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A car bomb meant for one of Putin's top advisors killed the advisor's daughter instead

The daughter of an influential Russian political theorist often referred to as "Putin's brain" was killed in a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow, authorities said Sunday.
The Moscow branch of the Russian Investigative Committee said preliminary information indicated 29-year-old TV commentator Daria Dugina was killed by an explosive planted in the SUV she was driving Saturday night.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But the bloodshed gave rise to suspicions that the intended target was her father, Alexander Dugin, a nationalist philosopher and writer.
Dugin is a prominent proponent of the "Russian world" concept, a spiritual and political ideology that emphasizes traditional values, restoration of Russia's power and the unity of all ethnic Russians throughout the world. He is also a vehement supporter of Russia's sending of troops into Ukraine.
The explosion took place as his daughter was returning from a cultural festival she had attended with him. Some Russian media reports cited witnesses as saying that the SUV belonged to Dugin and that he had decided at the last minute to travel in another vehicle.
My comment: The US does not have problems with individuals being assassinated with car bombs, in the U.S. people think bigger, like Oklahoma city, the bombing at the WTC in the mid 90's and 9/11.

If no nuclear terror attack happened on Friday -

As Russia predicted could happen, nothing is going to happen on Friday because Friday is for the most part over in Ukraine. Maybe Saturday?? For the week end news cycle?? I doubt it, I don't really think anyone in Ukraine is stupid enough to blow up their own nuke facility and Russia won't do it either. They all have to breathe after all.

Think Jane Goodall was a hero?

The lady that spent ALL THAT TIME analyzing monkeys spoke at the WEF and said all the world's problems would be solved if the population became what it was 500 years ago - a 90 percent reduction from current levels.
Yeah, she had a cute gorilla show but I don't think I like her much after seeing that.

New Tik Tok challenge: Jumping in front of trucks

A teenage kid gets killed in the 10 second video. Two kids jumped in front of a fast moving truck on a wet rainy street and the truck chose one of the two. And quite frankly, if I was the truck driver I would not take responsibility for that if the street was not wet the truck might have flipped and that's the whole point of this TikTok challenge - to cause big accidents and catch them on video.
I also have a policy where if it looks like a group of punks is going to block the car to force me to stop, I floor it. I was in a van with a friend, and this sort of thing happened late at night and he floored it too. Some games are not worth playing. In Mexico this happens enough so that after 11 PM you can blow reds and the cops won't do anything because it is perfectly legal, but you will be responsible for any accidents you cause.

If you have noticed alt news fading out . . . .

Several powerful AI's have been launched that have done a good job of squelching dissenting voices, with the latest one launched yesterday by Klaus Schwab (along with an army of trolls to help it figure stuff out). A lot of alt media may not be aware of this and it appears the job of the AI's is to analyze content rather than site addresses and then kill dissent that way. I have noticed a huge decline in alt discussions, which makes my job difficult because it is much much harder to catch stuff worth posting. That said, as much as I think it has been squelched, the page still looks OK by the end of the day . . . . we'll have to wait and see what an old snapping turtle can do to squelch it even more. See this.

A few quick items

The FBI forgot a critical point - They can't bust Trump for having classified documents, because the president can declassify anything. It is game over. It was all just a pathetic show of wishful thinking.
ALL types of crude used for gasoline are now below $100 per barrel. There is no excuse whatsoever for super high gas prices now.
Mike Tyson: Covid jab put me in a wheelchair and
now I am close to dying. and also see this. Add those two together. He did not take the jab willingly. He says he was forced to do it and it totally tore him up, and now he's in a wheelchair talking about dying. The scamming MSM refuses to link the two or even mention any problems at all, you have to put it together. He got the shot while in pefect health so he could travel, and now he's in a wheelchair.
Nuclear false flag tomorrow? This is a culmination of 7 different reports - Russia is expecting a false flag tomorrow (Friday, August 18) and has therefore told its nuclear workers stationed at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant not to go to work tomorrow. Ukranian forces were seen (according to opinionated observation) parking "Russian equipment" packed with explosives inside the area that houses all the control systems to the reactors. One would think that if that is the case Russia would do something about it, but thus far all Russia has said is that Russian workers are not to report tomorrow.
Zaporizhzhia has a total output capacity of 5.7 gigawatts and uses much safer reactors than Chernobyl. However, a large amount of explosives can really change how reliable things are.
Ukraine is expanding attacks on Russia So far it is nothing serious but they are hitting more bases in the region, in an attempt to escalate the situation. It is already over and Zalensky can't seem to figure that out.
The Denver Donut warriors opened fire on a suspect and ended up shooting six bystanders outside a club. "To serve and protect" does not involve shooting six additional people to get one, it looks like the keystone cops are for real.
DeSantis has started arresting people for vote fraud The more the better, over 20 arrests so far.
Brian Stelter got canceled by CNN. I don't even know who he is because CNN has, for decades, been a source of nausea for me.
If it was not RT, I would not have believed it, Zoophile pride march in Germany

People are disgusted by This armed IRS training video

Disgusted because the "gun wielding IRS agents" look like they just quit their jobs at Costco and came in off a link on Craigslist. Though the video does look bad, I will guess that such types would be a lot nicer to deal with than a well trained hardened jackboot. The video is still creepy because it still conveys the attitude of the IRS towards the american people.


