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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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Britain tried to launch 9 satellites and failed

They used a rocket made by Virgin, Spacex stock soars!!
I am surprised by this. The Brits, historically, are not capable of such failures. All of it burned up in the atmosphere. So what is the difference? You can't blame workers from India, because India has successfully launched 385 satellites. Was it sabotage, or does Britain now have common core too? Maybe the engineers were pfizer vaxxed?
I ignored this launch until it failed because I assumed it would go smoothly. Computer simulations are a reality that works, and rockets are super old tech, failures should not be happening, what gives? Did someone miscalculate pounds and kilos again like on that Mars mission Nasa screwed up?? That would be Common Core!

Take a look at this World Health Organization instruction manual!

It outlines how to convince people to take a new "vax" even when people are immediately dropping dead from it. Page 9 is a doozie!!!

House Republicans voted unanimously to de-fund new army of 87,000 IRS agents

I believe this is just a gesture to "prove" they are actually Republicans, and are not rigged in Dems playing a part. Time will tell I guess.

Not like we were unaware . . . .

Someone shot up election officials houses in New Mexico

Someone finally took action??

That said, "suspect in custody" is always suspicious, when that happens suspect a false flag. I have come to the profound realization that it is possible that absoluetly no one who is legit has any balls.

Well, Bolsonaro is TOAST. He's in an American hospital.

He will be OWNED from this point forward, the anesthesiologist will make sure of that!! Supposedly he went in for an intestinal blockage. But if you are anything like him you cannot go into an American hospital, you'll get HARLEYED.

WIN: Court To ATF Gun-Grabbers: Bump Stocks Aren't Machine Guns And You Don't Make The Rules

A federal court told the ATF to stuff it. An unusual win. I am baffled by the low number of guns claimed to be owned by the American people. Last year alone 16 million sold and that was not a record breaker. Yet all the numbers say "a couple hundred million". Guns NEVER go in the trash, and the buybacks have been quaint. If Americans bought as little as 10,000,000 guns a year that would be a billion guns bought since 1923 and there were lots and lots of guns bought before that. My guess is the actual number is right around 1.5 billion.

I think there have been an awful lot of "boating accidents".


Madonna's charity "Raising Malawi" under accusation of sex slave exploitation of minors

Here's what is going on - Madonna is not actually trafficking slaves. What they are pissed about is the fact that Madonna adopted 4 kids from Malawi and then raised them to be trans. I was taken aback by the headline but once the details came out, all I thought was That's Madonna, would anyone expect anything else??
This will go nowhere because Madonna won't be prosecuted for this in the US, instead, she'd be prosecuted for raising them straight!! If she stays out of africa she'll be fine.

The secret behind the durability of Roman concrete has been discovered

The Romans used a combination of slaked lime and quick lime rather than the pure slaked lime we use now. Though this combination is weaker at first, when the concrete cracks the quicklime dissolves and re-hardens to self heal the crack. The concrete therefore literally lasts forever and is still strong enough to easily do the job.

Another one bites the dust

A few quick items

A college basketball player collapsed mid game We all know why.
Supposedly Damar Hamlin chatted with his team from bed. That's a load of bunk, we are 10 years into face overlays and voice mimicking, the team got a first class spoof. There is no way the vax can be permitted to be blamed for this, so it will be faked as well as it needs to be. Not buying it.
Brazil has exploded and gee, real close to January 6th! They are occupying the equivalent building in Brazil to boot. And gosh, not a single politician got a taste of the crowd also. How effective will that be?? Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Too stupid: Russia arming the cartels in Mexico!!!! HA HA, that's Hillary's job, who fingered Russia? Gotta get Mexico on America's side before the next huge war I guess, so Russia arming the cartels it is. And Russian weaponry can be had anywhere cheap so it won't break any budgets in Washington. WIN.
Russia is the country that built a better soldier rifle than America, only because sloppy tolerances work better than tight tolerances when they get dirty.

WEF claims pedophiles will save the world

Due to the original source of this, I avoided posting it for a long time.. However, despite no source other than the original being the source of all of it, more and more credible sources are picking up the story and running with it. Could it be confirmation bias? It seems to me the WEF would be more careful than this. If you have seen this posted somewhere and it was on a forum or blog, that's not the source, look a little deeper and then decide, they are, at this point, all linking back to the original source which was originally set up as a venue for feeding fake news that looks real into alt media.

That said,

Do I personally believe the WEF will at least secretly front pedophilia as acceptable, and even a way forward?? HELL YES. But that does not mean the WEF actually came right out and said it as stated.

Claudia is now going through a failed monkey branch.

Lake Oroville went up six feet yesterday

My guess is that if it is not up to the spillway, the leftists cannot let enough water go to stop it from rising faster than they want. No one will try to do anything beneficial, not anyone in charge at least.

Trump was nominated speaker of the house

By Gaetz. He will get one vote. What we are witnessing now is what happens when too many elections are stolen and the system becomes so corrupt an enemy gets placed as speaker, even when the "good guys" "win". I skipped commenting on this entire debacle because worthy news now is; "Things went as they should and an election was not stolen" The farmer knows where the manure pit is, you don't have to tell him daily. But a farmer WILL be interested in approaching rain.

It is probably a good idea to cash out your 401K

The so-called "elite" fully intend to bring the value of the dollar down to zero to force America to accept the great reset. When this is done (and it will be done, it is not a matter of if but when - WHEN this is done it will be far better to have assets than money in any retirement plan or the bank. Assets - Gold. Silver. Land. Emergency preps. Anything you spend money on basically. Heck, even old cars that still run good but are at minimum value might be a good choice.
The bottom line is that when the bottom drops out, the last thing you want to be holding is a bag of cash.


California is now recieving historical levels of rain. That should put all the dams chock full. Yet today, Oroville is at 716.5 feet, it is only rising 2.5 feet per day. That does not seem plausible to me. There are a few factors to throw in, such as a lot of this falling as snow which will then fill Oroville when it melts but the dams are for flood control also and there does not need to be any flooding because all the dams are low enough to catch every single drop. If the floods are severe be VERY suspicious, it probably will mean that the leftists left all the floodgates open to destroy this chance to restore all the water.
The leftists will do anything possible to get their "climate crisis", including sabotage of infrastructure and they'll make the excuse "gee, all that rain fell right where we could not catch it, water crisis continues . . . . . they will do it if they can get away with it and people not being aware of what is going on will make exactly that possible.

Scarborogh fair is returning

This was featured in a Simon and Garfunkle tune, and went out of business in the late 1700's. It was a yearly trade festival that became non viable due to distribution chains improving. The linked article says it's not going to be the same as the original but from what I can observe from facts presented it's going to simply be a modern evolution of the concept that's quite close. Rather than trade things like spices and seeds and other essentials it will gear itself towards more modern items and art. I would go to it if it was near me just to check it out.

Seems interesting. See this.

Popular consensus is that Damar Hamlin will be a game changer

I disagree. If it is only one incident, everyone will be able to kid themselves and return to "normal". If it happens again, everyone will try to half kid themselves. If it happens a third time, WATCH OUT, that is when tshtf. But on the field, everyone knew. They knew. By now they have all heard about the clotshot, everyone knows and the third incident is where denial will be totally abandoned.

Oroville is at 714 feet.

That's not high enough considering how much rain there was, the flooding is because they are not using the dams for control, they are just letting it all go. When we come out of this "mega storm" that now has the "bomb" word attached to it (because that makes it environmental terrorism I guess) - Just watch - when this is over there will still be a water crisis because they let it all go.

The bay area is issuing mega flood warnings

It is supposed to rain for 14 days straight. Suggestion: Use the dams to catch it rather than sabotage by letting all that water go!! All the dams are at critical low levels. There's no excuse for a flood, that is part of what the dams are for. Maybe someone wants to commit sabotage by bringing Lake Tulare back.

Aussie media: Fluctuating temperatures causing "gene changes" and illnesses

It is NOT the shot doing that!! Reports like this prove the shot really does alter your DNA and not in a nice way. Some days are cold, some days are warm, and THAT changed your genes! by the way, the changes will mean your genes now say your life is shorter.

I'll say it like it is: The entire Covid scam was a plot by the Jewish people for the purpose of getting the goy to accept a malicious shot designed and tested by the Jews on Palestinian prisoners. There were no blunders and no mistakes made, the entire situation was a malicious fabrication.

As part of the hoax they have to ensure the world that they are the most vaccinated of all, but their autism stats were 1 in 80,000 until I looked it up and blew it open, suddenly six months later all their stats matched the United States. At least what they published, and what idiot would believe that?

Do not let them get away with it.

China is continuing the scam because it is a communist country with people who worship Jews. I kid you not, they do and the Jews are exploiting it fully.

Doctor explaining exactly how the vax causes clots gets cut to weather.

Clotshot Monday night football death

Update: Probably dead but not admitted to by Jewish doctor who at least admits he's in a coma following cardiac arrest.

RUMOR: The game was canceled because too many recently vaxxed players walked out. Games do not get shut down for injuries, which this still qualifies as.

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field and died after successfully completing a tackle while playing against Ohio and it's an obvious clotshot death, there were no serious hits, he got up, and then collapsed and died of a heart attack. Probably knocked a 4 foot long clot loose and it plugged the heart. Game Canceled.
He had just completed a totally mundane tackle. The media, NFL, and entire vax wagon is now trying to claim he took a massive hit to the chest and that triggered cardiac arrest. That is a lie, nothing "hit him" and if that normal tackle could trigger cardiac arrest there would be no game called football. There would also be no such thing as airbags and shoulder belts.

5.7 cents per kilowatt hour

I took control of the utilities for the apartment building where I live. I am not the manager, I was simply assessed as being the guy for that job because I am on the ball and won't let the lights go out. And I just found out that thanks to Obrador, the utility rate is 5.7 cents per kilowatt hour, after taxes. How much would you pay if you were not being reamed? 5.7 cents, because Obrador is NOT giving a discount on natural resources, he's just not screwing the people. Even when he was "keeping the prices low on gasoline" he did it by not screwing the people and by keeping actual prices at parity with cost per barrel. The high energy prices are completely fabricated by corrupt oligarchs, and I just got proof and got it by paying for a set amount of power and then dividing the payment into kilowatt hours purchased. 176 kilowatt hours was only $10 USD.
That much power will last for a while because due to the way things are constructed in Mex, nothing heats up during the day so air conditioners are not needed. Everyone cooks with gas. It's just refrigerators, computers and lights.

Been meaning to post this for a while:

I did this while I was offline, inspired by the ridiculous number of cameras phones are getting now just to be "cool".

That was done with Ubuntu Studio running on an old Lenovo C-20 I picked up at a pawn shop for $75. Ubuntu Studio is awesome, someone put windows 10 on this computer and basically bricked it. With Ubuntu Studio there are no problems with performance at all.

Looks like no disasters happened over New Years.

I think the so-called "elite" have lost their wit, they don't dare anymore . . . . .

Don't fall for crap like "Doctor records hydra vulgaris swimming in vaxxed kid's eye

There were no "hydras" in the vax. Nor the DNA for them. Every time anything like this came up it was microscope anomalies - "air bubbles" and if there was a hydra in a kid's eye the vax had nothing to do with it.

Russian analyst says nuke Yellowstone??

One did say that in 2015 but there is nothing being said in relation to the current conflict despite what some in alt media are implying now.
Opinion: Yellowstone will blow when it wants to, not when someone nukes it. The orders of magnitude are off by so much that even tsar bomba would be unlikely to set it off. If the "earthquake machine" does what it does by tampering with gravity, that might work if they crank it enough and I'd bet that as far as yellowstone goes, they are only about 1 percent of the way to what they'd need with even that.
If I ever hype Yellowstone, the reasons will be geological, not military. Yep, it is getting ready to blow, but what about the context in relation to the time line? "getting ready" can take thousands of years.

Trolls are grasping at straws, saying that type of ampule does not exist anymore.

German vice chancellor calls for autopsies of those killed by covid jab

Gonzalo Lira has predicted Poland is next

This is an important opinion because he is positioned extremely well, 10 minute bitchute video

Do the "huge meaningless art" forms that appear everywhere really serve as markers for where the bunkers are??

Why do so many, if not all of them, have doors??

Look at the entrance - you can't push a lawn mower into that, it's not for storing yard equipment. This thing is not lit, it is not for maintenance either.

The BOMB cyclone

When did this become a thing? Answer: when it served the politics of global warming. Gee, the climate must be changing, we never had bomb cyclones before!! Only, yes we did. The current "weather anomaly" going on is a simple cold wave that happens every normal winter. The worst I remember was at the end of 1989 into 1990 when it was constantly more than minus 40 with wind chills constantly below -70. Where I worked there was a coffee machine that served ridiculously hot coffee and if you threw that in the air outside it would fall as snow. If you poured it on the ground it would form a stalagmite. This went on for weeks. It became a fad. And there was no "bomb" in any of it, it was just a very cold winter.

I guess having "bomb" attached to the description makes everything worse now, right??

What? Did the days of emergency kits in cars for winter vanish? FACT: If you get stalled in a snowbank where you are not discovered in even this not so mundane but not record breaking cold wave, and you don't have your candles and blankets and food in the car along with serious winter warm wear so you can try to walk for help, you're DEAD. And that's normal for winter!!!

Interesting. Is Obama Hitler's grandson? It would not surprise me.

New viral word: Vaxxecuted.

Just noticed this on the Voterig server

The numbers people ought to go nuts.

Very interesting vaccine autism post

To add to this, back in 2012 I looked into autism stats for Jews in Israel. Answer: 1 in 65,000. Then about 4 months after publishing that, they were changed to "match the United States". Wanna know why so many Jews end up being valedictorians? Hint: They were not born smarter!!

Claudia -

As it turns out, she monkey branched for a guy that had more money. To not look bad in front of family, she tore me to shreds. Most likely the relationship with the new guy will terminate soon. I wondered about those "8 hour doctor appointments" after the cancer was cured.

Mandela effect may not be web based

I just recently saw "Jacques Clamentes" foods change to "Clemente Jacques" And an inverter I had while recently homeless now has one fan, when I was upset by how inefficient it was with two fans. Jacques Clamentes could be explained by a change in business, but the inverter I owned the whole time and was upset with for it's inefficiency has also changed, I was irked by "two fans on a 120 watt inverter," it left a real impression. What are we living?

Train vs concrete beam

I am now convinced most chicken sold in the United States is spoiled.

Yesterday I got chicken at Soriana and to my surprise, when I opened the package it was starting to spoil and it smelled bad. I am still seriously short cash DO NOT DONATE FOR ANY REASON, I will not receive a dime, so I soaked it in bleach and cooked it anyway. End result?? it tasted exactly like American chicken.
After this incident, I concluded that in America it is probably all spoiled so they put a chemical on it that neutralizes the stink. That is why you are told to always cook chicken thoroughly or you will get sick. ALL CHICKEN. from every source. Why is that? what is so magical about chicken that it will get you sick from being undercooked every time?
I noticed that Mexican chicken is always far better than American chicken and now I believe I know why. and worse? As bad as this chicken stank, when cooked it only had a hint of that "American chicken" taste, what on earth is being sold in the states?

Kari lake: "They printed 19 inch ballot images onto 20 inch ballot paper."

That's what happens when you are so incompetent you drop a 20 inch ballot image into "word" and "Word" puts a half inch border around it before printing!!! So incompetent photoshop was out of the question.
Yes, such an error is obviously actionable and proves the election was rigged but nothing will be done about it because the nation is too far gone. If you want proof the nation is gone, this is it.

Roger Stone is going off again about the satanic portal over the white house

One that has been there since the Biden inauguration. He is getting trolled with trolls saying it is the lights from airplanes and out of context video, problem is, the portal is actually there. I checked the white house live cam and it clearly showed it. Then the camera was replaced with one that had less dynamic range to conceal it. But if you enhanced the image from the new crapped out camera, the portal still popped out of the murk. It is there, no ifs or buts. I looked for my previous report on this for over an hour and could not find it. If you remember that, the portal is still visible now.

A major Europe bound gas pipeline just exploded in Russia

As it turns out however, the people who blew it up did not understand how Russia's pipeline systems were set up, and Russia was able to divert around the blast site with alternative pipelines.
Going over the headlines, one thing is obvious - major censorship has kicked in 10X worse than the end of November. The only alt media that is getting posted anywhere and allowed to stick are Jewish trolls and known psy ops. This was probably done to offset Twitter going out of control.
The biggest news I can find is that Twitter released proof that it was operating under the control of American intelligence, it's not like that's a secret but having that info officially released is a big deal.

At least this is making the rounds. It's old news from a few months ago being treated as new:

When this year is finally added to that chart, if it is allowed to be accurate, it will look worse than last year.

Some people are laughing at the leftists for getting the shot but an awful lot of conservatives did too, and NONE of the high ranking leftists who were in on the plot did. So as far as I see it, it is pure damage and the reason behind the headlines about "falling white birth rates necessitating immigration" and "taking naps increases your risk of strokes dramatically", just like "five glasses of water a day" now will too. And now the movie Avatar triggers heart attacks.
"Five glasses of water a day" was really just a prescription for your recommended dose of fluoride. After all, a "glass of water" can be anywhere between 1 liter and 200 ML, the "advice" was simply given to remind people to take their dose, any dose and you can't expect the truth about what the shot did to people to ever be repeated in the MSM.

Elon Musk suspended Kanye

My opinion on this is that Kanye was eliminated by Harley because after a long absense Kanye surfaced totally nuts. He was well anchored before that tweet I posted and then "showed up at Mar a lago to get Trump to be his VP". That would be nuttier than a fruitcake, and after that he spiraled down the toilet. Harley stuck to his word, Kanye is toast.

Harley stuck to his word. Kanye is a goner:

New CNN CEO Chris Licht says network publishes fabrications and leftist vitriol

"so much of what passes for news is name-calling, half-truths and desperation."
My comment: At least in the MSM, especially CNN. And he then followed up by saying CNN will continue to be leftist, but "will get it's facts straight" now.
Good luck with all that!! ____________________________

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE