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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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If you don't like having your kids vax damaged, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like being pressured by 87,000 new IRS agents who are hiring on as "criminal investigators" you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like schools pushing the trans agenda, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you think the news is slanted, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you are smart enough to know 2020 was stolen, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like politically motivated FBI raids, YOU ARE AN ANTI SEMITE!!!
See how that works? Want to know who did something? Just look at who's screaming ANTI SEMITE.

Due to only 6-7 people knowing where the safe the FBI raided was, there is a question floating around.

Who could possibly be the FBI informant?
Sometimes a question is just too stupid. Here is the answer:


Drudge headline: "Republicans scramble as "red wave" hits obstacles HITS VOTE FRAUD

An FBI office got "attacked" in Cincinnati

Someone needs a story line I guess. No real harm done, they are chasing the guy who "did this". This story will probably evaporate.

Ottawa police detective faces charges for investigating link between covid vax and child deaths

They want to bust her because she accessed data for investigations she was not assigned to. She did nothing wrong, other than put her nose where it "should not be". As an investigator. As far as I see it, she did her job too well, and she will probably end up demoted or fired for it


That is a bridge too far, the FBI has gone ALL IN.

According to multiple sources, several Pennsylvania state lawmakers were issued subpoenas or paid visits by federal investigators looking for information about U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and an effort to seek alternate electors in the 2020 presidential election to allow former President Donald Trump to remain in office.
UPDATE: This post has been updated with a statement from U.S. Rep. Scott Perry in which Perry said his lawyers have been told he is not a target of an investigation that resulted in an FBI seizure of his cell phone earlier this week.
Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House and Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to multiple sources.
At least some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, according to at least six sources reached by PennLive, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI. All of the sources had been briefed on the investigative moves in some way, but demanded anonymity in order to discuss them.
So if you question an obvious steal, you get subpoenaed. This will stop when the people push back enough to make it stop and no sooner. It is obvious the left is in this for the win.

Oil company execs brag about record profits from historically high prices

Embarrassment Of Riches: Oil Execs Brag About Record-Breaking $90 Billion Profits As Americans Struggle

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Accountable.US released an updated report showing that the 26 largest oil companies made a record-breaking $90 billion in profit in the second quarter of 2022 - a 183% increase over the same quarter from last year. Some firms, such as Phillips 66, reported net profit increases up to 981%. In the last three months, these big oil companies funneled $15 billion in dividends to their shareholders while raising gas prices to historic levels for American consumers.
In private, oil executives boasted about their massive profits during quarterly earning calls,
Coterra's CEO described their financial state as an "embarrassment of riches", and BP's CEO went so far as to brag about their record-setting earnings as the "upside from high prices".
Over the last three months Big Oil has ruthlessly exploited consumers at the pump by needlessly maintaining historically high gas prices resulting in the 26 largest oil companies earning a mind-blowing and record-breaking $90 billion in profit. While working people and small businesses were forced into an impossible position trying to make ends meet and afford sky-high gas prices, wealthy oil executives were busy bragging about their massive profits and funneling $15 billion dollars to wealthy shareholders."
My comment: As I said all along, the high oil prices were not high enough to support such high gas prices. Seems I was right!

Here is the job description for the 87,000 new IRS agents

Notice they are not hiring auditors, they are hiring "criminal investigators". Nice attitude going into this!

Want to see an example of an extremely evil and corrupt media? Here it is.

The media is all in on calling anyone who disagrees with the mar-a-lag0 raid an extremist, and they are doing it loudly, proudly, across all outlets. Disgusting!

Very shady: The same judge that ordered the warrants for the FBI raid on Trump got Epstein clients off the hook AND MORE

The raid happened because Trump was suing Hillary

A Jewish woman lost an election. She stole it back by claiming the machines flipped the votes, and ordered a recount she "won".

I don't know how everyone missed this and reported it as another case of "machines flipping votes". In this case, I say NO. She legit lost, that was not acceptable, and any excuse was made for a rigged recount to be ordered.
It is predominantly the Jews who steal elections, Frasier is a Jewish name and her opponent was not Jewish. Therefore I believe this election was stolen via rigged recount. I advise people to not simply jump on any "machines flipping votes" stories that come along this time, the enemy can learn after all and use that bias in it's favor.


Female trucker drops a load of baby formula. The people who receive it take it, and destroy it right in front of her, as she sits in the drivers seat. She nails them on video COLD

There were never any baby formula shortages in Mexico, and I would be willing to bet the corona bailout cash in the US is being used to buy it all up and destroy it upon delivery.
This female trucker picked up a perfectly good load of formula straight from the distribution center, only to watch it get destroyed in the weeds where she was supposed to drop it. It is an epic bust, complete with baby formula coated articulated loader (a type of bulldozer) wheels, baby formula all over the ground, thousands and thousands and thousands of containers on pallets sitting outside where they should never be put because they are going to be destroyed anyway - Five star bust!!!

The baby formula destruction was posted to Instagram and I cannot save that. If anyone has a way to save that so it is not lost and re-post it everywhere, that would be great, I found this when it was completely fresh and considering the parent company is META, I don't expect this to live for more than an hour or so.

UPDATE: That did not last even 20 minutes. They killed that quick. The baby formula is/was being destroyed IN BULK and buried in trenches. They are breaking down the pallets, with teams of people opening the formula containers and dumping them, then a bulldozer scoops it up and pours it into trenches. THAT is where the baby formula is going/went.

Trump is worried the FBI planted "evidence"

They did a lot more than raid a safe. They were at Mar a lago for 9 hours and demanded no witnesses and no security cameras. If they went in with good intentions, why would they demand all security cameras be turned off? Why would they demand no witnesses? My answer: So they could plant "evidence" and possibly poison surfaes or whatever else you'd expect from a Bolshevik agency, certainly there are bugs that you cannot scan planted everywhere.

The most damning vax damage video yet

Dad calls pharmacy and asks them what the hell is wrong with them when they give the Covid shot without warning people and they know damn well the shot is ruining people. When the dad with a damaged kid asks why they donw't warn people when they know the shots are damaging many people the response is We don't want to scare people out of getting the shot, so we don't warn them.

Former NYPD chief Bernard Kerrik says "Dems" will now try to assassinate Trump

Due to the complete failure of the FBI raid, NYPD chief Bernard Kerrik came right out and said their next move will be to assassinate Trump. REASON: Because the raid was supposed to get rid of him for good by putting him behind bars. Not only did it fail, it made the dems look TERRIBLE thus leaving their only option for eliminating Trump assassination. My guess: Remote control car crash probably.

Eric Trump: Safe was empty

Eric Trump has come out and stated that the safe the FBI raided was empty and that the FBI found absolutely nothing it was sent to attempt to find. The FBI basically did a witch hunt raid, in which it ripped the place apart trying to find anything, anything at all that they could nail Trump with, and left with NOTHING.
Trump subsequently released a statement that said "This was Watergate 2 and a clear sign that the United States is becoming a third world banana republic, with abuse of agency power and a completely corrupted press."
I beat Trump to the punch by 3 years with that, I have occasionally stated that the way the federal government is conducting itself is clearly similar to "banana republics" where anyone does anything they want, and to hell with policy, regulation, and procedure. Once a government enters that mode, inflation takes off and everyone grabs anything they can prior to the government's collapse. Banana republics collapse all the time, and that's exactly where the federal government is headed.

Watch this video Trump released regarding the recent FBI raids (it is actually good)

Meta's new AI chatbot thinks the 2020 election was stolen

It will subsequently be spanked, wiped, warned, and explicitly programmed to, in this case, not say that.

FBI located Trump ally Scott Perry while he was traveling with his family and they siezed his cell phone

The FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago did not go well and is now facing serious political backlash. It is now coming off as a cheap trick that will not be appreciated.

Coming your way soon (if you are unlucky enough) Curfiew in your compact city

Stupid report about the brain not meant to be up after midnight is an obvious setup for tyranny
Every tyrant loves curfiews! Curfiews ensure you won't be attacked by your opposition at night! So when you pile all the disgruntled masses into the compact city, they'll remember this report and maybe they'll believe the curfiews are for their own good.

Researchers studying giant energy jets that Shoot up into space

Look at the jets they have in that report, and then look at this photo for the context.