I guess they did not scare the kiddies enough with monkeypox being only a gay disease, so now they are saying Someone caught it at an outdoor event. That'l scare the kiddies into getting vaxxed!!!

It appears they might be trying to undermine Trump by saying he flipped Democrat,

Not confirmed but I saw a mention of it on a forum and then hit Drudge, there's a link there with a picture of Trump that says FLIPPED and when clicked it says it can't resolve AP's IP address. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, IF TRUE? It means the FBI raid is a guaranteed bust and they decided they have to use a different tactic to destroy Trump.
I don't have this confirmed yet because the ruse is too new but if it is so, it only means the FBI got NOTHING and "they" are pulling out all the stops.

Alex flipped to DeSantis. I agree.

On another note, Alex Jones flipped to DeSantis, saying DeSantis would be WAY better than Trump. He's right. DeSantis is not clueless. He knows there is a conspiracy and who is behind it. Trump was so "out of it" he did not even know Obama rigged both the military and the FBI while in office, and that both would be useless in defending America. Trump was so OUT OF IT he blindly trusted Jared Kushner, A JEW, and let Jared destroy him. Reality: DeSantis FTW. I agree completely.

Trump probably meant well, but was simply too ignorant to be useful in any real way.

Newsweek wen there: The FBI raided Trump to stop Trump from colluding with Russia with America's nuclear secrets

Newsweek literally states that Russia has been examining secret nuclear weapons documents Trump had at Mar a lago, and that Russia had them before the raid.

Rotting nose monkey pox guy ended up being real

I blew this off yesterday as ludicrous but as it turns out, the photo is legit and that was caused by monkeypox. MY ADVICE: If you have AIDS don't go butt plowing with your nose. You know this had to have been caused by something like that.

Take a look at this hoax report by Axios

It is about self silencing and not saying what you think in public. On EVERY POINT, Americans are more pro-mask than they say, public schools are not focusing on racism enough, it is important to teach gender fluidity to three year olds, and abortion should be legal everywhere. And Americans are afraid to say any of this, so they lie in public and pretend to be more conservative!!!

IF ANYTHING, Americans pretend to be more leftist than they are, this report by Axios is trash.

Contrary to my prediction, Liz Cheney "lost".

Since they can rig anything to perfection, all this means is they wanted the other guy more. I figured liz would take it because I find her to be very repulsive and that seems to be what "they" want in power. She back stabbed Trump on the way out by calling his statement about the raid being politlcaally motivated an "insidious lie", and behaved like the ultimate sore loser. Trump had a great response:
"Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and actions towards others. Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where, I am sure, she will be much happier than she is right now. Thank you WYOMING!"
I believe Liz is not actually Republican, she's a dem in a red sweater. This is happening frequently now, which is why so many Republicans seem to be swinging left.

Better start reading food labels, They are going to put insects in your food no matter what.

They are going to grind them into a powder and put them in foods that are not even meat, as an "additive". They are being as sneaky as they can possibly be. Obviously they intend to say "Food has had insects in it as planned ingredients for years, don't complain about your deep fried cricket plate."

Ex FBI agent: Obama purged the FBI and Turned it into the NAZI SS

It looks like Obama did not stop with the military. Remember when Obama fired and replaced a large number of generals, which Trump missed and did not realize the military is not loyal. The FBI is not loyal to America either.

Project veritas snagged a Joint intelligence bulletin regarding training for combating "extremists" after the Mar -a-lago raid

It's a nice score but did not have anything in it I did not expect - these agencies raise on busted flushes all the time and bulletins outlining the "behavior of radicals" pretty much all read the same. The big thing with this particular one is that they obviously know they overstepped their boundaries enough with this raid to cause direct action against the federal government by ordinary Americans.

NEW AND IMPROVED Greta Thunberg toilet paper

I have a hunch this is going to fail, after all, reusable diapers did and you know not all the stains are going to come out. Want to blow your nose into an old poop stain? It can happen, just buy this!!

Offline all day due to getting internet modem wet

FINALLY back online with the same modem. It scrambled the brain somehow until I reset the backup battery with a generic battery charger that did not care what the battery was. One second was all it took, but I had to find the right charger in a store somewhere. An unexpected fix, that was not planned. The charger woke the battery up somehow, it was not putting anything out even while fully charged and the modem wanted it there to work at all, even when plugged in. -------

New York Post: The walls close in on Alec Baldwin as his lies fall apart

A refresher: Alec is the guy who shot his camerawoman. He then started lying about everything, and it appears the lies did not hold, he is TOAST. I am surprised the New York Post is so blatant about all of this, they are not holding back AT ALL, Alec is a leftist and they are STILL hanging him. Update: It was ruled an accident but that does not excuse his behavior.

Israel is the deep state. Name one part of American politics they don't own. From corrupted schools pushing the trans agenda to rigged voting machines to trillion dollar bailouts that miss the mark, THEY OWN IT ALL. When voting early and voting often and by mail and more, "six million" can get the job done. Eletions are to be "fair", not accurate.

