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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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We went to Mexico City to see a specialist doctor. Claudia was having severe pain in her gall bladder and liver. The doctor said it was serious and we now have to stay in Mexico City which is a much better place to have a problem like this. We are hoping this problem is separate from the other problem because if it is not, Claudia's days might be numbered.

I had no intention of updating the donations while away because I was supposed to be back on WED and I did not want to be accessing Paypal. So I cannot get in and cannot update who donated because I left the password (which gets changed daily and is random numbers) at home.

Anonymous sent $50 USD, thanks!. Anonymous sent $35.35 USD, thanks! I may have forgotten to post that anonymous sent $17.34 USD, thanks!


I am at this time predominantly using a limited device, which is why there is this window (the site could be administered with a flip phone if I had to) through this window which is something I programmed to make the site recoverable during attacks and possible to administer with practically nothing. I cannot force the censors to back off when using this administration mode however, so if this window does not update for a while, clear your cache completely to force it to load fresh or use another device that is fresh.

Things are hectic right now, I will do updates as much as possible.

Another attacker is now crashing over 10 hour videos of rain.

The two shots proven to magnetize people are Pfizer and Moderna.


Update:The following may seem like I am tooting my own horn a bit (and in the first paragraph I am) but what I am saying here as a conclusion is extremely likely to happen, JUST WATCH IT HAPPEN. The magnetic spots are very likely to spread due to the fact that the shot is genetic modification, and "magnetic everywhere" may end up being the new normal.

Every last thing you are reading on the web about magnetic vaxxes, AND the fact that the vaccinated can't go into an MRI if they did not get the saline started on this site. All others are building on what started here. And since I was the first with this, I am going to take it a step further and tell you the next step in all of this, in sequence, with the last part of the sequence not admitted to yet, but it eventually will be:

1. The shots are not vaccines, instead they are GMO shots that program your body to rob it's blood of iron and build with that iron. I have not seen anyone else state even step 1 elsewhere yet, but this is the reason for the clotting, it is not the spike protein. Whatever the body is being commanded to do by the shot to get the iron out of the blood is being seen as an attack by the blood that is causing clotting. Blood clots when it detects an injury, it is how it blocks a vessel to stop bleeding. When attacked for it's iron, it sees the attack as an injury and then clots, it is that simple and when it all washes out 3 years from now, there won't be anything other than this said. 2. Once taken from the blood, the iron is somehow transported back to the injection site where it is transported across cell membranes that normally won't accept iron, but it is being accepted. I do not know how this could possibly be done, but it is being done.

3. Once the iron is inside the cell, another aspect of the vaccine - possibly the spike protein - is assembling the iron into crystals that span the entire length of the cells and it is doing it without killing the cells. I had assumed an extra-cellular structure was being built but today I came across something that indicates that the structures are being built inside the cells themselves, all the way to the epidermis just under stratum cornicum which puts the magnetism right on the surface, and that's what the magnets are sticking to. Mark my word, I am right. I am 100 percent right that the magnetism is originating right from the epidermis (and probably a lot deeper also) but the epidermis is involved.

One of the earlier studies I quoted stated that these iron crystals were tested in the brains of lab rats and when exposed to a magnetic or electromagnetic signal, they could modify behavior. That's probably one of the big goals with this shot, but clearly there's something else going on also.

I firmly believe that if I had not served the early magnet stick vids on this site so they could not be censored, this would have been successfully censored and no one would be aware of anything on this topic. But the genie is now out of the bottle, and it is not going back in. Watch everything I said here be SPOT ON, no matter what trollage you see these people CANNOT go into an MRI EVER AGAIN and over time the magnets are going to stick more and more strongly, possibly across their entire bodies. This mess is not going to reverse itself, the body has been programmed to do this as if it was a natural function. This is not going to go away.

The most important quote from the link above: "To make the new crystals, the researchers fused genes encoding ferritin and Inkabox-PAK4cat and expressed the new protein in human cells in a petri dish. The resulting crystals, which grew to about 45 microns in length (or about half the diameter of a human hair) after 3 days, did not affect cell survival."

IN OTHER WORDS: The iron crystals grow SO LONG they stretch the cells out but don't puncture the cell membrane and kill the cell. They are programmed to the max size the body can survive making, and that's why the magnets stick. Cells are a LOT smaller than half the width of a human hair, this is stretching the hell out of them.

AVOID THE CORONA JAB AT ALL COSTS, EVEN IF ONLY OUT OF SELF RESPECT. I was surprised by this, how audacious the people who did these shots really are.

Snopes would "debunk" this because the linked report does not have the words "epidermis" and "stratum cornicum" in it, when the fact those cells have to be involved to make the magnet stick is OBVIOUS.

AND #4: Once the top layer of epidermis dies to make stratum cornicum, the magnetic properties would be smack dab on the surface. Once this really comes home to roost, the skin that flakes off will stick to a magnet. God only knows how much losing iron from the body that way is going to impact people and kick off problems with anemia, but you can safely bet the creators of this shot don't care. Maybe that's why they are now working so hard to stifle meat consumption. Speed up the impending slow kill.

And they'll just sit there and laugh as possibly the most key element in the body flakes away as room dust, leaving people in horrible condition, possibly even dead. Whatever happens will be determined by how widespread the magnetic effects eventually become. If they become widespread, where a magnet will stick practically anywhere, this is going to be killing people because their blood will be too raped of iron to carry oxygen and that iron will be sloughed away as lost skin. The body does not lose iron that way naturally, how's that going to work out? MY BET: NOT WELL AT ALL.

JUST WATCH. you heard it here first. The full effects of this will take a couple years to play out. But if things go as bad as they could, they will.


We are headed into horrible now. How many people got this sh*t? it is likely that 60 percent of the shots were saline. How many does that leave in this condition?

Your typical leftist: "I got the NEW shot that does not do this. See, no iron particles pull out and no magnets stick to me, THAT means I am OK so YOU have to take it!!!!

Israel is deliberately attacking infrastructure in Palestine

This is nothing new. Their goal is to make life so miserable people leave and go to Jordan. The problem with that is that Jordan and other surrounding areas have always said no and will continue to say no.

Additionally, the palestinians have a lot of grit, and many would rather die than leave because if they leave, they give up the temple mount.

Israel wants to create a situation that is too horrible to survive, and last night they bombed water infrastructure which cut off water to over 200,000 people. And if the surrounding countries continue to say no to the Palestinians, Israel would have no qualms about doing another genocide and then blaming it on the surrounding countries - - "you knew they were in trouble, howcome you did not save them? Stupid palestinans can't keep anything running! they were taking our water!"

That's the way the story goes when Israel is your occupier.

About the previous video posted here, where Biden will be paying farmers to destroy crops -

A majority of farmers have not been made this offer, which will max out at 24 million acres. This "offer" is part of a program that has been in place since 1985. America has about 900,000,000 acres of farmland. Even if all 24 million acres get plowed under, it is still less than 3 percent. The reasons given for the program is to encourage some farmers to reduce runoff in sensitive areas.

There's probably no doom in this. They don't want the farmers to plant those areas at all.

Additionally, Bill Gates has about 250,000 acres of farmland. That's a lot, but in contrast to the total of around 900 million acres he has a long way to go. Probably won't go either, because of the split with Melinda (who knows how that will work out) and a few other epstein related things that have been circulating lately. They are an adorable couple I'd like to add. I am so sad for them, especially for Bill, who absent a separate justice system for Jews will likely be split in half. But there is a separate justice system for Jews with regard to divorce, we'll have to see how this goes. Bill was NOT a clean geek, I think Melinda may have been hitching a ride just because of the power and money. Obviously I did not listen in on pillow chat, but it sorta looks like it now.

Many people have probably heard about the "criminal lawsuits" against Trump.

My take: They are all frivolous and depend 100 percent upon corruption to make them happen. The obvious goal is to set up Trump and arrest him before it is proven the election was stolen (in court) - we all already know it was stolen and there was a coup, but-

If there's a breach in the subversion of this nation, and you can bet the tribe is terrified that could be the case, through that breach will come justice, and Biden/Harris will at least be ousted, if not in prison after these audits. IF that happens, they want Trump out of the way so Nancy can take over. So they are pulling out all the stops, desperately trying to frame Trump as a criminal so that will happen.

Pence will simply step aside, he's more worthless than tits on a turd.


and that's approximately the ratio of "I am fine" to maimed they need to keep their plausible deniability afloat.

Here is what happened: A youtuber set up a "magnet challenge" site on a public street, telling people to test to see if the magnet sticks to their arm after the shot. 15 people were tested and 6 had the magnet stick. Since they probably go by rounded numbers (that's the most logical way to do it) 4 out of 10 jabs is the actual shot. That's why they need endless repeat vaccinations, to make sure they get everyone. And my guess is that if the first shot is the real one, records are kept to make sure the second shot is the real one.

Wow, the first two covid shots did nothing to me, but that third one kicked my butt." Reply: It did not. You are a paranoid anti science hick!!!

If Youtube decides to ban the embed, copy and paste this text into your browser, do not click the link.

The above was done in a confirmed and organized way. There's no way to debunk this now.

I'll also add that the way people reacted when they discovered the magnet sticks is typical of rock stupid leftists.

A lot of errors or intentional disinfo about the magnetic vax

This is not a re-post, it is an effort to say this a lot more clearly to circumvent rampant and fraudulent trollage on this topic which is exploding.

An enormous pile of people are inventing theories about how the magnetic vax vids are possible. The refrigerator magnets won't stick to anything across a distance unless it's a solid sheet of metal, or so much metal in one spot it amounts to a solid sheet. The magnetism at the vax site therefore cannot be caused by a 1 ML vax directly. So what is happening? Consider the strokes and clots people are having. There's LOTS of iron in the blood to be had, and the clotting is being caused by the blood getting attacked for it's iron, which then, somehow gets returned to the injection site.

That is the ONLY way this can be happening. Absolutely the ONLY way. All other theories are FALSE.

False theories will be spread for these purposes: 1. To make people believe there might be a medical reason for this, like tracing who's been vaxxed with an MRI. That way, the people who did this don't have to admit they caused 10 million strokes by attacking the blood directly.

2. To make people think they probably are not being tracked full time.

3. BIG ONE: To make people believe that they can detect the magnetism by putting a magnet up to the vax itself while it is still in the vial. That way, anyone can put a magnet up to the vax, prove there's no reaction, and call B.S. on the whole thing because that would discount the mechanism of action which causes the magnetisim to happen in the first place, which is a direct attack on the blood, proven by all the clotting.

4. The fourth reason is because there's clearly not enough material in the vax itself to build a widespread structure in the body that could attract even a weak refrigerator magnet, and therefore claiming the vax itself is responsible can be debunked if you ignore the fact that the actual magnetic material was taken from the blood.

Let's look at this through the eyes of a farmer. A not nice at all one, to boot.

Let's say you have a farmer that does not care at all about his cattle, in fact, he thinks he has too many. So many he can't keep track of them all, so he'd just as soon see them dead because they keep stripping the nearby mountains of vegetation. They are all "useless eaters". He'd like to keep a few, but wants them identified. He does not want to corral them because he can't. There are too many. AND FIRST AND FOREMOST, he's a CHEAP BASTARD.

What does he do? He formulates a shot that in reality costs about 15 cents to make, and it's crude, not proven, he knows he's going to kill and maim but he does not care. The shot does what it does by mining the bodies of the cattle directly for the materials it needs to build inside the body something the farmer wants there. The shot will kill or wreck a bunch and cause the bodies of those that do survive to build a tracking system via genetic modification, that will make all the survivors easy to keep track of.

That's probably what we are really looking at. And trolls are out in force inventing all kinds of crap that fails to answer the basic question: How the hell can a 1CC shot attract a refrigerator magnet weeks afterward? Answer: It cannot, unless the cattle story is true.

About how San Francisco had 17 Walgreens stores close after they could not prosecute shoplifters

The laws that are basically legalizing shoplifting are not really written by leftists, they are put in place by the tribe for the sole purpose of shutting down supply lines to the tribe's opposition. I'd like to see someone try to shoplift at a San Fran Kosher store. You can safely bet that not all stores are created equal. Also, even if you could get away with it, it's a safe bet they know who's who, and anyone trying that would get questioned by police while walking through their tight little enclave before even getting in the door.

Poor quality video that's good enough - Pope francis latex mask. Is someone playing the part?

Quite predictably the slander against Palestine is kicking off everywhere

Yeah, eretz israel and all - LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT SOMETHING: The Palestinians really did take all their money and acquire weapons systems that cost billions of dollars as an Israeli would define it. You see, their high rises cost a lot (yes, Palestine has those until Israel destroys them) plus their homes which the Israelis also destroy and then the Palestinians pick up pieces of concrete and brick and throw them at the Israeli soldiers. That's their weapon system, their ONLY weapons system, and yes, it cost billions.

I don't need to repeat that the rockets "palestinians" are launching are all paper tube model rockets with no payload, do I? Gee, those would be easy to take into Palestine in an APC or cab over bulldozer (the Israeli bulldozers have beds in them and TV's and everything else, probably a fridge too). They are accomodated like a semi. After all, if you're going to be out among rock throwers for weeks long escapades ripping apart homes dozens at a time you can't go out among the brick throwers, you need an armored cab with accomodations so you can nap where you are and have refreshments. Do I need to mention Palestine does not have any APC's or even rifles? If a Palestinian gets a rifle, it would be after a brick throw. There's your multi billion dollar palestinian "military budget".

And don't be fooled, it is the LEFTISTS attacking Palestine, actual conservatives by the true definition are having NONE OF IT. Just look at how Israel is behaving after leftists stole the American election and compare that to how Israel behaved under Trump.

People are wondering if the magnetic vax is for 5G.

My answer is no. 5G is for interfacing with modified DNA, a human DNA strand is the right length to act as an antenna for 5g when stretched out, (antennas do not need to be stretched out, many are wound antennas that are wound like DNA) - so inside the cell itself which is technically too small to be a 5G antenna the DNA strands themselves are long enough - the magnetic vax is for something else.

The problem with frequencies as high as 5g is that the range is limited. That is why the phones need phased array antennas to get enough signal to the tower that's at most a block away. What this vax is installing in people is MUCH larger if magnets will stick to it, especially across a wide area as many people demonstrated - and not made for 5g. Instead, the vax is probably installing something that can track you outside of 5G range, and it is commanding your body to build it. They likely want a system that can tell them were anyone who is vaxxed bugged out to.

I can say one thing for sure: Your arm does not need to be magnetic to scare away coronavirus. Need I say more?

Not everybody is literate and I have proof.

An article in Ubergizmo claims people who buy electric cars switch back to gas at a surprisingly high rate

What is the "surprisingly high rate?" For plug in hybrids, it's 20 percent. For pure electric, it is 18 percent. I am shocked. If the switch back rate is less than 50 percent, electric cars are a SMASHING SUCCESS. Get this: 100 people buy all electric cars. 82 percent follow up by buying ANOTHER ELECTRIC CAR. 18 percent go back to gas. Product preference: In a world dominated by gasoline cars, people are thanking GOD they got electric, having 82 percent want another one is such a huge success it is like the original car replacing the stagecoach.

I can't believe those numbers are even real. I would simply have never expected that. And that's a failure according to common core!!!

If 18 percent go back to gas, it means they regretted it and HAD TO buy a cheap used gas car after a repo!!!

I saw an irritating headline

It stated that the crime rate in Salt Lake City was twice the national average. To that I'll say:

Salt Lake City was nice until it got usurped by scamming you know whats and other assorted @ss hats. If Salt Lake City did not get over run by hoodlums invited by the left, if Salt Lake City was all Mormon like it should be, the crime rate would be NEGATIVE. Less than zero. That's how legit Mormons are. Oh, I forgot Shitt Romney, but he's not enough to offset the good there. He is just a parasite that grew fat on good graces.

And so that headline really irritated me. What are they trying to imply? Certainly not the truth!!!

The WHO is claiming this year of Covid will be more deadly than last year

What won't be said is that the people who got the shot will be the fodder. One thing to clarify with this shot however is so many placebo/saline shots were mixed in with the actual dope that it is obscuring how bad the damage is when you get a real one. Obviously, with the chemical SM-102 in the real ones, no one is going to feel good and all will have very noticeable adverse effects. That will not be variable. And they can't have that show, they want 2 people screaming about being maimed and maybe 4 or so saying the other 2 are nuts.

Man claims farmers are being paid to destroy their crops this year

UPDATE: This is really making the rounds, and I would not doubt it.

According to him, the system has been set up as do or die also, either they grow their crops AND get paid 1.5X the value of the crops to destroy them, or the government will put them out of business. However, some farmers are saying they have heard no such news. It could be that they won't be given this information until later and this guy is early with the news. If this does happen, we might be looking at a Ukraine 2.0

Youtube muted the audio of Covid vax victim, she is now on Bitchute

The claim is that the vax hits women harder than men. It is probably true, and I'll tell you why -

Because when populations get decimated during war, and there are more women than men, men take more than one woman and get them all pregnant. The population replacement is based on how many women survive, not how many men survive. If they want to prevent population recovery, the women have to be the target, not the men. All you'd need is 100 men to survive in a population of several thousand and all the women can have children if they are able to. I won't say the vax is good for men, but you can safely bet it will hit the women harder.

A final warning to humanity from former Pfizer vax development chief Michael Yeadon

He quit over this. The vax is for de-population and control, it treats nothing.

We will not be getting biopsies from this point forward

The ultrasound from yesterday was unbelievably crystal clear (unlike the others, which were only "clear") and that amazing quality ultrasound showed calcified tumors. There's no need to do a biopsy after that. We will only continue and increase treatment.

The body is what creates the tumors, as a defense against whatever the tumors contain. If you lance that protection the body set up to take a sample, you will release the monster and we know people who were doing fine up until the biopsy, which caused an explosion of growth elsewhere that killed them. Our decision was made final last night after a reader warned us, and we remembered what happened to others.

It looks like the magnet stick issue did it, Biden threw in the towel

As a result, 80 million poison vax doses will be sent to other countries because Americans are not stupid enough to take them.

They can troll all they want about the magnetic vax vids being fake, but enough people did not get saline to stand as shining examples to their lies to kill that vax and all future vaxxes TOTALLY DEAD, no one is going for the con anymore. How can they possibly bury the truth when those who did get the nasty shot can prove it with a magnet on their arm??? It's just a lose lose lose lose lose for the vaccine con artists.

Now it is the job of Americans and Europeans to break the censorship and tell the victim nations that will receive this sh*t to do the magnet test. A lot of them do not speak English, they'll need to be warned.

After the following post I will not litter this page with Godaddy crap further. Unless they decide to make an issue.



And OH, they also ruled that warrantless gun confiscations were unconstitutional 9-0. SO WHAT. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT??? If they failed at that, no matter what they do all but Clarence Thomas need to be dragged through the streets and lynched. FACT: THIS IS ALL PROBABLY SUCK-UP TO THEM SLAMMING THE FRAUD AUDIT RESULTS, JUST WATCH WHAT THEY DO, TAKE MY BET: THEY ARE THROWING A CARROT TO QUELL PUBLIC RAGE OVER THEIR FINAL AND ULTIMATE BETRAYAL OF THIS NATION AFTER THE ARIZONA AUDIT. JUST WATCH!!!

UPDATE: We went in for another ultrasound today and they found new tumors, 2 need biopsies, (I don't know why 1 would not be enough)

The site sat un-attended for a while because of this.

Donations, Claudia's health, and whatever cut the bridge

We received a large donation and it was needed. I don't like to prioritize with donations because all are important, but we were in such deep doo doo and I did not want to complain on the site, so MANY THANKS for that, it will take care of a LOT. We are managing Claudia's "problem" and have succeeded in shrinking the tumors. Here is what we did to accomplish that -

First of all, I'd like to mention that we ordered cesium chloride and it got hung up in customs. It was not cheap either, there's gouging going on. However, that might not be all that important anymore, because we took other steps on the advice of the organization set up by the now murdered Doctor Franks Suarez -

This is not fiction, or a misperception because we kept track of this with a literal sh*tload of expensive high resolution scans. We know EXACTLY what is going on with this.

When I say "expensive" this must be kept in context, the donations people sent have handled it all, it did not cost six or seven figures you'd get from the American medical system. But still, it was not cheap for all those scans and other things -

Here is how we got it under control -

Under the advice from the Frank Suarez organization, we:

We cut 100 percent of the carbohydrates out of Claudia's diet, because carbos feed cancer. We cut out all dairy, because the body will convert that to sugar that will feed cancer. We used the supplements (an enormous pile at budget blowout rates from the Frank Suarez organization) it still cost a lot but we got a lot. We were not taken advantage of. I don't know what all that stuff was but it looked spooky, like someone in chemo. We literally got it in bulk proportions, as they stated we needed. Switched to all white meat (turkey, chicken, no pork) plus fish. We switched in calorie requirements with nuts (that cost a pile) and Claudia had so many vegetables that it would be impossible to eat them, we used an extractor. We cut out all fruits and anything else that could produce sugar in the body at all. We kept track of it all with a pulse oxymeter, a blood sugar tester and a blood pressure tester. Claudia could see the results of what she was eating on her blood sugar levels, and we managed to keep them low without her crashing. This starved the tumors and they shrunk, which was confirmed by multiple scans.

We were panicked because we had to go into another round of expense and it was obvious that after a row with Godaddy we got blacklisted. But magic happens when I point stuff out on the front page here and it all cleared up this morning. Then that huge donation came through.

DISCLAIMER: This web site does NOT use Godaddy because I knew they were trash, but I at least figured a different web related service might be OK with them. I was wrong!!!

I'll say this about Godaddy: Switching Hunter Biden into the place of the Godaddy face is the TRUTH. (scroll down for that).


A reader has stated that he got blacklisted by Paypal after donating to this site. It is not possible for us to set up anything other than Paypal in Mexico, (I think the cartels or whatever has made it impossible) but it's not possible. Anyway -

If you use your Paypal for business, I suggest not using the Paypal account itself to donate. Use a credit card or whatever other method you might have for Paypal without actually logging into Paypal with your account. Or, you could have a burner account also. I suggest people not use their business accounts.

The other nagging site issue: The cut on the I-40 bridge -

In my first comment on this, I said it looked like they used a band saw to cut it. I am well aware of the fact that it would have to be an ENORMOUS band saw that would have to be floated in on a barge to do that, and I doubt it was actually a band saw that was used.

Readers have suggested it might have been a gasoline powered cut off saw or a plasma cutter, and I have my doubts about that too because those tools are BRIGHT. Super bright. As long as the cutoff saw did not actually penetrate (you can walk inside those beams and cut from the inside ) you would not see that, and this would be true of a plasma cutter also. However, you would have to penetrate and both of those cutting methods would send visible sparks showering down from the bridge. I doubt they would want that.

My guess, after thinking for a while, is a giant sawzall type saw that you can't buy at Home Depot. That would require a lot of time, but certainly not a whole week and they have all the time they need. One thing is certain - that's not a stress break or anything that happened naturally or due to neglect, the bridge itself was in GREAT shape, (people complained about the road surface) but the actual bridge itself was clearly in prime condition. Like what you'd expect to be built by the old America.

If they bomb the bridge, everyone will know and rebel. But if the enter like mice and cut it to pieces from the inside out, there's plausible deniability. The silent war.

Israel is now running psy ops to blackball the palestinians before their destruction

Here is a sample of the usual Israely/Jewish bullshit they are spewing: "Everyone is now aware of the Palestinian lie, so nobody cares. It doesn't help that for decades they screamed death to everyone, hide behind, and use, their women and children as shields, destroy everything they touch, were given billions to build and used it for weaponry, etc., etc. Nobody cares and more and more people hope they get blasted back into Jordon their real homeland (who even the Jordanians don't want or any other country).

My response: Sorry dude, everyone is aware of Israel's lies. You say they spent billions on weapons, when you bulldoze entire communities over kids throwing rocks and never ever EVER get shot at? How stupid are you to entertain the notion of anyone believing you anymore anyway? Pieces of rubble from the homes you demolished are the only weapons the Palestinians have, OH, YES, those "weapons" cost billions by your definition I guess, the cost of a whole house per throw.

The palestinians have no weapons and are not launching rockets. The Israelis are launching paper tube rockets with no explosive load at all from Gaza, (over 1,000 of them now) and recently bitched about having to step it up to the first "ballistic missile launches (3 of them now) that might have had somethig on them because the paper rockets were not doing the trick.


MAKE NO MISTAKE: After all this time Israel has been crying about rocket attacks from Gaza recently, they (yesterday) screwed up and stated 3 were launched (yesterday) with ballistic payloads. That means the rest were only fireworks or model rockets. AND THEN, Israel started responding with this:

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: Israel launches bottle rockets from Gaza to get sympathy, spews hate on the web, and then attacks. There you have it, RIGHT THERE.

Hey Israel, have you not figured out you have a credibility issue and that LOTS of people are going to be pissed about their magnetic vax "upgrade"? Surley the shots you supposedly gave yourself were not THAT. Are you going to throw your vaxtrocity onto the "palestinians are going to get us" pile and make everyone cry for you over that too?

Do you think screwing communications again is going to get me to go silent? Good luck with all that!!!


The best Palestine coverage is HERE.

The disaster has happened

Who would have thought "they" would have been audacious enough to give people shots that took the iron out of their blood to build something with at the injection site (and probably elsewhere)?

Who would have thought they'd slander and blacklist anyone who caught onto this, just so they could continue screwing people over with blood clots caused by this attack on their blood, to get the raw materials needed to build whatever the elite wanted?

The vaccine does not have enough liquid volume to create the effects we are seeing, even if it was pure ferrofluid. What is going on with people is far beyond the basic shot and it's base ingredients. Magnets need either something large to attract to, or something in their immediate vicinity to stick to something, many of the magnets being shown in the magnet stick videos are too week to grab anything through a piece of fabric, we are dealing with something serious with this vax -

Trolls have attacked this topic, saying "I am wrong with my assessment" when I am clearly NOT. This vax is making magnets stick to people. That is solidly proven, it is not theory, it is fact. It is also NOT theory that there is no magnetic liquid that could be injected into people at 0.5 to 1.0 ML volume at the depth the needle puts it that would have any chance at all of having even the strongest magnets stick to it from the length of an entire needle away. This means whatever is in that shot is designed to gather a magnetic substance, and the ONLY THING THE BODY HAS that could be grabbed like that is the iron in the blood. And the blood does not like being raped, so it clots as a defense mechanism.

There is no way out of this folks, that's the whole deal from start to finish. The perverts who made the shot are so far off the deep end they could care less if massive numbers of people clot up and die from having their blood raped to build whatever the perverts want, and they don't care, THIS PICTURE PROVES THEY DON'T CARE.

They murder raped children on these beds, and jail broke the guy who plotted it all. They are the ultimate perverted trash, it takes THIS level of depravity to formulate a shot like that. If anyone who gets that shot, even to keep a job, knows this, they are responsible for their own demise. Obviously there's a chance they'd get saline, but who the hell would ever take that chance?


One hour of Covid shots detected by stud finders, metal detectors and magnets

REPEAT: I have definitely figured out why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots

They are claiming the spike protein does it and yada yada. That's not it at all. The real reason why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots is because the only readily available metal in your body is the iron in the blood, and the vaccine has nanobots that are attacking the blood to get that iron so they can build something with it. And your body has been re-programmed genetically after the shot to produce more nanobots, which attack the blood more.

The shot is the most sinister thing ever done out in the open, while in secret.

WAIT FOR IT: Massive mandatory vaccine mandates

I have already stated that once the magnet topic went viral, they'd then get tough and make the shot MANDATORY. And that's exactly what they are trying to do, if people can't be suckered into it they will be forced into it. Already more than 200 colleges have made the vax mandatory for attendance. It is not yet illegal to not be vaccinated, but they are going to try it, just wait. And the reason is because when people see the results of the vaccine in a tangible way which a magnet sticking to someone definitely is, they are going to resist, and that resistance will be met with force

Vaccine injection sites will likely necrophy and turn into huge open sores

We are only at the beginning of this, but it is clear the clotting is happening because the blood is attacked by the vaccine so something metallic can be built at the injection site, (or wherever else the vax is programming people's bodies to build things,) and that's not known yet - however, when you look at how wide an area some of these injection sites are being built out to, it is becoming obvious that whatever is being built might start cutting off blood flow to the surrounding tissue, and if that progresses far enough, the surrounding tissue will die. We are probably a few months away from seeing huge and open sores on people from the vax. Simple rationality says so.

The world will soon change in huge ways no one ever thought or dreamed of. The genie is out of the bottle, that vax has already fundamentally changed those who received more than saline. Since when have people had a magnetic spot? That's a fundamental change in their existence. This won't end well, bet on it.

The Magneto protein reports are legit, the vax is clearly for remote mind control

100 percent of the information in the quoted report below is from 2016 or earlier, they had time to work on this. This is what the vax is, obviously.

The vax is supposed to install a remote controllable system into people's brains that will make the controllers able to force people to believe or act on whatever the controllers want

This would be the end of free agency, and a reason for the Lord to return -

From The Guardian, in 2016 (which means this tech is older than that)Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

"Badass" new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance. In recent years, researchers have developed a number of methods that enable them to remotely control specified groups of neurons and to probe the workings of neuronal circuits.

Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles. These methods represent an important advance - they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice - but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.

The new technique builds on this earlier work, and is based on a protein called TRPV4, which is sensitive to both temperature and stretching forces. These stimuli open its central pore, allowing electrical current to flow through the cell membrane; this evokes nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain.

Guler and his colleagues reasoned that magnetic torque (or rotating) forces might activate TRPV4 by tugging open its central pore, and so they used genetic engineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane and insert them into it.

When they introduced this genetic construct into human embryonic kidney cells growing in Petri dishes, the cells synthesized the 'Magneto' protein and inserted it into their membrane. Application of a magnetic field activated the engineered TRPV1 protein, as evidenced by transient increases in calcium ion concentration within the cells, which were detected with a fluorescence microscope.

Next, the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals' brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.

To determine whether Magneto can be used to manipulate neuronal activity in live animals, they injected Magneto into zebrafish larvae, targeting neurons in the trunk and tail that normally control an escape response. They then placed the zebrafish larvae into a specially-built magnetised aquarium, and found that exposure to a magnetic field induced coiling manouvres similar to those that occur during the escape response. (This experiment involved a total of nine zebrafish larvae, and subsequent analyses revealed that each larva contained about 5 neurons expressing Magneto.)

In one final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of freely behaving mice, a deep brain structure containing dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals into an apparatus split into magnetised a non-magnetised sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the magnetised areas than mice that did not, because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons expressing it to release dopamine, so that the mice found being in those areas rewarding. This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep within the brain, and also control complex behaviours.

Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez of Harvard University, who uses optogenetics to manipulate memories in the brains of mice, says the study is "badass".

My comment: This tech is old. Old enough for all of this to be said in a 2016 report. Once this was discovered, there's little question Gates and others got to work to immediately figure out how to make a shot which when injected in the arm was able to build whatever was wanted in the brain. The shot probably commands the body to produce nanobots that build whatever they want, wherever they want and it has to attack the blood to get the iron for the magneto protein thus resulting in clots.

And more - the covid swabs which swabbed the cribriform plate which is right on the brain probably had this tech in them too.

Whatever this shot does probably connects to 5G, just like everyone feared.

I am not going to say what this Article on Sputnik News is about, (and you'll understand when you see it) just click it. I guarantee it is worth it.

FACT: There are over 2,000 gay exclusive parasite infections possible. A majority are not noticed. Such a worm may well be one of them.

ON THIS PAGE (scroll down:) WHAT IF all the blood clots are happening because the shot released a bunch of nanobots, which attacked the blood to steal the iron from it's hemoglobin so they could build something at the injection site that is making magnets stick? I BET that's not a "what if".

And I'll make a bet that eventually they'll transport at least part of that structure to the right hand or forehead . . . . .

Russian virus software company Kaspersky: CIA behind Colonial pipeline attack

Well, it did not take a virus company to tell me that!!!

And I'll add something - I am suspicious of that crack on the bridge. I think someone cut that. There's no rust coming off the crack which during it's development should have had rust drips coming off of it yet it's just a perfect cut. I don't know what saw they'd have used for that because the beam is about half as tall as a semi, but you know, with the mossad running around they'd find a way to get it done. That could have been done with a big band saw and under the conditions it would not have been cut straight, it would have looked pretty much like that. The beam is so big someone could have cut that from the inside also with a modified cutoff saw. Come on now, does this look like a crack that's been developing since the 1960's, or does this look like a brand new cut??? And the ridiculous timeline to repair is suspicious also, if they wanted to they'd get a barge under that, control the water levels with the lock system to keep it all stable and fix that in a couple days. That metal is clearly not degraded, they'd get perfect welds.

It looks like a brand new cut on metal that was in perfect condition. This does not look like it developed over time, if this crack developed, where are the rust stains? ANSWER: The CIA assessed that the public was not buying the bullshit, settled on a 4 million payout to make it all plausible, and they at least still have both Mississippi cargo traffic and a key land traffic artery shut down.

After watching a lot of magnets stick to vaccines and hearing what people are saying, my conclusion is:

These people can never go into an MRI again for the rest of their lives. I think whatever was in the vax that is magnetic was some sort of self replicating nano tech, (a chip was not injected) it was instead a nanotech with a bunch of nanobots that are building structures in the arm at the injection site that are magnetic.

The needles being used for the vax are too small for an ID chip and an ID chip, even at full size, probably would not be enough to attract a magnet.

If they are going to have nanobots build a magnetic structure in the body, those nanobots have to work with whatever the body has available to do it with. The only readily available source of magnetic metal in the body is hemoglobin in the blood, where a nano tech device could get iron to build something with. I don't think a shot alone that was only 1CC or less could have made people THAT magnetic. They are VERY magnetic. which means whatever is under their skin making that happen had to come from their own bodies if a magnet will stick to it right through their skin.

At first I figured it might just be the shot and that you'd need a neodymium magnet to see the effect. But ordinary ceramic magnets and flexible refrigerator magnets also work, and they work with force, often over an area 4 inches square. It is not a fringe effect. Something serious is going on with this, that involves the body being instructed to build something that is either metallic or emits a magnetic field.

WHAT IF all the blood clots are happening because the shot released a bunch of nanobots, which attacked the blood to steal it's hemoglobin so they could build something at the injection site? I BET that's not a "what if".

And I'll make a bet that eventually they'll transport at least part of that structure to the right hand or forehead . . . . .

Alex FINALLY featured the magnetic Covid vax

I was wondering if he was going to skip it. Perhaps he was trying to be careful. I knew it was legit right off the bat when I double checked to see if MRI's were allowed right after the vax. When they were not allowed, it was obvious the first woman I posted was not faking it. An MRI would make your arm explode if it was that magnetic.

So the question is, now that Alex has this, what they are going to do? His audience is so huge it is going to be a real problem shutting it up, especially since anyone with a magnet can prove it is true, the elite can't just go to these people who are now magnetic and take it all back. They might have been able to bury my half million or so views but they simply won't bury Alex and his 10 million plus once everyone links it out. Snopes can't even troll this, but you can bet Snopes will try.

Things are going to get real interesting now. What on EARTH are the psychopaths going to do now that their vax has been provably and demonstrably busted? Think anyone is going to be going in for THAT? Think anyone is going to be going in for their regularly scheduled updates? Probably not!!! They have about 5 percent of the global population nailed with this, that will be enough for the freak show. WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH. Every single case will be a nuclear weapon against their con job. A lot of people might be stupid enough to get the vax absent this new revelation, but now that people are all over the place that can prove it is not actually a vax it is GAME OVER.

What is the tribe going to do now? Blow a bridge? Set off a nuke? Do an alien scare? They need SOMETHING - ANYTHING - they don't want to give up. Their credibility is so horribly doxxed over this they'll never get over it. They are totally primed to do something truly horrific now, (as if the vax was not horrific enough) - it definitely was - but they will probably want something that works a whole lot faster than poking people with needles now. Let's just hope to God the shedder spreaders don't finish the job for them. Let's all hope they did not hit critical mass yet.

Surprise! This does not look like a conspiracy. It is a good reason to shut I-40 down

This is a lot bigger than it looks, it is about six feet long and is right next to one of the lower support footings.

Get the Covid vax, go to hell?

Youtube deleted this (that's a credibility booster) and it is now on Bitchute. I will say this: If magnets are sticking to people who got the vax, something is HORRIBLY WRONG.

And he causeth ALL to receive the mark . . . . . The scriptures do not say people took the mark by their own choice, the scriptures say IT WAS CAUSED. "All" is a bit subjective, because the bible also explicitly states that there will be those who gained victory over the mark, with the not so explicit part of that being that those who avoid the mark will probably be homeless as a result, eating pigeons and trash. If you really want to refuse the mark because you believe in God, you're going to have to prove it by suffering deep hardship.

The time period lasts 7 years and then the beast system collapses, most likely due to corruption. You can't have demons running the storehouse.

As a side note, I always figured the best place to get through this time period would be the Mississippi delta region where it floods, IF you can find a spot in that region where there's dry ground long enough to grow crops. You'll get all the catfish and critters you need to survive, and your mosquito repellent will have to be smoke. That's how the Indians squelched the mosquitos, a fire right in the center of the teepee. They probably smelled GREAT but that would be a LOT better than being eaten alive, and to top it off, the smoke is a natural and very effective antiseptic.

One negative aspect of that region is that the critter thing goes both ways - you'll easily catch enough to survive, but you also have to survive THEM. Lots will eat you and it is getting worse.

One positive aspect of that region is it is totally drone hostile and you can vanish into the swamp a lot more easily than you can vanish anywhere else. Home in a Banyan tree or cypress grove . . . . the waters only go so high . . . .

Another side note - Mosquitoes are a real threat

Most people think of them as an annoyance. However, there are LOTS of places where they are so bad that if you can't get away from them, they will kill you. And blue jeans are not enough, they'll kill you right through the jeans. That's a serious thing to consider in a swamp. Only a certain type of people are going to make it there. Snowflake Annie can forget it but she'd be better off there than with the mark . . . . .

No one should try being outside without at least a $20 tent that seals off perfect, the mosquitoes will destroy anyone who has no protection at all. And if you are trying to stay hid, a small tent is far better than a big one.

Vile pro-lesbian Army recruitment video

It is hard to believe there's an ounce of truth to the story told, because lesbian relationships are horribly unstable. Yet the Army did a FANTASTIC job of selling lesbianism.

Do I believe the story told in this video? Absolutely NO. The girl became successful in life after being raised by two lesbian moms who actually stayed together her whole life, AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

THIS is the Army that sat on it's @ss and let the election be stolen.
THIS is the Army that supported a blatant obvious coup.
THIS is the Army that is failing to defend the country from domestic enemies who are distributing a poison jab.
And if anyone had any doubt that type of corruption is what the Army is made of, this lesbian video ought to at least be enough to make total idiots consider there might really be something wrong and they sold it GOOD. WHAT a sales pitch!


Back in the day, the ENTIRE new testament fit on a 1.44 meg floppy. That's not too much to read, is it?

Use the paper version.

Pipeline update:

I-40 bridge will be closed for MONTHS before they even decide what is wrong with it!!! You can't make this stuff up, I-40 was the primary land alternate route for the pipeline. This is clearly and obviously war. There's nothing wrong with the bridge or the pipeline, the problem is subversion

HERE IS A GOOD ONE: Your Microsoft "daily covid pass"

Weekly covid swabs, enforced scheduled vaccinations and passes printed DAILY that you need to go anywhere. You can't make this stuff up, but it is STRAIGHT FROM MICROSOFT. Wow, what marketing!!! and it's a safe bet that if you make any wrong comments or commit any wrong think, you'll fail your covid test and NOT GET A DAILY PASS.

Things that probably should not be ignored that I am not interested in

Over 120 retired military generals and other top brass declared Biden stole the election

Why am I not interested? Because "retired" has no clout, and can be handled with a slander piece from Politico. And it was. Politico is adamantly declaring they are all liars. And that's where it will all end, because retired military HAVE NO CLOUT. It is cute to know about, and that is all.

Trump is cracking off a few good comments from his new web site also, but I am not interested, because people who are thrown out via a coup HAVE NO CLOUT, as are people who are "former presidents". What can Trump do now? Jared kept Trump on a leash until all was lost, and it really is lost.

I am not interested in Gretchen Whitmer shutting down a pipeline to Canada.

Why am I not interested? Because it flowed north, not south, and it is therefore Canada's problem. Gretchen has bad motives, but she's a stupid as a box of rocks, and kept the much needed gasoline in the United States right when they want to crash the United States, like a witless Whitmer would. There's a silver lining in all this, and if Canadians have not been usupred by destroyers, they'll get that pipeline going again come hell or high water.

I am not interested in the mars probe or helicopter

Why not? Because if anyone thinks that mission is actually real when it would have been "much better" to steal the money and fake it in an AI while they shred the host nation to pieces as ought to be perfectly clear by now, they are as witless as whitmer for all I care, and when I saw the blades on that "helicopter" I KNEW it was fake, the blades will have to spin very fast and be very light and they should have consisted of simple pieces of super thin curved plastic, not the totally normal airplane propeller type crap they launched, THE BLADES SHOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE TWO BLADES CUT FROM ONE OF THESE which will move in the faintest wind, which is exactly what you need on Mars, which has less than 1 percent of the atmosphere to work with than earth has. Instead we got a stylized drone type thingie dreamed up by a marketing department.

The blades on the drone should have been thin plastic that kept it's shape only from the stresses put on it by the way it was bent. Instead, we got solid molded blades, and that's BULLSHIT when daisy wheel blades which weigh truly damn near nothing and can still be strong enough to do the job should have been used. By the time the blades the mars copter supposedly uses produced useful lift, they'd break the sound barrier, cavitate, and lift NOTHING. The daisy wheel blades would not work in earth's atmosphere for practically anything at all, but on Mars, by the time you spun those up significantly, centripital force would have helped them hold their shape and they'd be taking ENORMOUS bites of air, which is exactly what you'd need on Mars. Jet engines work with blades that work on the ground at altitudes close to mimicking mars only because at max altitudes all are supersonic and are functioning half way as ram jets. You get NONE of that advantage with a stationary drone on mars, pinwheel blades are what would have actually worked. The second I saw what it had, I called B.S. but had already called B.S. so I did not even bother with it. Until a slow boring day, when I'm discussing "things that I am not interested in". I am not a believer. They stole the cash, ran simulations to fool a few dupes at "mission control", and that's the end of it. The paint bucket sky itself that I mentioned earlier proved they did not program the simulator right, - a total lackey common core screw up.

Sadly, I have even lost interest in what Israel is doing.

Clearly and obviously, Israel is launching "bottle rockets" from Gaza to justify a war against Palestine, the timing of this is all too convenient with the failure of the covid shot (the magnet bust, that's going to kill that shot) AND the pipeline shutdown. If anyone does not know what a false flag is by now they won't be hitting this site - a few years ago I did a report on this and here is what is going on -

Israel is taking paper tubes with D sized rocket motors (or larger) - motors made for model rocketry that can only push a paper tube, and THAT's what THEY THEMSELVES are launching at themselves. Any stories about damage in Israel are total bunk, it is all just a show because Israel wants Palestine out of the way for the formation of the "eretz Israel" which must happen before #(*&$^(*@*(&$#b (insert Jewish bullshit) and I'll follow with the truth - this stuff has to happen before the battle of armageddon, and "that bastard borne to a profound whore" according to them returns to kick their asses.

I won't mince words, that's exactly what is going on, and all the while they claim to be for God, they live on a mountain of lies - "The vax is safe". "The election was not stolen". "The earth is warming because of us". And yada yada, you know the gig and it is going to DAMN THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE WINNING ON LIES AND DECEPTION ALONE, AND WHO IS THE KING OF LIES? YOU KNOW WHO. It sure is not the God they claim to worship!!!

So they are screwing themselves over big, while seeking their "victory". Satan may have been powerful but he is simply not going to cut it as their protector when all their hens come home. The christian scriptures are quite clear about how everything God made got corrupted by those bastards so badly that God himself had to come and fix it.

Zealotry works in cults. And that's exactly what they have become - a doomsday destroy EVERYONE ELSE in the world CULT "so they own it all" when God returns as their prophecies state they will at that time. This would ALL BE GOLDEN for them, and submissible as righteous scripture if they got it all by being honest. God told them to lead the world and take ownership by righteous example - by being so righteous they automatically win it all. That sure as hell is not reality. They failed in that regard all the way out to divide by zero. Scripture makes it perfectly clear GOD HATES LIARS, and if everything the Jewish people are is based on what God hates, what's he going to do to them when he comes back????

Rumors about the pipeline:

FACT: This is a setup, proven by the fact (lie) Rachel Maddow herself said that even if the pipeline is turned on, the fuel only flows 5 MPH. She then went on to say that this means that even if it is switched on, we won't have gas for two weeks. That is a lie, because the pipeline is already full. If you switch it on, you get gas instantly. No two week delay. Why the lie?

Second fact problem with this story is that there was no virus attack on the pipeline itself. All of the hardware and controls are secure, it works 100 percent. They switched it off because the computers in the offices that bill what goes through it don't work. The pipeline itself works just fine. A national emergency could be declared to have the gas on NOW, with the gov taking up the slack via emergency funding, and they won't do that because it is not part of the plan.

RUMOR: If this pipeline is not on by the end of the week the grid will collapse. Reality: Only if they want it to collapse, and they probably do.

RUMOR: There's no problem at all, and they switched it off so they could reserve the fuels it carries for war. Israel really wants a war now, and why would they want that?

WHY would Israel want war RIGHT NOW, on an emergency timetable?

Answer: Because the Covid hoax is failing. They reached about 30 percent of the U.S. population having ONE shot, not two, and are still below 20 percent having both shots. That's not what they are saying obviously, because they wanted to apply peer pressure and marginalize the people who rejected it. And the vast majority has said NO. People did not want the shots, were rejecting them, and then some IDIOT posted a magnet sticking to people's arms on servers that could not be banned like Twitter, backed it up with other videos of magnets sticking to people's arms, and before even posting subsequent videos, figured out you can't get an MRI after that shot for a VERY long time. Or so they say the guy's an idiot, because it ended up going viral and wrecked their plans. No one who sees the magnet stick videos is going to get that shot. Adios to fullfilling that tribal fantasy to the level they wanted.

What does the tribe do when it can't get it's way? It starts killing people and breaking things, that's what. And under war powers, they COULD force everyone to get that damn vax, like it or not.

Here is what I think:

There is chaos ahead in the near future. The pipeline does not need to be switched off. There is no real reason for fuel shortages and price explosions. The power does not need to go out just because the pipeline is switched off. The Colonial pipeline carries crude and gasoline, it does not carry natural gas. Power facilities use natural gas. And that is IF they don't use coal, wind, hydro or nuclear. The pipeline problem cannot trigger "grid down" but they are saying it can, which means that's the plan.

Bottom line: How about going shopping today for stuff that does not need to be frozen? Buy stuff you eat anyway that can sit on a shelf for a year, that way if nothing happens you are out nothing. Save a bunch of water too.

Americans: You can kill half the population with a bioweapon shot, but as long as you don't take their guns, they won't shoot!!!

11 different videos of magnets sticking to the vaccine site

I am glad I forced this issue, it went viral and people are now confirming this. They won't keep this contained.

What I learned from these vids: It is not a spurious weak effect. It sticks with enough force to attract weak refrigerator magnets. You do not need a neodymium magnet to test this. AND, you can forget MRI's, probably forever because the magnet sticks to weeks old shots just as strongly as it sticks to shots from the same day. This means it is not dispersing. I don't know what to say.

The site may have been boring with this being for the most part the only topic for 2.5 days (3 before I do more updates), but this site is the one that broke this, and it was worth it. The genie is out of the bottle.

I'll say this: This was all supposed to be clandestine - the horrible reactions were supposed to stay buried. The shedding to other people was supposed to stay buried. And the magnet issue probably would have stayed buried if I did not ram this into the spotlight with my own servers, yes, the original videos still exist but videos have a habit of vanishing when they are not backed up and posted in places "they" don't control. They can't get away with deleting them if someone prominent has them up anyway.

I wonder how long it will take Natural News and Alex and Rense to pick up on this . . . . UPDATE, Rense has this now.


UPDATE: The I-40 bridge in Memphis is now closed

No warning, they just shut it down citing "structural reasons" and now traffic is completely blocked, and an alternative oil route is shut down.

UPDATE: Nothing is wrong with the Colonial pipeline. They shut it down by choice because with problems on the IT side of their business, they were afraid they would not be able to do accurate billing. We were promised an oil shortage, and we got it!

A short stub on this because the magnet vax videos are a lot more important - The Colonial Pipeline suffered a ransomware attack at JUST THE RIGHT TIME to make Biden's freakish gas price dream come true. It is a RUSE, there are hundreds of pipelines plus trains, no single outage could ever have an impact like they are claiming, THIS EVENT IS MANUFACTURED.


This time it was some guys who did it in a way that's not easy to troll. Their only error was saying he's been chipped. I say that's not likely, what's far more likely is that the shot has so many nanobots it behaves like ferrofluid. If it was a chip, you'd never be able to get an MRI near the injection site for your entire life. They are saying wait 6-10 weeks before getting an MRI near the injection site, so obviously whatever is causing the magnet to react will eventually disperse, and that means nanobots. Probably a LOT worse than any chip.

To my surprise, a lot of people are having a hard time believing the following post about magnets sticking to a fresh covid injection. However, if you're not supposed to get an MRI for 6-10 weeks after the shot, I beg to question why not? WHY NOT?? Answer: Because you can't put magnetic materials into an MRI, and the shot needs to totally disperse, because it is indeed magnetic. And how would it be magnetic? Nanobots, obviously.

(Really inexperienced) and/or stupid people or outright trolls (and I'll pull no punches this time) are also saying there's no way this could work because the shot is a liquid and "anything in it would be too small to develop magnetic attraction". That's total horse sh*t, have people really forgotten ferrofluid? You know - that magnetic liquid used to cool the voice coils of high performance speakers? That's not an obscure topic for ANYONE who has an ounce of tech sense. THERE IS YOUR MAGNETIC COVID SHOT, RIGHT THERE. It's obviously not the classic ferrofluid in the shot, but there's absolutely nothing stopping it from acting exactly the same way. I had such speakers in the 90's and the ferrofluid was completely clear. I discovered this when I had to change the tweeter diaphragms. It was like a totally clear oil. I believe this woman's video is legit 100 percent and am not one bit stupid. Hell yes there's a way this could be real. There has to be a reason why you should avoid MRI's for a period of time after the shot, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT REASON? Easy answer: You can't go into the world's most powerful magnetic medical equipment with a magnetic substance in you unless that substance is totally dispersed. It would rip that woman's arm apart if she went into an MRI like that. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Covid jab CONFIRMED: Magnets stick to a fresh covid jab.

When you don't get the saline that is.


The Pfizer jab does indeed make a magnet stick to people's arms where they got the shot.

I have now confirmed the shot probably contains nanobots, because you are supposed to wait 6 - 10 WEEKS after the shot before you get a MRI most likely because the nanobots have to disperse or the MRI will rip your arm apart. PROOF OF THIS IS RIGHT BELOW THE VIDEO. IT IS NOT BULLSHIT.

That's a strong attraction. How's that going to work in an MRI???


LET ME GUESS: People appear to be dis-connected from their souls and many notice they have been dis-connected and change in big ways after the shot because those nanobots go into your brain (or wherever else they are supposed to go) and they physically sever the body/soul connection. I BET I AM RIGHT.

There probably is no coronavirus, but the spike protein alone would do enough.

Consider what has happened with this "outbreak" - early on it was discovered that people were not actually suffocating, they were instead dying from blood clots. The spike protein the vax tells your body to make is causing blood clots. They are claiming that the spike protein on the virus is what caused the blood clots. But what if there's no virus, and all they did was release a self-replicating spike protein, the effects of which we are seeing when the vaxxed work among the un-vaxxed, and pass the spike protein to the un-vaxxed?

What if all they did was spread a spike protein around where people would breathe it in, and it was failing to successfully spread well enough, so they started jabbing everyone they could with it?

Site upgrade underway.

2021 2020 and 2019 have been indexed. You can hit that portion of the site history under the buttons for those years.

Obrador has accused the Biden administration of plotting a coup in Mexico, and he's right.

I'll tell you what I noticed down here -

The political opposition is accepting illegal money from Washington DC to fund massive ad campaigns intended to oust the Morena party that supports Obrador. They are constantly running ads calling Obrador and Morena the death of Mexico, while they say "This is what Obrador did to the children" and then they drop concrete slabs on musical instruments, in addition to dropping slabs on "great accomplishments" and saying That's what Obrador is doing to Mexico. The commercials are very well done but ridiculous on their face - and I asked Claudia if she thinks the Mexican people would actually believe that. She said the idiots will. And an idiot's opinion still matters in a democracy. The Mexican media has become just like CNN so I can't tolerate watching it, but that's what I noticed from what little I do watch.

Obrador has traced the money funding this back to Washington DC, while Washington is also beefing up the cartels in more than fast-and-furious type operations, in addition to assisting them with corrupted border policies to help them get additional drug money to give them the power to oust Obrador. Obrador has had excellent success in reducing cartel activity, and Biden/Harris are doing all they can to reverse that. What can you expect? That's what the scamming criminal American left does.

ABC international reported: "Much has changed the attitude of the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, towards the White House after the departure of Donald Trump. At his first major meeting with the US vice president, who has recently assumed the task of solving the migration crisis at the border, the Mexican president has come accusing his northern neighbor of interventionist and financier of coup plotters, to which he has added the rudeness of communicating to Kamala Harris that she was not going to stay for the entire meeting - held virtually by the pandemic - for other commitments. Even so, in the face to face, Lopez Obrador has said: "Let's seek understanding, don't fight."

My comment: He obviously knows what is going on, and has taken a delicate approach, which might not be appropriate when the Terminator is after both him and Mexico. He's in a difficult spot, and all I can say is that Mexico is now getting a good look at what vote fraud in America truly looks like. The American people sure as hell did not ask for this or vote for it.

I have noticed that quite a few Mexicans are fooled by the con job media and as a result don't like Obrador. They don't realize that Obrador is the reason why Mexico is still for the most part normal after the Covid scam, Obrador was handed the literal "kobayashi maru" and has thus far saved the ship.

Israeli attack on Al-Aqusa probably a hoax.

I hit Iranian media this morning and there's not a peep about it. They may suck for supporting vote fraud, but they'd at least squak about that.

FACE IT: The world is racist. (or so they'd have you think!)

DEPRESSION: A well known reader and supporter asked me for help with his daughter's depression, here it is:

First of all, I did not look this up on the internet and did not even bother with that because all you'll get is dart board random B.S. and pop psychology platitudes. Here's the deal, as I see it:

First of all, NEVER put her on antidepressants because they will only set her back. Here is what is more likely to work, and some of it may be hard to get away with:

Modern society is at war with communists who invoke thoughts, lifestyles, and attitudes that lead straight into depression. The happiest women are comfortable with NOT going to college for the brainwashing and have families by the time they are 18, IF they find a decent man. You don't get to see decent women do that in the U.S. a whole lot anymore, but Mexico, where this is common, proves it. The depressed girls are all in college while there are enormous numbers of happy young home makers. Women are not psychologically equipped to be without children and family, it is what they are made for and anyone who says otherwise is a fool, and I don't care how they got that way.

You'll always hear "I am SO GLAD I went to college and SO HAPPY WITH MY LIFE, please pass the zoloft! The women that go into the colleges end up so depressed that's a completely normal outcome. They are "so happy with their independence" they need antidepressants to get through it. That's a cold hard reality, a majority of college girls do not have a "chemical imbalance," instead, they are depressed because the professors shredded their existence while feigning good and making them "independent". Biology is a lot more assertive than a brainwash, the women will NOT be happy and the rampant antidepressant apocalypse is the result.

The above is the #1 cause of depression. Childless homes after a college brainwash, and visits to the college recommended "toy store" as a substitute. Women are not made for that, it will destroy their happiness EVERY TIME unless they are some sort of mechanical fruit cake and that does happen.

If there is a biological reason for the depression, here is what I have discovered

In my own life, I have discovered that fluoridated water, fluoridated tooth paste, and a lack of salt will cause me to become "naturally" depressed. I solved that with fluoride free water, non-fluoride toothpaste and salting the hell out of everything. It took years. High sodium being unhealthy is as much a fraud as the Corona vax. Salt is the primary electrolyte that ties everything together. If you are constantly deficient, you are going to be depressed and that's the end of it, getting enough salt will work a lot better than an antidepressant that will destroy you in short order. VERY IMPORTANT: DURING MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEM, THE JEWS MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT YOU SALT EVERYTHING. SALT IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, AND THEY ARE THE ONES WHO RAN THE "SALT CAUSES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE" BULLSHIT, SALT DOES NOT CAUSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. You can drop high blood pressure by going into a depression caused by lack of salt, but once you reach homeostasis sans salt your blood pressure will go right back up. They ran the "no salt" con to weaken us.

I don't know if you will be able to convince your daughter to eat more salt if she's not getting enough, the brainwash in that regard is very thorough.

You mentioned she's been depressed since long before college (in your social class, college is assumed.)

Now, without further info I have to grasp at a few straws, but you also mentioned her mom was not the greatest and that can have a MAJOR impact. Here is my guess:

Let me guess her mom was not the nicest, but on top of that failed to discipline your daughter. I'd bet that's the case. Let me guess that when YOU went to discipline your daughter, her mom got in the way. And now, let me tell you hard fact:

Kids that never got discipline are always unhappy and depressed. ALWAYS. Kids need an anchor and it has to be carefully balanced between discipline and kindness. Too much discipline is far better than no discipline however. The kid who is too disciplined won't be as happy as possible, but will be a LOT happier than one that was not. You can spoil the hell out of a kid, and if you keep solid discipline in place as a reference, you'll never end up with a "spoiled brat". And even without spoiling, the kid might not expect much but won't be happy if there's never a reference to tell them where "center" is.

That's my comment on your situation, and I'll guarantee you'll never find that on the web, that would probably trigger bans.

My final advice to sum it up, without enough information to fully assess your situation:

1. No antidepressants.
2. No fluoride from any source.
3. EAT SALT, AND I MEAN IT. Salt everything to "yummy", your body will tell you if you got too much because it won't be yummy anymore.
4. If you are in a position to, apply the "thundering velvet hand". This probably won't work at her age or if a college professor destroyed her but if you can manage that, it will probably do wonders.

There used to be boot camps people could go to for situations like this, but they are probably all "woke" now and if so, they'll do more harm than good. Such places can hit "reset" if they are any good, even if your daughter's behavior is not bad and she's just depressed, hitting reset can work wonders. If you can find one that has not been turned to garbage she might come out happy and stay happy. That's thunder without a lot of velvet.

One more thing: Demonic posession can take the form of depression. You don't always turn into something rabid. What happens is whatever the entity can influence someone towards that gives the demon pleasure, and they thrive on suffering. A scapular might work, if it will work it will feel to her like she put on poison (for a while). This is a stretch but it's worth a shot, the other reasons I mentioned are probably more likely but we had a kid in this extended family freak out over a proper scapular. After enforced wearing, the kid TOTALLY changed, and I mean TOTALLY. This kid went from being nothing but stark raving screaming trouble to a total model angel from that alone. Absolutely nothing else was done, the scapular alone did it.

A very interesting study of the covid test swabs was done

I cannot say it is all 100 percent accurate, but I will say that it is compelling. It appears the swabs under a microscope we have all seen - where they contain black spots are legit. According to this study, the black spots are lithium which assists the growth of what they are calling "hydrogel" that is also on the swab but can't be so easily seen.

Going over the slides I did recognize one item - a "morgellons" microbe that is a weaponized GMO form of Dictyostelium discoideum which was chosen as a weapons platform because it is so able to withstand harsh conditions and immune to all antibiotics. The only thing that will wipe it out is thymol. I have actually looked into Morgellons deeply but have not posted about it here much. However, after I looked over the slides I noticed two things that are a feature of the morgellons microbe - a hook shaped structure that can penetrate cell walls, and the ability of multiple organisms to bond together and form structures. Dictyostelium discoideum has an ability to penetrate other micro organisms and cells, and it is used for both predatory reasons and sexual reproduction (that microbe has sexual, asexual, and communal reproductive abilities) and for the sexual reproduction ability it stabs itself through the microbe it is going to reproduce with. If it wants to eat another microbe it either engulfs it or stabs it. That structure is visible in one of the microscope slides.

On one of the slides you'll see the microbes attached to each other to form a larger organism, and the stabber is showing on the one on the top.

Additionally, Dictyostelium discoideum has an ability to bond and form multi-cellular communal structures that are also a feature of morgellons. This is what the fibers and patterns are that people see in morgellons.

Look up what Dictyostelium discoideum can form in the wild, and then compare it to what morgellons forms in the body. It is a match, and there's no way that microbe belongs on a test swab, GMO weponized form or not.

It was very convenient for the morgellons coverup - "Ah, Dictyostelium discoideum! That can't prey on people. You contaminated your slide!" That microbe is so common such a ruse would work.

Man walks out with his covid shot still in the vial

He put both the Pfizer and Johnson jabs on dry ice and sent them off to a lab. Dry ice meets the cooling requirements.

Contractor for masks in Belgium was a shady shell company, and the masks may have contained the disease - SEE THIS.

VERY SCARY: Distributors back buying lumber from retailers

The link goes to a video where a contractor lays it all out. There is no shortage of lumber at the sawmills, (I did not post about this a week ago) but someone got video of a sawmill where their product was completely flooding out their storage area - they have it, so why then would distributors back buy from vendors when the sawmills are full? Yes, this is not a whole lot of lumber compared to American demand, the problem is that there are reports from others on this same topic stating they are seeing this elsewhere too. Why? ANSWER:

If they don't expect people to be around to buy the product, they'd probably rather let it rot in the woods somewhere rather than having to "clean up the mess this civilization made" - and it is not just lumber, it is pipe and more. Distributors are asking retailers AND contractors to sell them their pipe back. Why would that be? So they can destroy it?

I think so.

This is ominous, I think they are liquidating society and getting rid of materials society needs to build with. Why sell materials to a society that is on the way out?


That's a catastrophe, and they know what they are doing. Cutting American production damn near off was done with this exclusive objective in mind.

Tesla owners are going to pay the price soon enough also when electricity goes through the roof.

5.99 gas??? THAT is what vote fraud looks like.

A CBS news video that quotes lower prices and then shows a gas station sign at $5.99 is HERE.

An anonymous social media post NAILED IT:

All those dead vaxxed people is what they use to promote a new strain.

Rinse repeat.
Stupid sheep go baaaaa.
And rush in to take vax...
Which kills them..
Which they call a new tripple mutant strain.
The stupid sheep go baaaa.
And rush in to take vax...
Which kills them.
Which they call the super dooper quadruple mutant strain.
All the stupid sheep go baaaa...
And rush in to take the vax...

Is the internet glitchy today or is it just me?

All sites are glitching out today, even mine is glitching and it's not all that busy. Maybe a reboot? If you noticed the web not being quite right, it is not just your connection.

Some people are saying Trump's new web site will not load

I tried it on chrome and firefox and it worked, even today. My only reservation about that site is I don't know how well a monologue is going to work. People are going to get bored with that REAL QUICK, and FACE IT: The news is over. If Trump failed to stop the steal, what can he say, now that he's only Trump and not in power?

It is simply not the same anymore.

CONFIRMED: Pfizer CEO has stated vax will be annual


And even then, you don't really have any freedom, they'll declare emergency lockdowns whenever they want. Just like it is in ANY communist society.

Vax zombie???

The video is titled "man on drugs destroys Wal Mart" but the poster does not know that for sure, this looks like a total mad cow type malfunction. If this type of thing starts happening near you, Remember this video.

Pretty interesting blockages on Twitter noticed by Joe Rogan when he tried to send a message about ivermectin

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.