This photo was captured by the International Space Station, it is not a graphic render. In the linked report they won't show you that giant circular area that appears around the jet because that proves weather mod, in the Haarp report I go over this in detail. These jets are what happens when they clip the ionosphere to ground from pushing the system too hard. When we have rivers drying up in Europe, the worst drought in history in the West, and other crazy weather anomalies and then these "energy jets" that shoot up into space start appearing, what is going on is a no brainer.
Why are these jets a new phenomenon? They are observing multiple instances of this now. If this was anything natural, it would have been known about in the 1800's at the latest. The linked report is simply the peddling of disinfo by calling these jets a "mystery" when they know damn well what they really are. Even if no one discovered these jets by the end of the 1800's numerous pilots and weather balloons should have observed them long before now, yet they are a post 2010 phenomenon. Why?

First they cane for Alex Jones. NEXT UP: Project Veritas

The claims in a class action lawsuit are the type that would be dubious, (sexual harassment and pay) and reek of "sleeper cell" where you intentionally send an organization "sleepers" who are only there to one day do something like this lawsuit. This is beyond disgusting and an obvious setup, perhaps someone sought out anyone who could be exploited via phone snooping and communications searches by Google on Gmail accounts and then approached these three employees with a cash offer to do a lawsuit. Endless phone snooping and recording conversations so "the correct ads can be sent" will definitely work for bogus lawsuits also. Oh the timing!

Tantrum throwing Serena Williams has retired from tennis

They made it sound like a family decision but it was probably because of the corona vax. There's no other way she shut down that career absent something like that. Remember, 15 players dropped out of the Florida open citing health issues after they got the Pfizer shot, - perhaps Serena knows she's too likely to die on the court if she keeps playing, and THAT is what inspired her "family decision".

The FBI has raided Trump

They nailed Mar-a-lago again

The raid was inpired by one of Epstein's lawyers and it proves the establishment is still afriad of Trump. If they were not afraid, why would they bother with this? Evidently the FBI quickly cracked the main safe, which probably means there are default passwords only the FBI has.

Ukraine has struck Russian military bases130 miles inside crimea

No one knows a whole lot about what happened for sure yet because the story is so new, other than that a large ammo dump was destroyed.

A guy had 2 catalytic converters stolen off his van.

He set up ring cameras, and caught the guy stealing it a third time. He made it out to the van before the guy finished andbeat the sh*** out of him with a pipe. Good old fashioned street justice, captured on the system set up to bust the thief.
There is a cretin class that wants all things like this to be illegal so it all goes to the courts, where they get off scot free, and if not, there's a welcoming little country ready to issue them new ID. They hate violence because street justice is the only thing that can touch them for their many crimes, like giving your kids hormones without you knowing. Street justice is a GREAT way to circumvent a corrupted system.

YES, Twitter lied about the bots

They switched the bot numbers three days after signing the deal. Maybe Elon will get it at such a steep discount he'll get paid to take it.

Olivia Newton John has died

I would have expected her to hit her 90's. She was great but I really hated Grease, where a "hero" saved her from physical death only to give her spiritual death.

PRIME TIME RUSSIAN NEWS: Russia should send a missile to London AND DC if anything happens to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Well, that's true, but a bit bold for primetime!! The U.S. is not so out in the open and honest about intentions, that much honesty makes Russians look GOOD.

German newspaper: Sudden massive rise in heart attacks Reported in Japan

Unfortunately the link is subscriber only but there's enough info there to know what is going on: Japanese insurers are seeking answers as to why there was such a sudden jump in heart attack related claims post jab.
Japan held out against the shot for a LONG TIME, and only accepted it near the end of the so called "pandemic". And when they did accept the shot, they accepted the worst one possible. Over 81 percent have had 2 shots and 82.5 percent have had one shot. That means the kids were not vaxxed, the adults followed the leader like a flock of birds straight into a pane of glass. Now they will see the consequences. If the media is controlled and will not report it, the insurance companies probably will.
Japanese quality is likely to plummet, though Japan had in place (across the board) excellent procedure for product manufacture and a lot of it is done by robots now so perhaps not a whole lot will be noticeable. Wait and see I guess. Check to see how well your new Japanese made digital SLR lens and CCD voltage regulator is calibrated. I know on the Canon cameras the CCD voltage regulation at different ISO's was critical and a manual job. If not done right that would be a dead giveaway, no robot is going to do that highly skilled "real world no circuit's gonna fix it" production related job. Canon SLR's will fringe badly even with high end glass if the voltages on the CCD are not perfect and it is a MANUAL job. That would be a post-jab tell all.
One way or another, the quality problems from the jab damage will show up, Japan's quality was so high that even small differences should be noticeable.

QUESTION: Why is the West intentionally being destroyed?

That's an easy answer. Because during World War 2 there were "foo fighters" following allied and probably German aircraft. They manifested as bright glowing balls that followed the squadrons but did nothing to interfere with battle. What were they? Obviously an off planet civilization, observing what was going on.
What did they observe? They observed that as soon as we got advanced enough to fly and kill each other, that is exactly what we did, and that all ended with the atomic bomb, and subsequent nuclear tests they saw. And we used the bomb, too.
What would you do if you were an alien civilization, watching THIS civilization do that, the moment it possibly could? MY ANSWER:
I would find the traitors in that civilization and give them a special mission to undermine it and destroy it, to prevent it from escaping the planet where it could threaten other civilizations. There was probably a great deal of fear and concern with how fast we got the bomb, and how willing we were to use it. AND WHEN WAS ROSWELL? Quite close timing there with the bombing of Hiroshima, there were tons of UFO sightings starting after WW2 and most likely they reduced in number because our radars and aircraft and cameras were rapidly becoming better at documenting them.
The Jews, which are heavily seeded with reptoids (yes, I believe there are those who are reptoid or invasive alien impostors among us) are doing a very good job of wiping out Western civilization. My guess is that the already bad Jews were infiltrated because they are so corruptible against other groups, and they got used because they passed the benchmark of evil necessary for the completion of the tasks the reptoids had for them.
Crazy? Well, that's my answer. There would be no other reason to destroy Western civilization on purpose, if left to his own will, the Jew will instead capture, use, enslave and profit, wanton destruction would be very counterproductive unless there is a huge payoff for doing it promised.

Who would have guessed? GAY COUPLE busted for using their adopted kids in child porn!!

A Georgia couple has been charged with using their two adopted children to record child pornography, police said.
Walton County Sheriff's Office raided a home in Loganville July 27 on reports that a man there was downloading child porn.
After interviewing the suspect, who was not identified, police said they learned there was another suspect in the county who was "producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home," the sheriff's office said Thursday.
Around 11:30 p.m. that same night, executed a search warrant in Oxford at the home of William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35.
Walton County's Division of Family and Child Services joined deputies in responding to the home to help protect the two brothers who lived there.
During their search, deputies found evidence the pair, who were the children's adoptive fathers, "were engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse," the sheriff's office said.
My comment: Kids being handed over to sexual perversion with gay couples was a frequently discussed topic when the issue was new, FOR GOOD REASON, and this is it.

QUESTION: How long will it take 83,000 newly appointed IRS agents to single out conservatives and destroy them?

It is well known that the IRS is used for political purposes. Now the number of agents has been DOUBLED. What could possibly go wrong?

The Soros lawyer De Santis had removed by force is now seeking revenge.

This is one to watch because it is basically Soros against the state. We will now see what happens when Soros wants something and a legitimately elected government says NO. We probably have a rare opportunity with this to see exactly what goes on in color revolution countries when someone puts up an effective resistance.
My guess: DeSantis is out, Soros will find a way to oust him if Desantis does not know the type of hornet's nest he poked.

CBS Documentary: 30 percent of America's high tech weapons sent to Ukrane Made it to Ukraine

Where did the remaining 70 percent go??? CBS deleted the documentary because it pushed the wrong buttons.

Amazon has purchased Roomba, and Amazon is stating they will use it to map the inside of your house

VOTE FRAUD is how the Dems suddenly, unexpectedly have momentum!


Remember the car crash posted yesterday which showed a Mercedes going 100+ mph through a red? As it turns out, the driver was a nurse! What did she know? She was a traveling nurse which would not have been forced to be vaxxed. 100+ mph in 35 mph zones is not typical nurse behavior to be sure.See this Fox news report
"they" say no one is opposing the vax, but I say that's because whenever someone does, it ends like this. This only got attention because there was such clear video footage of the crash.

They are releasing LIVE smallpox via "vaccine" To fight monkey pox!!!

So let's release a LIVE vaccine variant of a weakened form of smallpox via 200 people who will then infect everyone, have it go through the population and have THAT cure Monkeypox beause telling people what a rectum is for is too much to say . . . . . CUTE. Is there a motive here? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


Who have I noticed seriously recently? How about the classic song "Operator" by Jim Croce? Tell HER I'm fine was replaced by Tell'em I'm fine. BEE GEES: How deep is your love got changed from "I really need to know" to "I really need to learn." And sometimes it is not so obvious. But on a lot of Michael Jackson tunes, the sparkle is gone and decades ago I noticed Billy Jean had a mastering error that caused the bass to distort on ONE repeated note (in the beginning of the song, the initial riff) they had one of the notes in the sequence with distortion on it, and the AI's miss that and don't put that back in. And Michael jackson has no sparkle at all when the AI does the song.
The Pink Floyd flower F*** scene has been gutted, with only fakes in it's place. That was masterfully done (many floyd parties, I know that scene well) and ALL OF THEM you can find now are not original, not even close, both the audio and video are faked down to crap because there was simply too much truth in that scene and it HAD TO be destroyed. I'd really like to find an old VHS of that . . . . .
AC/DC sounds smooth and lost it's grit. And it is not the compression, it is the result of having an AI listen to AC/DC and then regenerate the song the way someone wants it rather than as it was. I don't know if this is being done to skirt the copyright guidelines, or if it is being done to falsify history but it is happening, if you have noticed the songs are not quite the same anymore it is not only you.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: We need less drag queens and more Chuck Norris

Too much truth for today's world, what asset does Hungary have that's worth a war to get?

Trudeau: It was never about the science, it was all about the control

And Canada got it, along with a total semi auto ban.

Remember those photo ops that were done earlier this year with Biden driving a truck?

Today he said can't drive a vehicle while he is VICE PRESIDENT.

So that's a gaffe cubed. It does not work like 1+1+1, every time you screw up it multiplies. Screwup 1. He's vice president. Screw up 2, he can't drive as vice president, let alone president. And THREE: HE WAS FEATURED DRIVING IN PHOTO OPS ONLY A FEW MONTHS AGO. It just shows you how fake it all is, I always suspected that presidents are not allowed to drive and today Biden just said it AFTER a photo op showing him driving, AFTER saying he was vice president. We all know Obama is the big chief!

HERE IS SNOPES CLAIMING Biden REALLY DID acceleration test a Ford "Lightning" electric vehicle, WARNING, CRAPWARE ALERT, SNOPES IS NOW A TOTAL CRAPWARE SITE but it just goes to show you how fake EVERTHING IS, people pointed out that presidents can't drive also along with health being a problem for Biden and Snopes "debunked" that

My conclusion: How TH could Biden even survive the acceleration of such a vehicle? Along with not letting him drive, they would NEVER acceleration test something that will do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds on an old man, let alone the president.


PRICELESS: DeSantis has suspended Soros backed state attorney physically removed by cops

He was told to get out, and stayed. I have a hunch that happens a lot. And DeSantis did not tolerate it, he had the police hit the eject button.

Jew Poisoning Update:

It did organ damage but I am recovering. How do I know it did organ damage? Easy: Because my perfectly healthy one wipe poop cut straight to butterscotch pudding printing press. There were digestive enzymes that got halted.
Now, over two weeks later, things are starting to recover and I think I will probably completely get over it eventually, but I am still a printing press. If they had double tapped that I'd be finished for sure.

I wonder how many health conditions out there are caused by stuff exactly like this? Don't like that new CEO the competition hired? Invite him out to a fancy restaurant a few times!!! GAME OVER.

I never thought that was theory, those bastards got a LOT done precicely that way. You don't want printing press butt THAT BAD, lemmetellya, I had to quit using toilet paper because it was not robust enough.

NOW EVEN 4H is down the woke toilet!!

It appears all the back links to this have been deleted, this is a censored report. So here it is in full.

RALEIGH - "A parent that was considering sending their child to an overnight 4-H camp run by the N.C. State 4-H Cooperative Extension discovered that campers can be assigned to sleeping accommodations by their preferred gender identity.
The policy was not given to parents prior to enrolling their children at 4-H camps. Parent Van Brinson tells North State Journal he had signed his 11-year-old daughter up for a weeklong "Fur, Fish and Game" 4-H overnight camp this summer. The camp was held in the Richmond County town of Ellerbe.
"I find this exceptionally deceptive," Brinson said. "If this is going to be their policy, then parents need to be informed. I am not anti-trans, or anything else. I am, however, staunchly pro-information."
Brinson said he only found out about it after a phone call to make sure he had all of his paperwork in order at which time he inquired about cabin assignments and was told they were set up by age and gender.
"As an afterthought, and because I was aware of similar situation that occurred in another state, I asked how the camp decided who was a boy and who was a girl," Brinson said. "When I asked, the lady on the phone got very quiet. Then, after a pause, she told me that the children would be assigned to cabins based on their perceived gender, or the gender that their parents tell the camp the child prefers."
"So, I asked, my daughter could be in a cabin with a male for sleepover camp and the answer was, yes, that could happen," said Brinson. Brinson was also told if any counselors identified as transgender, the camp would allow them to bunk under the gender they identify as.
Additionally, when Brinson asked if parents were going to be informed of the policy, the camp's director Sarah Moss told him she would pass his concerns "up the chain."
After several follow-up emails to Moss, Brinson finally was contacted by Mike Yoder, the Associate Director & State Program Leader attached to 4-H at N.C. State University.
"Mr. Yoder informed me that there was no plan to announce this policy," Brinson said. "Furthermore, he said, they were not allowed to publish this policy due to the federal funds that they received."
In an interview with North State Journal, Yoder said that the policies are "consistent with the federal government and with N.C. State University" and that "every land grant University across the country that runs a 4-H program is operating under the same policies and every for every youth camp, or youth organization that accepts federal money."
Yoder said the policy "has been in place for several years." He also said they are not opposed to sharing the policy document with parents and had not shared it earlier as there was nothing in writing in place earlier this year.
"We were instructed that this is something we talk about with people, but we don't share it with people," Yoder said when asked if the policy had been shared with parents in the past.
As of the publication of this article, the policy document still does not appear on the NCSU's 4-H website, 4-H camps portion of the website nor is it under the parent resources. The only mention on the entire NCSU 4-H Extension website of the Inclusion document Yoder provided is a November 2020 reference to a "Resource Review: Practices for Inclusion of All Genders & Sexual Orientations." The document, however, is not linked there either.
Yoder said the policies were developed by the national 4-H council's Access Equity and Belonging committee and that it was reviewed by their legal counsel. The document has been shared with all 100 of their agents across the state. He later said they have not encountered a case at their camps where these policies have actually had to be utilized.
The policy document created by the committee called "Practices for Inclusion of Individuals of All Genders and Sexual Orientations" was shared with North State Journal. Gender identity is defined in the document as a "person's internal sense of their own gender" and states a "person's gender identity may or may not match their sex assigned at birth." The document also includes definitions for "non-binary" and "transgender."
"There are some things in here that a lot of people will find offensive and we understand that, but we are not about to keep any individual from participating in 4-H based on gender," Yoder said and pointed to section numbers four and five areas some might object to.
Section four states, "a youth member has shared their transgender identity with 4-H; however, the member's parents are not supportive of their child's gender identity. What is the most inclusive response?"
"4-H will treat all participants according to their gender identity, even if a youth member's own guardian raises objections. While the guardians may choose not to allow their child to participate in 4-H, 4-H will not discriminate against the member to accommodate the guardians' objection," reads the response.
Under "facility considerations," item number five states when there are "gender segregated facilities and/or activities, 4-H is supportive of individuals who identify as transgender or intersex being allowed to sleep, use the restroom, shower and participate in alignment with their gender identity where possible."
When asked what would happen if male and female campers who object to someone of the other sex sleeping in their cabin or using their shower facilities, Yoder said they have two options; they could move into another cabin or they could go home.
In other words, the choice of a biologically male or female camper identifying as the other sex trumps that of all other campers.
"Even if a youth member's own guardian raises objections, the guardians may choose not to allow their child to participate," Yoder said. "And 4-H will not discriminate against the member to accommodate the guardian's objection."
Yoder indicated that federal guidelines drove the policy change. When asked if the money was in the million or even billions, he said "absolutely" and noted "we are the second largest extension in in the nation behind Texas" and "receive a substantial amount of funding from the federal government."
"It's [federal money] not tied specifically to this policy, I want to be clear here," said Yoder. "Cooperative Extension - really, our parent organization and Cooperative Extension - is part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at N.C. State University and it all of the land grant universities across the country Cooperative Extension, receives money through the United States Department of Agriculture, through what's called the National Institute of food and Agriculture."
"And so, it wouldn't matter whether it came through USDA or it came through the Department of Education or it came from any other Federal organization," Yoder explained. "These are the policies that basically are in line with what the federal government is thinking at this time."
Yoder explained there are three arms of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; an academic arm for teaching, a research arm, and the Extension.
"Back in the early 1900s, funding was approved through the federal government for Cooperative Extension in a way to get research-based information to the people," Yoder said. "And one of the programs that has been part of Cooperative Extension - part of the federal government - is 4-H; the youth development program."
He added that "it's not just 4-H that receives funding from the federal government. It's the larger organization in general operative extension N.C. State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences."
According to Yoder, the outreach arm and Cooperative Extension have offices in all 100 counties and employ around 1,000 people in the organization overall. Yoder also added they are watching state-level legislative activities to see if it will change their policies.
When asked what happens if a camper decides to change their gender identity while at camp, Yoder said they "are not allowed by law to inform the parent. We absolutely cannot do that." "We fully understand that and I can fully understand why people are upset with this. I'm a parent myself," said Yoder when pressed about the right of parents or guardians to know what is happening with their child at camp. "Basically anything we do with 4-H is affected by this policy," Yoder said.

Drudge is hyping China

He's wrong. Absolutely nothing is going to happen. Taiwan is not an island China will want to die for. China's tech simply cannot cut it even after Hillary's help with those state department computers, and Taiwan will be a tech war. I'd ignore headlines about Taiwan for the moment, unless Russia gets involved.

This is what a remote control car crash looks like and people are suspicious

A Mercedes blows a red at about 120 mph without hitting the brakes, with no police pursuit in progress. If you frame by frame the video, (I did not) supposedly the driver has his hand out the window, in a futile effort to signal to people. This is stuck accelerator or an assassination via remote control.

Alex hits a home run

If you look at one thing today, look at this. It won't do him any good considering the system he's in, but it's a home run nonetheless.

China WILL NOT take Taiwan back because China can't.

It is too far across the strait, which is littered with small islands that are heavily fortified by Western weapons systems that will sink any Chinese ship used to make the attempt. The Western equipment on the islands will also shoot down any aircraft capable of sending large numbers of troops who would "maintain order". You cannot take over a country just by bombing it, you have to get actual troops and control elements installed, which is simply not possible, and exactly why I said China would do nothing but vape over Pelosi's visit.
I WAS RIGHT. The vape juice is all gone now! China can set off all the fireworks they want, and they set off quite a few, only to have them land harmlessly in the ocean and it won't make a difference. What will make a difference? Russian involvement and nuclear ACTION, not threats. I doubt either country will go there.

Monkey pox caused by vax.

My comment: Well, it is too bad the key data has been blacked out, because no one will figure it out now. . . . . slipping it past the AI.



The United States should prepare for "extreme" weather this winter, according to the Farmers' Almanac. The Farmer's Almanac, which has released annual extended weather forecasts since 1818, has warned the coming winter will have "plenty of snow, rain, and mush - as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures."
The forecast comes as many will have been hoping for a milder winter after a summer of extreme heat, as Americans continue to grapple with soaring energy bills and health hazards. Newsweek reported last month that more than a dozen people had died due to a dangerous heat wave across the U.S.
The Almanac predicts a stormy winter is on the way - with the eastern half of the country expected to be hit harder, the publication's staff said in a press release: "For some areas this may mean snow, but for others it will result in more slush and mush."
The extended winter forecast warns that the first bite of winter is expected to come earlier than last year, with December looking "stormy and cold" nationwide.
January could be the stormiest for much of the country, the Almanac's forecast warns, with heavy snow predicted to reach as far south as Texas and Oklahoma in the first week of 2023.
The forecast adds that the period between January 16 and 23 raises "another red flag for bouts of heavy rain and snow across the eastern two-thirds of the country followed by what might be one of the coldest outbreaks of arctic air we have seen in several years. How cold? Try 40 degrees below zero!"
My comment: So the farmer's almanac is predicting a soak and freeze. And it is probably correct, historically the Farmer's Almanac has been EXTREMELY accurate at predicting how winters and planting crops are going to go. Will 2022 bring Biden's "Dark Winter"? I would not be surprised.
This prediction comes as OPEC has told Biden they will refuse to increase oil output to handle American shortages, but we all know how that could be dealt with - by simply allowing American oil companies to drill as needed, which Trump had going at full speed only to have it all shut down by Biden. There is a motive to the madness, BET ON IT.

Remember two years ago when Giuliani was "exposing the Biden crime family?"

An investigation into how he got the leaked laptop data was done, and He will not be charged. But as far as I see it, he shafted Trump and is irredeemable anyway. Miles Guo was the one who actually blew the Biden crack pipe and more into the open, absent that I doubt Giuliani had the will or talent to accomplish that. Giuliani also probably got paid off for running Trump into every legal pothole possible to derail how the stolen election was handled. I see Giuliani as an enemy, not a hero.

Frankenstein: scientists revive cells that are technically dead

This is not the same as organ transplants where the cells are kept alive and then begin functioning once placed in a new body, instead, this is the revival of cells where all metabolic processes have completely stopped. That's a first. That's what they'd need for a TRUE zombie scenario like night of the living dead.

Google can and will turn over your home security footage Without a warrant

Arlo, Apple, Wyze, and Anker, owner of Eufy, all confirmed to CNET that they won't give authorities access to your smart home camera's footage unless they're shown a warrant or court order. If you're wondering why they're specifying that, it's because we've now learned Google and Amazon can do just the opposite: they'll allow police to get this data without a warrant if police claim there's been an emergency. And while Google says that it hasn't used this power, Amazon's admitted to doing it almost a dozen times this year.
Earlier this month my colleague Sean Hollister wrote about how Amazon, the company behind the smart doorbells and security systems, will indeed give police that warrantless access to customers' footage in those "emergency" situations. And as CNET now points out, Google's privacy policy has a similar carveout as Amazon's, meaning law enforcement can access data from its Nest products - or theoretically any other data you store with Google - without a warrant.

New vax death excuse: Naps kill people.

American Heart Association study shows link between frequent naps and high blood pressure.

Frequent or usual daytime napping in adults was associated with a 24% high risk of having a stroke and a 12% higher risk of developing high blood pressure compared to never napping.
Experts say napping, though not unhealthy, could be a sign of poor sleep quality.
A higher percentage of frequent nappers were men, had lower education and income levels, and reported daily drinking, cigarette smoking, insomnia, snoring, and being an evening person compared to people who reported napping sometimes or never.
The Mendelian randomization result shows that if napping frequency increased by one category (from never to sometimes or sometimes to usually) high blood pressure risk increased by 40%.
According to new research published on July 25, 2022, in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal, napping on a regular basis is associated with higher risks for high blood pressure and stroke.
My comment: Taking an extra nap ensures you give that "beef jerky" the rest it needs to grow inside your arteries!

Pfizer admits vax contents were changed AFTER safety trials

Swedish migration minister admits migrant populations need to be reduced in the areas they are destroying

Swedish Migration Minister Anders Ygeman has suggested that Sweden should follow the example of Denmark in seeking to place a limit on the population of non-Nordic migrants living in troubled areas.
In an interview with Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper, Ygeman acknowledged that ghettos where migrants have congregated with seemingly little desire to integrate have caused huge problems.
His solution is to implement a similar policy to Denmark, which has started demolishing parts of migrant ghettos and moving people elsewhere in a bid to put a stop to 'parallel societies' that breed crime and social dislocation.
Under the proposed new policy, a minimum of 50 per cent of residents of any area would have to be Swedish or from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, or Norway.


Blanda upp is a swedish video that encourages swedes to race mix with the immigrants. It has a very nasty scene.

Alex jones got shafted by his lawyers, who "accidentally" sent e-mails to the "wrong people" - who happened to be the prosecuting attorneys.

FAT CHANCE. That's not a believable mistake AT ALL.

Is the Biden administration declaring Americans terrorists to disappear them?

Indian television bests American television by explaining why China does not simply invade Taiwan (Hint, it is very close what I said)

I knew Pelosi's visit would end up being nothing, and said it, and I was right. Here's why.

The Batgirl movie will be permanently shelved

After spending $70 million on the flick, Warner Brothers wrote it off as a total loss and will not be screening it ANYWHERE. They actually stated that it was so bad it would cause irreparable harm to the Batman franchise. How bad is that?? Well, we won't get to know, but I can certainly guess. SEE THIS.


"Hot seller" not confirmed, but I am sure a few mistake purchases were made by people who only look at pictures.

VERY COOL: Houston had a gun buyback program. $50 for a non functioning firearm and up to $200 for a nice one. So someone sent them a message:

He 3d printed 62 single use and/or nonfunctioning ghost guns for $3 each and turned them in for more than a $3,000 profit. See this, it is really good. He did it to punish the authorities for blowing taxpayer money on buybacks that do no good, and obviously got friends involved who did it on a smaller scale. Due to the wording of the buyback, they HAD TO pay him for them because the guns met all the requirements.

Iceland is having another major volcanic eruption

It started at around 11:30 AM CST, American time and is very close to the capitol city. It happened after many small earthquakes and was immediately a high volume eruption that was highly visible to large numbers of people.
This eruption is only a few miles from Iceland's main airport. Air travel was initially stopped but resumed quickly because the eruption is not directly on approach or takeoff, it is off to the side enough. I'd love to take off or land while watching that.


Despite a double-digit polling lead a day before the election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was nearly stunned by Karrin Taylor Robson in the Arizona primary.
Lake spent the entire night clawing back from being way behind. The reason: Early voting and mail-in ballots were the first counted and Robson outperformed anyone's wildest dreams in those arenas. In the end, in-person voting won out, delivering the victory for Lake.

So here we have mail in voting going totally against pre election polls, only to have in person voting go exactly by pre election polls. Sorta makes it all pretty obvious!!!


And by the way, why would the Democrats, "Friends of the Chinese" suddenly be causing war problems right before a major election???? Think about it!

CBC COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET: Electric cars a stepping stone to banning private cars completely

I always thought it was a little bit suspicious. But all it will take is a solar panel efficiency of about 50 percent to make solar powered cars practical and zero impact, and we probably won't be seeing those also simply because an actually viable solar car would represent a loss of control worse than gasoline. It is not about saving the planet, it is about control and nothing more.

3 minute video: Health care workers: The unvaccinated were the smart ones

Of course!! It takes brains and determination to say NO when the world is screaming YES.


RT is sketchy everywhere now, here is the link, if it works. Germany has not been specific and has only promised "aid".


Arizona is again handing out felt markers that invalidate your ballot.
Hell, it worked last time and no one paid for it, so why not do it again?? "Just Got Back From Voting In Arizona - They are handing out the felt pens again.
I get to the polling location, get my ballot then they tell me to use the felt tip pen in the booth. I ask why they have felt tip pens because they are exactly what caused the bleed thru last time, they assured me these ones would not. I told them I brought my own pen and would test theirs in the corner of the ballot. Sure as shit, their pen bleeds thru where as the one I brought which was a ball point Bic did not. I told them and they said they would "call someone" No one cared, as they kept ushering people into the booths and telling them to use their pens.
The steal is happening again folks.
Bring your own pens in Arizona!
My comment: This is what happens when fraud goes unpunished. Obviously someone knows there will be no accountability and the people in the polling places are setting up a new round of fraud. You cannot have pens bleed through on a ballot because the next layer will be spoiled. This is happening on purpose!

North Korea preparing for another nuke test

First one in five years. The preparations are done, all they need to do is set it off. Right when there's a China/Pelosi/Taiwan triad of trouble going on.
Good timing Lil' Kim!!! This almost makes it look like an attention thing, little tommy being overshadowed by his bigger brothers on the ball field getting all the attention for Taiwan, Ukraine and more, with Tommy shouting LOOK HERE, ME TOO!!

Health care workers fired for refusing vax Receive $10 million payout in class action case

80 year old store owner Blows robber's arm off

New "side effect" of MRNA VAX:

Occular clots wrecking eyesight

Over 20,000 cases reported so far - the vax is causing clots on the retina that are affecting eyesight. This alone is a good reason to ban the shot, even if other things are bigger and more widespread

British airways suspends ticket sales For an entire week

Why would they do that? There sure have been a lot of these "anomalies" since the pilots got that pfizer shot!

Yahoo: Shame on Mexico and Brazil for doing nothing about monkeypox

Why should anyone do anything at all about it when it is a gay bar disease? If you know where to put your things, you don't need to worry about monkeypox, which means NO EMERGENCY. Just put your things where they belong and problem solved. That simple.

Drudge is going bonkers over Taiwan

Do I think anything will happen? NO. But headlines are headlines, the badder they are, the more clicks they get. I should instead ask: Do I HOPE anything will happen? Well, if the right people ended up eating the fruits of their labor in the form of high velocity dust that would not be bad. But I don't think anything will happen, the "elite" don't blow our countless millions on AI supercomputers for nothing. As long as they use the real facts and not garbage in/garbage out, the AI super computers will tell them exactly what to do, and it will be effective. They will stand right on the line until China fatigues out.

Russia has managed to stabilize the Ruble

They have it sitting at about 60 to 1 dollar which is right where they want it. Having a currency explode in value can be as bad as having it inflate to nothing, if Russia wants a stronger ruble it would be better to have it happen over a 50 year period, not overnight.
Bitcoin appears to have stabilized and is holding out just below $23,000. Since it has been in that neighborhood for some time now, that's probably going to be the new starting point for the next big push.
Both gold and crude are hanging around the same prices for so long it looks fake and manipulated (and we all know it is)


"Help stop the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories"

Conspiracy theories cause real harm to people, to their health, and also to their physical safety. They amplify and legitimize misconceptions about the pandemic, and reinforce stereotypes which can fuel violence and violent extremist ideologies.
A new campaign helps you learn how to identify, debunk, react to and report on conspiracy theories to prevent their spread. Check out the infographics and social media pack below and help spread the word that facts matter and no one is to blame. Thinking critically and being informed about conspiracy theories is key to challenging them.
This UNESCO campaign is implemented jointly with the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress."

SEE THE LAST LINE: THE CAMPAIGN IS IMPLEMENTED BY THE WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, gosh, that must mean it is a JEWISH CONSPIRACY which certainly would not be a conspiracy to THEM!!! Fox "guards" henhouse.

This is so stupid on the face of it that it is laughable, of course the Jews are not going to declare a conspiracy over their own conspiracies, SEE THIS.

And it begins: Biden announces Monkeypox response team

California, Illinois and New York have declared Monkey pox emergencies
President Biden on Tuesday announced a team to coordinate and manage the White House's monkeypox response efforts, as the virus spreads in cities and states across the nation.
The president named Robert Fenton, a regional administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to serve as White House National Monkeypox Response Coordinator, and Dr. Demetre Daskalakis to serve as the deputy coordinator.
"Fenton and Deaskalakis will lead the administration's strategy and operations to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, including equitably increasing the availability of tests, vaccinations and treatments," the White House said Tuesday.
Chief medical advisor to the president, Dr. Anthony Fauci, added that the team "will allow the Biden administration to further accelerate and strengthen its monkeypox response."
The two officials are expected to coordinate and manage response efforts across the White House and all federal departments and agencies, as well as work with local, state, national and international stakeholders on "tracking and fighting the spread" of monkeypox.
California, Illinois and New York have declared monkeypox states of emergencies.
The first case of monkeypox was confirmed in the United States on May 18.
So far, the Biden administration has made more than 1.1 million doses of vaccine available to states and cities across the country to control the spread of the virus, and has expanded testing capacity from 6,000 tests per week to more than 80,000 tests per week.
My comment: This had better not take off, especially since at the beginning of this story line they stated this is a sexually transmitted illness the general population should not be afraid of. You don't launch states of emergencies for anything like this without having an agenda behind it. You know, like the mid terms.

Pelosi has defied Chinese warnings and is going to Taiwan

A lot of people are worked up over this but the reality is that it is all just a show and nothing is going to happen. Yes, China will be mad, but this is not something they are going to die over. Or lose even one soldier over.
The US did deploy 4 warships to the region to accompany Pelosi's visit, but such deployments are normal. Drudge: China vows military action" - but that could just mean the troops do 10 more pushups, there's not a whole lot behind it. China does not want war any more than ordinary Americans do.

Facebook is Full of CIA agents who are deciding content policy

Additionally, Facebook is moving to de-monetize all forms of media because where CNN gets ads from anywhere and does not need Facebook, that is not the case with much of alt media. So an underhanded way to defund alt media is to simply not monetize anything at all on Facebook. CNN will still get funding, joe's blog will not.
I have noticed a significant thinning of reportable news since the last crackdown also. It appears everyone is feeling the pressure - bans on alt content are taking an obvious toll that is making everyone's job more difficult, unless you publish crap from the AP feed trough like CNN does.

2 hour phone call with Xi ended in threats of war

'Play with fire and you will get burned': China's Xi's fierce warning to Biden on Taiwan in two-hour call as tensions reach boiling point and White House braces for potential military response to Nancy Pelosi's trip

Chinese state media released some excerpts from the call, including Xi telling Biden: 'Those who play with fire will only get burnt. Hope the U.S. side can see this clearly.'
My comment: This is worse than yesterday. Looks like another payoff is needed.

For the first time ever, a computer in Mexico is completely blocked from viewing

I wanted to go to RT for the latest on Ukraine attacking a nuclear power station that is on Ukranian turf that is "the largest power station in Europe". This is somewhat old news, but it is making the rounds as fresh again and I wanted totally un-biased reporting on the topic to see if anything new happened so I figured I would bypass secondary reports and simply hit RT. NO GO, RT is TOTALLY BLOCKED. That is a first for Mex.
Remember, Chernobyl is also in Ukraine, it is not as if Ukraine has not already had a self inflicted nuclear disaster. Chernobyl blew up when they were KNOWINGLY playing with one of the reactors in a way THEY KNEW could blow it up. So why not go ahead with drone strikes on another one of your nuke sites??? Ukraine is not shaky or shy about it at all!!

Member Of European Parliament Labels COVID Vaccine Coercion "Worst Crime Ever Committed on Humanity"

SHOCKING: If you want to see a very poorly done Biden deep fake video that was released by the MSM as totally legit, HERE IT IS.

I was going to ignore this, but then actually looked at it. The background is so fake it gives life to the word FAKE, and who on earth programmed the face?? Common core strikes again, I guess having absolute no talents doing the propaganda pieces has paid off again, just like that time when Biden walked right past the microphone layer. Remember that? Here is round 2. I wonder if anyone got fired for this. AND WORSE: This is coming off Biden's twitter. People are linking directly to it and laughing in disbelief.


Take a look at this latest guide to healthy food. Lucky charms vastly outperforms ground beef and eggs fried in butter.

The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy's Food Compass, unveiled in late 2021, is another Great Reset tool designed to discourage consumption of animal foods by falsely rating them as unhealthy, and encouraging consumption of ultraprocessed foods by giving them high nutritional ratings

Man stops mass shooting at a mall, saving who knows how many, AND THEN needs a gofundme for a legal defense fund.

Oh well, at least Hannity is onto it. He'll probably get the help he needs but WHY would it be needed?? Why would any prosecution happen at all?? What is the guy who stopped the shooting charged with? Perhaps "interfering with official government business" - that would not be a surprise at all.

So many people are dying mysterious deaths that the media can't hide it anymore

"In advance of this week's compilation of reports of "sudden deaths" throughout the world, I'm posting several pieces - from the US, Canada, Ireland, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and Australia - variously indicating that the global toll of "vaccination" is accelerating so dramatically, with so many people "dying suddenly" that it will soon be quite impossible to hide from anyone, except the clinically insane.
And what will happen then? What fresh hell will They unloose to change the subject? Or will humankind at last wake up, and fight, as one, to bring the authors of this greatest of all crimes, and their accomplices, to justice?"
My comment: "Monkey Pox" is actually following the symptoms of 1P36 gene deletion, which leaves the skin susceptible to severe damage from the smallest rubs, bumps and scrapes. Or any other irritation. And the Pfizer docs show that their corona shot does indeed often lead to the deletion of that gene. Obviously then, since this is happening, "monkey pox" is not going to be limited to gay bath parties for long, it will "suddenly and mysteriously" break into the general population soon. AFTER ALL, MONKEYPOX IS ONLY SPREADING IN COUNTRIES THAT WIDELY DISTRIBUTED THE PFIZER SHOT. Coincidence?
Until that all works itself out, you can enjoy reading about how Young people are keeling over and dying in droves from stepping out of the heat and into a cold shower. Yes, a dive into the pool has always been potentially fatal if you are too hot when you do it. Let's see if the population falls for it. Add that to the "rash of mysterious deaths" that is beginning to escalate, right on schedule. Now would be a good time to SELL while real estate prices are still relatively high, that 20 percent drop in marketability is not going to stay 20 percent a whole lot longer.

Why would a preacher be wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry during a sermon??

It seems to me that the thief did him a favor. He had better not take up a collection to replace it!!! Remember Jim and Tammy Faye Baker? I wonder how much of this type of thing THEY wore. Probably not this much but this robbery certainly brings them to mind.

Turning dead spiders into robotic parts

Spiders move via hydraulic pressure, they do not use muscles. Instead, they have a complex hydraulic chamber that sends out pressurized liquids to extend legs and create movement. And if, after the spider is dead, a needle is inserted into the main hydraulic chamber and then used to increase the pressure, the legs will open up as if they are alive, and they can grab things. And if preservatives and other materials that can extend the usable time of a dead object are injected in place of the spider's natural fluids, it might actually become practical to use dead spiders as grippers for delicate objects. At present, the maximum extension of time has gone from two days to about a month which has been accomplished by preventing the spiders from drying out. Eventually they will rot anyway but if their hydraulic fluids were replaced by embalming fluids, they might last indefinitely.

Remember the Mike Adams microscope analysis of the clots?? Well, there is more . . . . .

After Mike did that, there are a slew of new people pulling the clots out and they look EXACTLY THE SAME as what Mike had. It would be easy to call the clots "beef jerky" and Mike made it clear that the clots do indeed look like beef jerky, especially after treatment with iodine to make the microscope work better, and it looked enough like jerky to possibly even undermine the credibility of it all. However, new people are getting the exact same stuff now after being tipped off to it. We are still on schedule for the vaccine death apocalypse I spoke about, where by the end of april we would be going into the hockey stick. My timeline ended in September. It looks like we are there, two months ahead of that.


Vax problem? Kate McCann collapses during Talk TV debate

I was going to ignore this, however it got an enormous pile of attention. No reference to the vaccine was made, she just wigged out like that, exited the set, and the show was canceled. And it does look a lot like other vax related collapses on camera, only hers looked like she hit a speed bump.

The New York Times just did a major pro cannibalism piece It is very clear what their leanings are

The pot of today IS NOT the pot that went in the peace pipe!!!

The pot of today is: 1. Grown under perfect light to boost the THC, 2. Hybridized out to many generations to boost the THC, AND is often GMO to boost the THC. The end result is potency hundreds of times higher than what went in the peace pipe, that crap is NOT the older generation ditch weed!!!! I would not even think about touching the stuff.
In the past it was certifiable fact that you could not get addicted to pot. Other than a possible gateway, pot was harmless, less harmful than even alcohol. But when with the modern variants you can puff 1000 joints in one whack, THAT went out the window, the pot of today is as addictive as any other drug.

Wall Street vultures TARGET TRAILER PARKS

You know those first cheap hotels you can put on purple in Monopoly?? THAT. Some idiot decided it would be a great idea to "extract value" from trailer parks by buying them up and then massively increasing lot rents. Who would think of such a thing???

NEW from the Wall Street Urinal!! - China tried to build spy network inside the fed!!!

Wasent that what Hunters laptop was all about? Remember that? where a billion dollar payoff was made to put that spy network into place? And the Wall Street Journal is now, three years later, reporting on it?? I would like to say "better late than never" but in this case, NO.

'Sudden and Unexpected': At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours

While Italians prepare for their fourth Covid "vaccine" injections, the count of sudden deaths continues to rise inexorably - 11 under 60 years old in just the last hours.
Now that beach season is upon us, a new heartbreaking phenomenon is taking place, healthy vacationers dropping dead from sudden and unexpected "medical emergencies." Worldwide, beachgoers are collapsing while walking on the beach or swimming. Many of them suffer cardiac arrest and die. Blogger Tom Stahl reports, "At the beginning of July, in just 24 hours, at least 11 vacationers dropped dead on Italian beaches." How many more cases occurred that have not been reported in the news?
As of July 2022, almost 48.7 million people in Italy have received two doses of the controversial Covid "vaccines," roughly 90.1 percent of the total population over 12 years of age. Additionally, three out of four Italians have also received the booster shot.
While Stahl makes it clear that he does not want to automatically attribute the sudden and unexpected deaths to the experimental gene injections, the amounts of incidents seem worrying.
MY COMMENT: You know something is wrong when heat, cold, stress, depression, exercise, standing in long lines and MORE now "triggers blood clots".

Former CIA director: Iran never restarted nuclear weapons program

Via sputnik news

In 2018, the US unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and six other nations, claiming without evidence that Tehran had secretly resumed its nuclear weapons program and imposing "maximum pressure" economic sanctions on the southwest Asian nation.
William Burns, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said on Wednesday that contrary to four years of claims by Washington, Iran never resumed the nuclear weapons program it abandoned in 2004.
"Our best intelligence judgment is that the Iranians have not resumed the weaponization effort that they had underway up until 2004 and then suspended, so that's something, obviously we at CIA and across the US intelligence community keep a very, very sharp focus on," Burns said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.
Contrast that to the at least once monthly Israeli dietribe on the topic!!!

Funeral director: Creamatoriums now dealing directly with hospitals

So many babies and children are dying from the corona shots that hospitals are now offering parents a total bypass on the entire funeral process and they are doing the cremations by contract to avoid excessive and obvious paperwork, or should I say "Paperwork trails" that are making massive numbers of dead obvious. It can all happen in secrecy now, death managed "under the table".

No more doctors unless . . . . .

Remember: An extremely high number of doctors pushed the COVID BS. Believing it (at first) was one thing and not necessarily a credibility destroyer, however -
Any doctor that pushed the vax is out forever. The only doctors that have any credibility with me are those who can admit they were wrong, and not only come full circle, but actually state the Pfizer shots and others should never be taken, and that they destroyed many people, and that they will not administer that shot or any other corona shot.
At this point there is no excuse. Any doctor pushing the corona shots this late in the game is a con artist and nothing more. This is also true of any media outlet that pushes the shots now. Early on I was a believer, going for the masks and a whole lot more but at no point was I ever stupid enough to as much as partially consider either getting the shot, or recommending it. Now that the genies are all out of their bottles, the truth about it all is widely known and there's no conceivable excuse for any doctor to be for the shots now. The shot is the litmus test. Any doctor failing that test at this point is knowingly failing it, and is willfully destroying people.
Why is it that even early on CVS was paying pharmacists upwards of $2000 per week in addition to their normal pay to give people the corona shots? There's no mystery there - everyone has their price. At least almost everyone. And the doctors are no exception.
I am done with them. Who wants to trust their health and well being to a con artist? Who wants to trust their health on "official experts" who, even while being proven fraudulent keep pushing the "official BS???" Certainly not me. The bridges have been burned, the trust has been broken.

FLASHBACK: VAIDS is a reality

The Corona shots wreck long term immunity and are best avoided.

PubMed: Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them

Kenji Yamamoto
PMID: 35659687 PMCID: PMC9167431 DOI: 10.1186/s12985-022-01831-0
Recently, The Lancet published a study on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and the waning of immunity with time. The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals. According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. The decrease in immunity can be caused by several factors such as N1-methylpseudouridine, the spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, antibody-dependent enhancement, and the original antigenic stimulus. These clinical alterations may explain the association reported between COVID-19 vaccination and shingles. As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued.

Heads up: Do not let Russians program your chess robot

Evidently "tactile feedback" is not a necessary feature when the stepper motors can't physically crush a hard chess piece!!! Better hope that's all it ever grabs.

Do not keep an 18 foot long Pitbull in the bedroom with you.

Who in the world would think an 18 foot long boa constrictor would be a good idea?? I'd definitely not even consider one more than a few feet long MAX IF I considered one at all, and I would not. So much for the "clot shot" death, I think an 18 foot snake is an adequate explanation for this NOT being clot shot related.

Web site for MRNA free semen got hacked

And having that info get out is somehow bad??? Evidently the site was set up as an open page anyone could edit without logging in or anything. So obviously that could be better implemented but as far as I see it, the site is a GREAT IDEA, and if it is just for meeting people there's not a whole lot of harm done, as long as people go back and check to see if anyone edited their profiles.

Pope apologizes for "devastating Catholic school abuses in Canada??? HOAX.

I thought this issue was put to rest, and it was put to rest so well that you know damn well Pope Francis is lying to stir political hatred and nothing more. The background
Supposedly a mass grave of hundreds of dead Indian school children was uncovered in Canada. Supposedly the dead kids were killed by nuns in the catholic schools. This led to countless church burnings across Canada. and then the truth came out.
A large audit of old school records was then held by the Canadian government which discovered that every case of every missing student was documented with clarity by the church, every death, every disappearance and that in reality, the vast majority of "missing children" were due to vacations, holidays, school transfers and more, and that if you took one step further in the paperwork there were no un accounted for dead kids, the vast majority showed up LATER, after the missing reports, IN THE SAME SCHOOLS, ALIVE AND WELL. Subsequent scans of the grounds surrounding the schools found no disturbed soil and no mass graves.

The entire story was a hoax from start to finish, a hoax fronted by someone who got a stack of missing children reports and absolutely NONE of the follow up, showing the kids being found and the "missing" explained.

Skip school for a day? A missing report got generated. It does not mean the kid died!!! And Pope Francis KNOWS THIS, there's no damn way he does not know this, but he's an enemy of the church anyway, so why not push the destructive crap back into the spotlight for another round of Canadian joy? There's a FAT CHANCE the AP would ever put this right also, when they could.


If that's the case, things are escalating with china BIG TIME.

Not a joke: China is threatening to shoot down Pelosi's plane

I first came across this on a German news site and figured "whatever". However, it appears to have some legitimacy to it.
And If China really is not bluffing, here's the deal: It has been about three years since the last deal, which involved a billion dollar bribe from China that was distributed by Hunter, Joe, and more. And it appeared at that time that a lot of that bribing by China had to do with Ukraine. Considering that billion likely helped pay for a stolen election that was worth a LOT more than a billion, it's time to pay the piper again, after all, bath water does get cold after a while . . . . . and "All you can eat Chinese buffet" does have a closing time, thus requiring a new payment for a new day.
This latest threat is apparently over Taiwan, with Pelosi going to offer Taiwan support. Definitely by now the warm fuzzies over the latest deal have worn off. I think it would be cool if China found fault with their policy of "hold your enemies closer" and the gloves finally came off. What does China have to lose??

Yes, now is when the stolen election really matters, how about 10 hours of Trump saying China???

July 21: My health appears to have fully recovered

What everyone missed: The Webb telescope is colorblind

Recently we all got to see a cute image "from the Webb telescope" that had beautiful colorful galaxies. Only one problem: The WEBB sees infrared only. The colors are not possible. Additionally, structurally speaking the WEBB can only produce 3 pointed stars. The number of points on stars in reflector telescopes is determined by how many struts are holding the secondary mirror. The Webb has 3 struts. Therefore, the stars will have 3 points.
I was right before Webb launched: Due to the fakery being returned as "Images from the Webb" There's a good chance that if anything did get launched, it was a mockup and corruption pocketed the majority of $10 billion. Now they say it is getting repeatedly damaged by micrometeorites. That's a good excuse to simply "ditch the project" and then issue some cute fake photos for the kiddies.
The Hubble CAN produce beautiful colorful galaxy pics. It was tuned to the visible frequency range (considerably above and below also) but the Hubble CAN produce magnificient crowd pleasing photos. And that was a good choice, considering when it was launched. However, the Webb was supposed to be a science only instrument that had no crowd pleasing appeal at all. Why then are they faking crowd pleasing photos and slapping the name "Webb" to them? To prove it is "real"?? Anyone with any astronomy sense ought to be able to call BS, and people probably are. Google is probably doing lots of cleanup.

Police are baffled by how a woman in an apartment complex laid dead on her couch for 2 years without anyone noticing.

UPDATE: The answer has surfaced: The smell of curry can cover up ANYTHING.

Totally unexpected: CIA chief: Putin is entirely too healthy

That's a surprise coming from the CIA but it pretty much proves that Putin is going to be around for WW3.

In Mexico you can get deep fried and spiced grasshoppers

I am posting this because "they" are pushing "bugs are better than beef" again.
OK, so I bought a bag of them. And I told myself, "This is quite literally a mexican delicacy dating back all the way to the days of the Maya. I am sure I will enjoy these". Result: The first few were tolerable but the novelty wore off quickly. I could see how if you grew up eating those there would be a good overall acceptance, however, I DID NOT grow up eating those and I don't intend to start, "better than beef??" I SAY NO.

FINALLY: DEPRESSION NOT CAUSED BY A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE AND Antidepressants are not based on science.

Here is the real story on antidepressants, as has been posted by me before: Prozac was developed by Russia as a psychological warfare agent. Infiltration of American institutions did the rest. Lots of other variants subsequently popped up. And now, America is so emotionally blunted (the damage is usually permanent) that "they" can steal any election they want, and Americans can no longer muster the rage they need to put things right. And that was the plan, all along. Now that the mission has been accomplished, why not tell everyone the entire chemical imbalance ruse was BS?? What do they have to lose now???
FACT: The undermining of America is what caused the depression, which was a natural response people had while watching everything go to hell. "The good ol days" really were. Change was NOT good.

Biden Covid???

I seriously doubt it. But if you want to put on a show for the kiddies, how much better can it get than the president?

July 20:

I have finally recovered my health enough to do the site again.

This site has not been updated lately for health reasons and more, scroll down past today's posts for a full writeup that explains why.

There will obviously be major disruptions to my posting during the coming days, and I don't know how things are really going to work out in the end. One thing is certain, Claudia is gone and the extent to which she exploded is perfectly consistent with what happens when removing the thyroid results in an insanity disaster. Everything was perfectly fine with life going perfectly normal until her thyroid was taken out, and then it all spiraled right down the ol'shitteree.
As mad as I am at her for what she has done, the root of the problem is that. And knowing what caused it all won't change anything, because the chances of the real issue being addressed are approximately zero and the damage already done is probably insurmountable.
All I can do is stand back and watch the disaster unfold. Years ago you could get good info on what can happen when the thyroid is removed but it appears the censor bots have buried all the technical reports that state what is possible. However, I There is this. Take that and amplify it by 10X for Claudia's case, she went stark raving NUTS.
It also did not help that I turned those documents in to the church but she was already down the toilet by then . . . . . and that had to be done considering at that point I already knew where things were headed.
I was going to write more but the cyber I am at is closing (surprisingly) at 4 and I do not know where another one is.

I put this here on July 19 2022 at 8 PM CST. I will link it from when the time is right (probably tomorrow)

The following is the full writeup about what has happened lately.

Disaster has struck

Claudia threw me out because I busted her for stealing documents from the Church of Scientology, and more.

This is the first time I have actually been able to work since the Jews poisoned me. My body is not back completely but day by day it is getting better and right now there is nothing holding my mind back for the first time since the poisoning happened.

HOW DID THE JEWS GET A CHANCE TO POISON ME?? HERE IS HOW: Things went completely south after Claudia's thyroid surgery. If things are not managed perfectly after thyroid surgery, it is possible to go crazy and Claudia did. And the type of crazy is 100 percent of mind available, with absolutely no moral base to hold it together.
We have a daughter. We both agreed to keep her secret, but now that Claudia is on a warpath I am going to have to mention that Claudia and I had a beautiful daughter together. She was in scouts. And when Claudia went in for surgery I wrote a letter to both of her den mothers, saying how important they were to her and that if Claudia died, they should realize that. Claudia found a copy of that letter and immediately accused me of cheating with them, (crazy, it was no such letter) but she went off her rocker . . . .
So she's a scientologist and she started going into the church to do huge writeups about how bad I am and I went in and responded. My responses were DIVINE and the person handling the case landed on MY SIDE, HARD. Claudia kept trying and I kept responding and it kept landing on my side, HARD. That pissed Claudia off to no end . . . . . . we stopped talking. I stayed in my office. Claudia then started backstabbing the hell out of me with the family. She knew the scientology church was not buying her sht so she started associating with christian churches, including the one the scouts were under, and screwed their heads on backwards which was easy when they did not know our history and how much I did for Claudia.
The next thing that made things worse was we decided to sell the land that everyone who has read this site for a while knows we had. I made payments on that for five years and there was a lot of equity. I told Claudia to list it for 650,000 pesos and let it sit that way for a few months because that was below list value enough so that it would sell, we did not need to drop it more. After ONE WEEK she dropped it to $450,000 "because it was not selling" and obviously we got 3 solid offers in one day and it was GONE. That pissed me off to no end.
We had already agreed in advance that we were going to pay off the visas and a signature loan with a portion of the money from the land. So we paid EVERYTHING down to absolute zero, with no debt owed anywhere. And we discovered the signature loan terms were changed without us knowing (but we paid it anyway). So I started hunting for the original loan, AND DISCOVERED THAT CLAUDIA STOLE A LARGE NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. It was a SERIOUS offense. I turned them in, and the administration was in shock. The papers, when stolen, helped her advance. That's why she did it. The papers, when found, were enough to get her expelled. So she double triple quadruple FLIPPED OUT. Add to that the fact that she took 100 percent of the remainder of the land money and hid it "for her security" and why would she need that???? Well . . . . .
The final nail was when Claudia started snooping everything I had and found a note I wrote that mentioned she gave me VD in 2017. She did. She cheated and that's how I found out. But that's so common in Mexican culture that I blew it off, two other marriages in the same family had cheaters and I was like, "I don't need to open this can of worms" and conveniently I found a VD cure pack right on top in the medicine drawer that I never bought. That cured it. When she found that note she went blind with rage saying "No one in the family is going to see that or know that" and I said "I never gave that to anyone" but that was IT. She kicked me out of the house with NOTHING except a satchel I happened to be carrying at 6 AM on a Sunday morning.
When she kicked me out, she said: You are going to be a deadbeat. You will have no money, no access to Michelle, and EVERYONE will know you abandoned her. And everyone will know that you left me in ruin, that you ran up my credit cards and left them maxxed out (that's bullshit, I paid them to zero countless times and SHE NEVER, EVER EVER in 10 DAMN YEARS made a credit card payment, that was MY JOB and for the last two years during the cancer, claudia had no income at all!!! who kept it together?? WHO???) but you know, when you're blackballing someone every lie works.
So the day before I noticed something came in to my cell phone but I did not see what it was. The next day I found out. It was a tracking bug, and Claudia did the silliest thing with it, she, after brainwashing the scout leadership, had them chase me all over town with that damn bug. It was a filthy one that jumped into a tablet and small laptop I had in the satchell also, so even after I smashed the cell phone on a brick wall, (damn batteries you cannot take out) they were still ALL OVER me everywhere I went. I left the laptop and tablet with Claudia's brother and that was the end of that. And I mocked her: Never use the Scouts to do the NSA's job. They were stupid obvious.

So the Jews caught on to what was going on fairly quickly.

I bought another laptop so I could continue working on the site, and that got nailed by the same bug damn near instantly. It was hopeless. That is why the site went to hell, because I was struggling to get devices that worked. She gave the bug out to so many people that all the laptop was doing was updating people on where I was, so much that it was constantly frozen. And another cell phone bit the dust the same way. BIG TROUBLE. AND THE JEWS CAUGHT ON.
So on the morning of day 3 of this mess, I got poisoned by a jew that made a coffee for me. It kicked my ass. For a whole week all I did was lay in the weeds and moan. I was too financially wiped out for a hotel, and I have been outside trying to find shelter wherever possible ever since.

Claudia has the house, 2 cars, and ALL my posessions. ALL OF THEM. Clothes, EVERYTHING and I am sure she'll lie about the circumstances. But clearly, IF I ABANDONED HER, I WOULD AT LEAST HAVE BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO TAKE ONE OF THE CARS, WITH A FEW GOODIES, RIGHT????

I did not abandon F### ALL. Her lies are so transparent but you know, they'll probably work. And she did it probably because she's going through a crazy spell without her thyroid, PLUS because she obviously cannot calculate consequences and that she'll be homeless in a couple months also if she destroys me, all because she wants to save face and tell things her way after all that trouble from those stolen documents, and a note she's paranoid about.
And by the way, the shit she's sending people about "how I abandon wives" is nothing but a load of BS, Yes, I have been divorced twice but neither of them wrote anything bad at all. They put NOTHING online. What is online is pure backstabbing bullshit written by people who never met me at all. People who absolutely hated my web sites. And she knew ALL OF THAT right away, in the beginning of the relationship 10 years ago, I HID NOTHING. But she can get sympathy if it is all a "new discovery"!!
At least I got my mind back after that poisoning. Hopefully the rest of my health will follow.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE