thought they were. I successfully ran this web site. Started over. Got trashed again, (the Pentagon or whoever got to Claudia) and I am probably going to be arrested soon if they broke into my place and did that to the computer. I'm safe in Mexico absent a frame up, but I think it happened. It could soon be adios, because now, so much later, there will be war and they know my history. They don't want me to take action again. But how many people did I give a chance to improve their lives over almost 20 years, or even have life to begin with? How many homes did I save? How many families happened, how many dreams lived? Iranians are not sad people, they have good lives, - in huge part because I saved them and made the last 18 years possible.
That is my legacy. I have dreamed of going back in time and "what I would have done to make my life better" and it always goes back to the same conclusion: Don't change anything, because it would probably wreck the moment I did the right thing.
Some won't agree with what I did. So what. And I'll help Mexico also if I get a chance to when America attacks, I have my feelers on full alert to spring when needed, I know where I'll go to offer help, I know where to. That won't stop my arrest because the people who ordered the frameup are probably not Mexican, though they'll use good Mexican people for their dirty work, the way they used me. Their using me ended long ago. I took my awesome work and stuck it up their ass.

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