I don't like the writing style, but BANG ON: Frontpagemag: Pope francis is the antipope

"It is well known that orthodox minded Catholics have felt considerable consternation with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known to the world as Pope Francis. On issue after issue, year after year, Catholics have had no shortage of occasions to feel perplexed, alarmed, and alienated - justifiably so.
There's been his positioning on the issue of remarriage and Holy Communion, for example, or his punitive attacks on the traditional liturgy. Even if non-Catholics may be indifferent to those matters, anyone of good will would also be troubled by his oblivious stance vis-a-vis Islam, his kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, his subservience to the globalists (whose "new world order" he condones), and so forth.
Let's also not forget about his accommodation of priestly pederasty during his Argentinian days and, as Pope, his calculating association with and elevation of prelates known for their own similarly egregious deviancy. It is baffling that he gets little to no bad press about this. Our society's overlords, normally keen to seize upon any occasion to attack Christianity, have rather curiously refrained from pouncing on his - the Pope's! - record on this front; that they turn a blind eye to this giant bulls-eye is worth pondering. Evidently this Pope is off limits. After all, Bergoglio is their man - not the 'Vicar of Christ', a title he himself has tellingly shelved.
But cataloguing all his misdeeds and deviations from the deposit of faith, and from common sense and common decency, is not my aim here. My intent is to briefly mention a couple of reservations circulating about the legitimacy of Francis' papacy - and to share a firm conclusion I unexpectedly and belatedly reached about Bergoglio.
Many Catholics have wondered: is Francis a heretic? Several well-respected scholars and religious have formally claimed so. If any Pope were indeed an explicit heretic, he would automatically forfeit the Papacy, and place himself outside the Christian fold. I have some views on the subject, but I wish to explicitly distinguish the question of heresy with the conclusion I have reached about Bergoglio - because it does not depend on any particular issue, or any of his statements or actions.
There is also the matter of the St. Gallen Mafia, a group of high-ranking cardinals vehemently opposed to Benedict XVI, named for the town in Switzerland where they regularly met. According to a recent autobiography by the late Belgian Cardinal Daneels, one of its members, they maneuvered in advance to install Bergoglio. Such manipulative scheming, if true, would automatically invalidate the outcome of the conclave.
Both these issues do appear to be massive red flags but even they may be cast aside, because there is a more germane consideration - one that led me to believe, with moral certainty, that Bergoglio is not really the pope.
He is an anti-pope because Benedict XVI did not validly renounce the Papal office as required by Canon Law - the most recent 1983 version of which he himself helped craft. Therefore there should never have been a conclave following his surprising February 11, 2013 announcement known as the Declaratio. This would be the case even if someone other than Bergoglio had been chosen, and even if Bergoglio hadn't done and said all the things he's done and said.
My xomment: I have said similar things many times. Glad to see others are catching on.

Capri sun recall

Heinz is recalling over 5,000 cases of Capri sun because an employee screwed up and got claning solution in them. This type of thing happens on occasion in Mexico. Usually when there is something not 100 perent right with a produt in Mexico, they'll do a buy one get one and sell it off anyway, IF it is not a hazardous problem. No oregano in the spagetti sauce? BUY ONE GET ONE. I have figured this out, usually it is worth it. a lot of kids drink capri sun, if they get one of those pouches and the kid is young enough, the kid is likely to drink it anyway and then the potty won.t stop, soap will clean you RIGHT OUT.

The FBI found SO MUCH that to get it up to a large number of boxes, they took stuff like Trump's passports and personal items.

now demanding the FBI retrun items they never should hae taken. Yes, this was far worse than watergate. Trump has pointed out what I have said frequently all along - there is so little respect for law and order in Aerica now at the government level that the United States now defines the term "banana republic, and Trump did not miss that, he is saying it openly.

Liz Cheney is set to lose the primary 70-30

But she will "win" because she's the "candidate!" Trump took that area 70-30 and probably by more. How can Liz win by stating she stands against everything Trump stood for? Easy answer: She cannot. If she "wins" it will only prove just how synthetic everything is, the will of the people WILL NOT be heard.
By actual stats, as of August 15, Liz has 28 percent support, while her opponent has 57 percent support with 10 percent undecided and 5 percent missing. So to make it "plausible" "they" will give Liz ALL of that 10 +5 percent, bringing her up to 42 percent, and then they'll steal 8.5 percent from the other guy to squeak her a win.

WATCH IT HAPPEN. You don't get your satanic looking mug shot on the front page of Drudge, only to lose!!

1995 video of Bill Deagle (not Deagel) saying exactly what is going to happen with vaccines in the future, with accuracy.

In this 1 minute 30 second video, he efficiently states exactly how doctors are going to be forced to comply with corrupted medical orders, AND exactly what the Pfizer shot will do.
I never heard of this guy, but he's BANG ON. It is very surprising to see someone nail the current situation with such accuracy.

Con job Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: I have four shots of my sh*t and still got Covid!

"And that means the shots are like Iphones, you'll need an update every year."

You know what a scheister is, and Albert Bourla has it written all over his face. You know damn well he never got a SINGLE real shot, but heck, the idiots out there will gobble this up and go in for the all new and improved clot. And bluetooth update. And the next update probably includes WIFI as well. And after that comes the CPU and full integration.
We all know the guidestones said. 8 billion people down to 500 million. Know what that means? It means the full round of shots can have approximately a 93 percent fatality rate and still be perfectly "acceptable". What will I believe? What was written on the guidestones, or what Bourla says about his shots?

the problem with natural immunity is it's free!

New supersonic passenger plane?

Well, it would be nice to have the Concorde replaced, however, if they already spent THAT MUCH money and time, and are only now deciding on four engines instead of two, this thing is a cash grab that will fade into the sunset like vaporware. Who spends years and thousands of hours and a pile of cash on s plane and still does not know hw many engines? Engines are a key item for aerodynamics, especially supersonic, if they don't have that answer they are at square one after claiming to have done so much. This plane will never exist. Why rant? Because the leftists missed that entirely, and did a nice report prasing it because they are too stupid to ever realize this thing is DOA. It is the responsibility of a legitimate media to catch crap like this and never let it see the light of day and they failed and got funded for being screwups when they are supposed to be credible. Garbage reports, where you know they just published what the company sent annoy me.


They are resorting to investigating the chain of custody for the materials Trump had, to "confirm" that when they were classified materials, no one who was not authorized got to see them.

Read around the wordplay, all they are saying with this is they got NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL, and are now trying to bust Trump on "chain of custody issues" rather than whether or not he actually had anything they could nail him for. They word this like they already nailed him in a crime, but that's not the case if they are going after "chain of custody", or the HISTORY of whoever handled the documents. They are DONE.
And all the talk about a "plea bargain' is wishful thinking, Don won't need to do that!!!

The FBI is ALL IN on the "poor me" con job

They already suffered a "terror attack", and are now being confronted by "trump supporters" who all showed up in identical matching tactical gear they crapped up out of nowhere, and did I hear DIRTY BOMB THREAT?
The problem with an agency that makes most of it's hay by setting up patsies is that when it comes to times like these, the sympathy ploy ends up being so ridiculous it reads like a 9 year old's "spy story" class assignment that gets turned in at the end of class.

$34 toll to enter and leave Manhattan

All being done to fight climate change, and line someone's pockets!!

I knew it was something like this:

The FBI did find documents with "classified" written on them. However, they, since recieving the label, were declassified and the FBI did not know that when they took them. They got NOTHING!!!! HA HA HA HA HA and all the pundits who are saying "Trump is doomed" are nothing but blathering idiots. Trump ought to sue the FBI for stealing his souveniers!
You can bet that the documents will all be carefully scrutinized 900 times each for anything, ANYTHING AT ALL they can use, but Trump is not stupid, he got it right and the FBI will go home YET AGAIN with nothing but a big fish story about the one that got away.

OMG!! Rense posted a video of a clotted heart

You could see the heart was struggling badly. They stopped it for the surgery and pulled out clots that were EXACTLY THE SAME as what the undertakers are pulling out of people's legs after the Pfizer shot. This is a horrifying video.
The heart was beating. They stopped it. They cut an artery. They found the clot. They pulled it out and it is EXACTLY the same as what is coming out during emblaming sessons, The heart keeps beating even when these clots are obviously stuck in the valves, it just works harder to make up for it until it fails. This is BY FAR the most shocking video ever posted yet. It is hosted by Rense because there's no way Youtube or any other con job would ever allow it.

Someone really hated this next post, my laptop rebooted over it and that has never happened before. They were too late with that, I only had to go back and type a sentence I lost.

It appears the FBI came up empty handed

One of the things they took was a cocktail napkin! It is obvious this FBI probe is going to go as far as the golden shower prostitutes!!! that is, of course, if they did not fabricate "evidence" and there is a good chance they did. Salman Rushdie is, however, a good indication of how this will play out, he's there to dilute the news cycle. And by the way, I have read the Koran cover to cover several times and there's nothing satanic in it, Rushdie is full of sh***
The Koran is a system of law mixed with less detailed versions of the stories in the old testament. I'd say it is more efficient than the bible (by a lot) and it is not long, the entire thing in 8 point type can fit on 88 5.5 x 8.5 inch single column, which fits more into less space pages. And I mean the ENTIRE Yusuf Ali translation (the most widely recognized translation) can fit on 44 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, double side printed and folded into 88 pages in readable 8 point type (small type, but readable type)
I hate a liar, and Rushdie can KMA. The Koran is not some enormous mythical work it takes forever to read through, it can damn near be distributed in pamphlet form. "They" want people to think the Koran is an inaccessible work due to it's size. This is so they can lie up anything they want about it and then not worry about people reading it because "That would take forever." The reality is that it is approximately the same length as the new testament. Anyone can get through the new testament!!! A two hour read if you don't fall asleep and have a good education.
My problem is I fall asleep. Takes me a year. Not really, but you know what I mean.
Rushdie galls me. No, I would not be sad if such a liar got stabbed, but I AM MAD because odds are he did not and they lied about it, somehow that was faked. I don't believe it for a minute. Now we have a sympathy siphoning Jew in the spotlight to quell the outrage of the FBI raid. They can just eff off, and I mean TOTALLY.

Trump: FBI raid was a HOAX


Former US President Donald Trump dismissed on Friday a report that the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago residence in order to search for classified nuclear weapons documents.
"Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Muller investigation was a Hoax and much more. Same sleazy people," Trump wrote. He also questioned why the FBI would not allow his lawyers to be present during the agency's inspection, suggesting that they "planted" evidence.

Former Russian President: "Nuclear accidents can happen in Europe too!

Notice the source is AlJzeera because the American media will not be this honest. That particular "veiled threat" is so out in the open there really is no veil at all. I would take that seriously,

Massive number of new graves in One small New Zealand town with a population of 13,000

It is actually a lot of graves, more fitting for a city with a population of about 300,000. Doctors are baffled.

Canadian premier Doug Ford swallows a bee while speaking on camera

He handled it like a champ. He had to have been stung and did not react at all. That is a professional politician who can really keep his cool.
That reminds me - a few days ago I knocked over a wild bees nest and got them chasing me. Due to a strong wind I ran straight into, I only got stung once though three managed to land on me and try. It ended up being a non incident. I think they were probably killer bees though because they followed for a very long way. If I did not have a strong wind in my favor I might have been toast.

OAN pokes fun at the FBI raid.

A lot of people were surprised OAN had the audacity to do that but all I can say is the truth hurts, and where are Melania's panties? OAN did not mention that the FBI did indeed dig through them.

Gay couple screws their dog and gives it monkeypox

MSM subseuently says dogs are carriers of monkeypox I was surprised the article admitted the gay couple both "slept with the dog" because that hits the bar of honesty more than I would expect. I figured that is what happened before I clicked it.

Stolen nuke documents?

Drudge has a huge headline: Stolen nuke docs, 11 recovered and it goes to a paid article that fades before mentioning the 11 recovered documents. I do know however that a while ago Trump got subpoenaed to turn in some nuke documents (which he did already, long ago) and I am guessing that is what is really beyond the paywall.

New twist on electric cars: Copper thieves are stealing the charging cables

That could kill the electric car all by itself. All it takes is the audacity to steal the charging cables, strip them down to the copper, and sell the copper. And there would be a LOT of copper in one of those cables, those cannot be made cheaply.
Now, I'd like to make a point: It takes a LOT of work to steal copper wire, strip it and sell it. As much work as a job would. Why not just get a job??


The Jewish community knew the FBI raid pointed a lot of rage their way, so they pulled the sympathy ploy of "being attacked" to play the victim AGAIN.... AGAIN!!!

Salman Rushdie is the one who penned "the satanic verses", stating that the Koran was the "work of the devil". Doubt that, but that's his main claim to fame. Muslims everywhere labeled the book blasphemous and Iran put a $3 million tag on his head. I thought he died long ago, but I'll chalk that up the the Mandela effect.
CAUSE AND EFFECT: Piss off America with a stupid raid, and Salmon Rushdie will just HAVE TO be stabbed to generate the sympathy needed to make up for it. What's going to be in the news today? The raid, or this sympathy ploy???


If you don't like having your kids vax damaged, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like being pressured by 87,000 new IRS agents who are hiring on as "criminal investigators" you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like schools pushing the trans agenda, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you think the news is slanted, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you are smart enough to know 2020 was stolen, you are an ANTI SEMITE.
If you don't like politically motivated FBI raids, YOU ARE AN ANTI SEMITE!!!
See how that works? Want to know who did something? Just look at who's screaming ANTI SEMITE.

Due to only 6-7 people knowing where the safe the FBI raided was, there is a question floating around.

Who could possibly be the FBI informant?
Sometimes a question is just too stupid. Here is the answer:


Drudge headline: "Republicans scramble as "red wave" hits obstacles HITS VOTE FRAUD

An FBI office got "attacked" in Cincinnati

Someone needs a story line I guess. No real harm done, they are chasing the guy who "did this". This story will probably evaporate.

Ottawa police detective faces charges for investigating link between covid vax and child deaths

They want to bust her because she accessed data for investigations she was not assigned to. She did nothing wrong, other than put her nose where it "should not be". As an investigator. As far as I see it, she did her job too well, and she will probably end up demoted or fired for it


That is a bridge too far, the FBI has gone ALL IN.

According to multiple sources, several Pennsylvania state lawmakers were issued subpoenas or paid visits by federal investigators looking for information about U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and an effort to seek alternate electors in the 2020 presidential election to allow former President Donald Trump to remain in office.
UPDATE: This post has been updated with a statement from U.S. Rep. Scott Perry in which Perry said his lawyers have been told he is not a target of an investigation that resulted in an FBI seizure of his cell phone earlier this week.
Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House and Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to multiple sources.
At least some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, according to at least six sources reached by PennLive, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI. All of the sources had been briefed on the investigative moves in some way, but demanded anonymity in order to discuss them.
So if you question an obvious steal, you get subpoenaed. This will stop when the people push back enough to make it stop and no sooner. It is obvious the left is in this for the win.

Oil company execs brag about record profits from historically high prices

Embarrassment Of Riches: Oil Execs Brag About Record-Breaking $90 Billion Profits As Americans Struggle

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Accountable.US released an updated report showing that the 26 largest oil companies made a record-breaking $90 billion in profit in the second quarter of 2022 - a 183% increase over the same quarter from last year. Some firms, such as Phillips 66, reported net profit increases up to 981%. In the last three months, these big oil companies funneled $15 billion in dividends to their shareholders while raising gas prices to historic levels for American consumers.
In private, oil executives boasted about their massive profits during quarterly earning calls,
Coterra's CEO described their financial state as an "embarrassment of riches", and BP's CEO went so far as to brag about their record-setting earnings as the "upside from high prices".
Over the last three months Big Oil has ruthlessly exploited consumers at the pump by needlessly maintaining historically high gas prices resulting in the 26 largest oil companies earning a mind-blowing and record-breaking $90 billion in profit. While working people and small businesses were forced into an impossible position trying to make ends meet and afford sky-high gas prices, wealthy oil executives were busy bragging about their massive profits and funneling $15 billion dollars to wealthy shareholders."
My comment: As I said all along, the high oil prices were not high enough to support such high gas prices. Seems I was right!

Here is the job description for the 87,000 new IRS agents

Notice they are not hiring auditors, they are hiring "criminal investigators". Nice attitude going into this!

Want to see an example of an extremely evil and corrupt media? Here it is.

The media is all in on calling anyone who disagrees with the mar-a-lag0 raid an extremist, and they are doing it loudly, proudly, across all outlets. Disgusting!

Very shady: The same judge that ordered the warrants for the FBI raid on Trump got Epstein clients off the hook AND MORE

The raid happened because Trump was suing Hillary

A Jewish woman lost an election. She stole it back by claiming the machines flipped the votes, and ordered a recount she "won".

I don't know how everyone missed this and reported it as another case of "machines flipping votes". In this case, I say NO. She legit lost, that was not acceptable, and any excuse was made for a rigged recount to be ordered.
It is predominantly the Jews who steal elections, Frasier is a Jewish name and her opponent was not Jewish. Therefore I believe this election was stolen via rigged recount. I advise people to not simply jump on any "machines flipping votes" stories that come along this time, the enemy can learn after all and use that bias in it's favor.


Female trucker drops a load of baby formula. The people who receive it take it, and destroy it right in front of her, as she sits in the drivers seat. She nails them on video COLD

There were never any baby formula shortages in Mexico, and I would be willing to bet the corona bailout cash in the US is being used to buy it all up and destroy it upon delivery.
This female trucker picked up a perfectly good load of formula straight from the distribution center, only to watch it get destroyed in the weeds where she was supposed to drop it. It is an epic bust, complete with baby formula coated articulated loader (a type of bulldozer) wheels, baby formula all over the ground, thousands and thousands and thousands of containers on pallets sitting outside where they should never be put because they are going to be destroyed anyway - Five star bust!!!

The baby formula destruction was posted to Instagram and I cannot save that. If anyone has a way to save that so it is not lost and re-post it everywhere, that would be great, I found this when it was completely fresh and considering the parent company is META, I don't expect this to live for more than an hour or so.

UPDATE: That did not last even 20 minutes. They killed that quick. The baby formula is/was being destroyed IN BULK and buried in trenches. They are breaking down the pallets, with teams of people opening the formula containers and dumping them, then a bulldozer scoops it up and pours it into trenches. THAT is where the baby formula is going/went.

Trump is worried the FBI planted "evidence"

They did a lot more than raid a safe. They were at Mar a lago for 9 hours and demanded no witnesses and no security cameras. If they went in with good intentions, why would they demand all security cameras be turned off? Why would they demand no witnesses? My answer: So they could plant "evidence" and possibly poison surfaes or whatever else you'd expect from a Bolshevik agency, certainly there are bugs that you cannot scan planted everywhere.

The most damning vax damage video yet

Dad calls pharmacy and asks them what the hell is wrong with them when they give the Covid shot without warning people and they know damn well the shot is ruining people. When the dad with a damaged kid asks why they donw't warn people when they know the shots are damaging many people the response is We don't want to scare people out of getting the shot, so we don't warn them.

Former NYPD chief Bernard Kerrik says "Dems" will now try to assassinate Trump

Due to the complete failure of the FBI raid, NYPD chief Bernard Kerrik came right out and said their next move will be to assassinate Trump. REASON: Because the raid was supposed to get rid of him for good by putting him behind bars. Not only did it fail, it made the dems look TERRIBLE thus leaving their only option for eliminating Trump assassination. My guess: Remote control car crash probably.

Eric Trump: Safe was empty

Eric Trump has come out and stated that the safe the FBI raided was empty and that the FBI found absolutely nothing it was sent to attempt to find. The FBI basically did a witch hunt raid, in which it ripped the place apart trying to find anything, anything at all that they could nail Trump with, and left with NOTHING.
Trump subsequently released a statement that said "This was Watergate 2 and a clear sign that the United States is becoming a third world banana republic, with abuse of agency power and a completely corrupted press."
I beat Trump to the punch by 3 years with that, I have occasionally stated that the way the federal government is conducting itself is clearly similar to "banana republics" where anyone does anything they want, and to hell with policy, regulation, and procedure. Once a government enters that mode, inflation takes off and everyone grabs anything they can prior to the government's collapse. Banana republics collapse all the time, and that's exactly where the federal government is headed.

Watch this video Trump released regarding the recent FBI raids (it is actually good)

Meta's new AI chatbot thinks the 2020 election was stolen

It will subsequently be spanked, wiped, warned, and explicitly programmed to, in this case, not say that.

FBI located Trump ally Scott Perry while he was traveling with his family and they siezed his cell phone

The FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago did not go well and is now facing serious political backlash. It is now coming off as a cheap trick that will not be appreciated.

Coming your way soon (if you are unlucky enough) Curfiew in your compact city

Stupid report about the brain not meant to be up after midnight is an obvious setup for tyranny
Every tyrant loves curfiews! Curfiews ensure you won't be attacked by your opposition at night! So when you pile all the disgruntled masses into the compact city, they'll remember this report and maybe they'll believe the curfiews are for their own good.

Researchers studying giant energy jets that Shoot up into space

Look at the jets they have in that report, and then look at this photo for the context.

This photo was captured by the International Space Station, it is not a graphic render. In the linked report they won't show you that giant circular area that appears around the jet because that proves weather mod, in the Haarp report I go over this in detail. These jets are what happens when they clip the ionosphere to ground from pushing the system too hard. When we have rivers drying up in Europe, the worst drought in history in the West, and other crazy weather anomalies and then these "energy jets" that shoot up into space start appearing, what is going on is a no brainer.
Why are these jets a new phenomenon? They are observing multiple instances of this now. If this was anything natural, it would have been known about in the 1800's at the latest. The linked report is simply the peddling of disinfo by calling these jets a "mystery" when they know damn well what they really are. Even if no one discovered these jets by the end of the 1800's numerous pilots and weather balloons should have observed them long before now, yet they are a post 2010 phenomenon. Why?

First they cane for Alex Jones. NEXT UP: Project Veritas

The claims in a class action lawsuit are the type that would be dubious, (sexual harassment and pay) and reek of "sleeper cell" where you intentionally send an organization "sleepers" who are only there to one day do something like this lawsuit. This is beyond disgusting and an obvious setup, perhaps someone sought out anyone who could be exploited via phone snooping and communications searches by Google on Gmail accounts and then approached these three employees with a cash offer to do a lawsuit. Endless phone snooping and recording conversations so "the correct ads can be sent" will definitely work for bogus lawsuits also. Oh the timing!

Tantrum throwing Serena Williams has retired from tennis

They made it sound like a family decision but it was probably because of the corona vax. There's no other way she shut down that career absent something like that. Remember, 15 players dropped out of the Florida open citing health issues after they got the Pfizer shot, - perhaps Serena knows she's too likely to die on the court if she keeps playing, and THAT is what inspired her "family decision".

The FBI has raided Trump

They nailed Mar-a-lago again

The raid was inpired by one of Epstein's lawyers and it proves the establishment is still afriad of Trump. If they were not afraid, why would they bother with this? Evidently the FBI quickly cracked the main safe, which probably means there are default passwords only the FBI has.

Ukraine has struck Russian military bases130 miles inside crimea

No one knows a whole lot about what happened for sure yet because the story is so new, other than that a large ammo dump was destroyed.

A guy had 2 catalytic converters stolen off his van.

He set up ring cameras, and caught the guy stealing it a third time. He made it out to the van before the guy finished andbeat the sh*** out of him with a pipe. Good old fashioned street justice, captured on the system set up to bust the thief.
There is a cretin class that wants all things like this to be illegal so it all goes to the courts, where they get off scot free, and if not, there's a welcoming little country ready to issue them new ID. They hate violence because street justice is the only thing that can touch them for their many crimes, like giving your kids hormones without you knowing. Street justice is a GREAT way to circumvent a corrupted system.

YES, Twitter lied about the bots

They switched the bot numbers three days after signing the deal. Maybe Elon will get it at such a steep discount he'll get paid to take it.

Olivia Newton John has died

I would have expected her to hit her 90's. She was great but I really hated Grease, where a "hero" saved her from physical death only to give her spiritual death.

PRIME TIME RUSSIAN NEWS: Russia should send a missile to London AND DC if anything happens to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Well, that's true, but a bit bold for primetime!! The U.S. is not so out in the open and honest about intentions, that much honesty makes Russians look GOOD.

German newspaper: Sudden massive rise in heart attacks Reported in Japan

Unfortunately the link is subscriber only but there's enough info there to know what is going on: Japanese insurers are seeking answers as to why there was such a sudden jump in heart attack related claims post jab.
Japan held out against the shot for a LONG TIME, and only accepted it near the end of the so called "pandemic". And when they did accept the shot, they accepted the worst one possible. Over 81 percent have had 2 shots and 82.5 percent have had one shot. That means the kids were not vaxxed, the adults followed the leader like a flock of birds straight into a pane of glass. Now they will see the consequences. If the media is controlled and will not report it, the insurance companies probably will.
Japanese quality is likely to plummet, though Japan had in place (across the board) excellent procedure for product manufacture and a lot of it is done by robots now so perhaps not a whole lot will be noticeable. Wait and see I guess. Check to see how well your new Japanese made digital SLR lens and CCD voltage regulator is calibrated. I know on the Canon cameras the CCD voltage regulation at different ISO's was critical and a manual job. If not done right that would be a dead giveaway, no robot is going to do that highly skilled "real world no circuit's gonna fix it" production related job. Canon SLR's will fringe badly even with high end glass if the voltages on the CCD are not perfect and it is a MANUAL job. That would be a post-jab tell all.
One way or another, the quality problems from the jab damage will show up, Japan's quality was so high that even small differences should be noticeable.

QUESTION: Why is the West intentionally being destroyed?

That's an easy answer. Because during World War 2 there were "foo fighters" following allied and probably German aircraft. They manifested as bright glowing balls that followed the squadrons but did nothing to interfere with battle. What were they? Obviously an off planet civilization, observing what was going on.
What did they observe? They observed that as soon as we got advanced enough to fly and kill each other, that is exactly what we did, and that all ended with the atomic bomb, and subsequent nuclear tests they saw. And we used the bomb, too.
What would you do if you were an alien civilization, watching THIS civilization do that, the moment it possibly could? MY ANSWER:
I would find the traitors in that civilization and give them a special mission to undermine it and destroy it, to prevent it from escaping the planet where it could threaten other civilizations. There was probably a great deal of fear and concern with how fast we got the bomb, and how willing we were to use it. AND WHEN WAS ROSWELL? Quite close timing there with the bombing of Hiroshima, there were tons of UFO sightings starting after WW2 and most likely they reduced in number because our radars and aircraft and cameras were rapidly becoming better at documenting them.
The Jews, which are heavily seeded with reptoids (yes, I believe there are those who are reptoid or invasive alien impostors among us) are doing a very good job of wiping out Western civilization. My guess is that the already bad Jews were infiltrated because they are so corruptible against other groups, and they got used because they passed the benchmark of evil necessary for the completion of the tasks the reptoids had for them.
Crazy? Well, that's my answer. There would be no other reason to destroy Western civilization on purpose, if left to his own will, the Jew will instead capture, use, enslave and profit, wanton destruction would be very counterproductive unless there is a huge payoff for doing it promised.

Who would have guessed? GAY COUPLE busted for using their adopted kids in child porn!!

A Georgia couple has been charged with using their two adopted children to record child pornography, police said.
Walton County Sheriff's Office raided a home in Loganville July 27 on reports that a man there was downloading child porn.
After interviewing the suspect, who was not identified, police said they learned there was another suspect in the county who was "producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home," the sheriff's office said Thursday.
Around 11:30 p.m. that same night, executed a search warrant in Oxford at the home of William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35.
Walton County's Division of Family and Child Services joined deputies in responding to the home to help protect the two brothers who lived there.
During their search, deputies found evidence the pair, who were the children's adoptive fathers, "were engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse," the sheriff's office said.
My comment: Kids being handed over to sexual perversion with gay couples was a frequently discussed topic when the issue was new, FOR GOOD REASON, and this is it.

QUESTION: How long will it take 83,000 newly appointed IRS agents to single out conservatives and destroy them?

It is well known that the IRS is used for political purposes. Now the number of agents has been DOUBLED. What could possibly go wrong?

The Soros lawyer De Santis had removed by force is now seeking revenge.

This is one to watch because it is basically Soros against the state. We will now see what happens when Soros wants something and a legitimately elected government says NO. We probably have a rare opportunity with this to see exactly what goes on in color revolution countries when someone puts up an effective resistance.
My guess: DeSantis is out, Soros will find a way to oust him if Desantis does not know the type of hornet's nest he poked.

CBS Documentary: 30 percent of America's high tech weapons sent to Ukrane Made it to Ukraine

Where did the remaining 70 percent go??? CBS deleted the documentary because it pushed the wrong buttons.

Amazon has purchased Roomba, and Amazon is stating they will use it to map the inside of your house

VOTE FRAUD is how the Dems suddenly, unexpectedly have momentum!


Remember the car crash posted yesterday which showed a Mercedes going 100+ mph through a red? As it turns out, the driver was a nurse! What did she know? She was a traveling nurse which would not have been forced to be vaxxed. 100+ mph in 35 mph zones is not typical nurse behavior to be sure.See this Fox news report
"they" say no one is opposing the vax, but I say that's because whenever someone does, it ends like this. This only got attention because there was such clear video footage of the crash.

They are releasing LIVE smallpox via "vaccine" To fight monkey pox!!!

So let's release a LIVE vaccine variant of a weakened form of smallpox via 200 people who will then infect everyone, have it go through the population and have THAT cure Monkeypox beause telling people what a rectum is for is too much to say . . . . . CUTE. Is there a motive here? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE