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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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What do you do when your product has been busted as a killer, and corruption will cover for you??

Easy answer: You quadruple the price to give the impression it is ok because it is expensive, and you are proud of it. This is a common tactic of scammers. Put an outrageous price on things so no one questions it. In Mexico a doctor conned one of the family members into paying $400 USD for a gardasil shot for a 2 year old girl, and they did it. Effed that girl up TOTALLY, she withdrew and went into a black hole for years and they wondered about the shot but did not go after the doctor, after all if the shot was that terrible, why did it cost so much?
This is the EXACT tactic Pfizer is now using.

Something BIG is going on between Israel and Iran

It is being downplayed by Iran and censored in the Western media. So censored there's not a peep on Drudge. There have been numerous drone attacks staged by Israel and the United States. At least PressTV has stated that something is happening but it is being downplayed there too because Iran does not want to give the west intelligence by posting it's losses.
It is unwise of Iran to say they shot down some of the drones when they were stealt drones, got the job done, and then flew off because all of them have home bases and if you say you shot it down, you look like an idiot. There is also rumor that Israel is launching a new type of missile that evades detection until it goes off.

Right now there are numerous sonic booms happening all over Israel, so the IDF is highly active now.

This could be it.


UPDATE: This is, for the time being, getting censored in the MSM. However, I checked PressTV and it is indeed legit. PressTV is playing it down, claiming "they successfully repelled a drone attack in Isfahan," but I think ALL DRONES delivered their payloads and simply flew off. A LOT MORE than a military depot in Isfahan is in ruins.

Let me dispel a little B.S: If the drones hit their targets, they were not "successfully repelled", when there's no ammo left why stick around?

I recently posted about the latest Israeli nuke bomb scare against Iran. The CIA director just left Israel, and then tshtf. America/Israel are attacking Iran, no ifs or buts but it is not "official", it is probably going to be just like ISIS.
UPDATE: Iran is under a full scale drone attack with numerous military targets hit.

"The selection of idiots will therefore be done".

Question: Why would people who want to rule a bunch of slaves who will "own nothing and be happy about that" do something like the MRNA vax to get rid of the weak willed and the idiots? In large part, that's what the vax did, but why would they want that? All they accomplished was to ensure the people who would resist control would become dominant. According to common sense and lore, the vax ought to have been a very bad move for them.

the following is new as of January 28, it is not what I posted yesterday.

Back online like normal

Someone was using the graphics editor via remote desktop and I figured it out because they were stupid and did not put the tools back where they were/removed stuff they did not want, set it up the way they wanted, undid my setup multiple times to do it - made it obvious. What were they doing? I don't know and the police won't either because that hard drive got picked up by a recollectore who dug it out of the trash. Stupid me let the web site sit while I saved up for new hardware, not realizing that if they were going to "bust me" it was not possible anymore, and all I had to do was pop in a live CD. When I get flustered efficiency is lost and I think that's probably true with most people. Now all I'll do is go get a new hard drive and reinstall the OS then recover the bitcoin wallet with the recovery phrase (I at least destroyed that, and believe the recovery words will work.

That reminds me - something important everyone should at least consider:

Back around 2017 or so, I noticed that flash drives and SSD's seemed to plateu for a while, then suddenly got more expensive, and finally a couple years ago the sizes started increasing again like normal while the prices dropped - Here is what I always thought that meant but never published -
I strongly believe there is a forensic hard drive that matches the original drive now embedded in every flash drive and SSD. The forensic drive is probably larger than the drive you get to use, and is probably a lot slower and it probably can't handle many write cycles but why would that matter if data rape is all it is there for? I 100 percent believe that even if you bleach bit the drive YOU get to use, the second one sits there like normal just waiting for someone to access it and see everything that was ever done and then deleted and written over, or bleach bitted out. Their software can access it, even via remote desktop but you never get to, NEVER EVER EVER assume you have wiped a disk - those days, I think, are OVER.

So in the trash it went.


It looks like despite being an evil little twit, he's upset about what the MRNA vax ended up doing, is not fond of the WEF, and more importantly he called Ukraine the most corrupted regime on earth, controlled by a wealthy few that are totally corrupt. That goes so far against the narrative it looks like he's been red pilled, even after living a life which literally caused him to BE the red pill style of evil that woke lots of people up. I doubt he's a friend, but if he said that about Ukraine, he's miles ahead of Pelosi and Hillary and so many others.
One thing to remember about Bill Gates is that he's stupid, capable only of being good at evil. He never wrote his own operating systems, conned his way into owning and marketing a sub-par version of DOS and then worked his way up by stealing everything from spread sheets to word processors and more, and then forcing the people he stole from to die in court making claims. He was the chosen one. My first experience with his theft was back in the days when hard drives were small so disk compression was being done by a company called Stacker. In MS dos 6, Billy boy said it shipped with disk compression built into the operating system - all you had to do was type dbblspace at the command prompt and VOILA!! your disk was doubled. So I installed that on a computer I was building and for a split second, right when I typed dbblspace the Stacker screen came up clearly saying Stacker, by Stac Electronics. Bill Gates stole his way to the top, he is in fact rock stupid. 4 days later Dos 6.1 got released, and the only difference was they got rid of that Stacker screen.

Question: If Bill Gates is too stupid to get rid of a Stacker screen on something he stole, when operating systems fit on a 1.44 meg floppy and were not encrypted, how would he ever understand what was in the vaccines he distributed to third world countries? How would he understand an MRNA vax?? Answer: He's clueless. And I'd bet he's about to be canceled.

Youtube suspended posting by Project Veritas, and deleted the pfizer exec freakout. UPDATE: EMBEDS STILL WORK, you just can't search the video. Copy the embed code from this page then.

So there you have it. And Pfizer "officially released" a statement claming they were totally innocent of everything. That might work on people who never saw that video, but anyone who did see that is now as awake as Neo. Lies by pfizer won't ever undo that mess . . . . and then it hit me -
The pfizer exec was a homosexual and Veritas busted him during a gay date. QUESTION: why is it that all these huge corporations that are evil, from former Twitter to Google to Pfizer are putting gays in extremely important positions, almost exclusively it seems? why?? ANSWER: Because gays are morally compromised, and being gay is proof of it. They are also irrational, not considering how things really ought to work, and being gay is proof of that, after all, if they can't even figure out what their butts are for how are they supposed to understand the complexities of producing mutant viral strains, let alone politics?? And being gay requires a fair amount of dishonesty also, or at least an ability to lie to yourself because no one is that stupid.

Companies like Pfizer are boosting the gays because that's the group that is proven to be dishonest, manipulable, and in general, morally compromised. And that is exactly what they need to have running things if destroying the world is their objective.

Big headline on Drudge: WHO urges stockpiling of radiation meds

Urging this is a load of bunk, triggered by false reports of Iran suddenly having enough weapons grade material to make several bombs. They want people scared ahead of any war on Iran to "stop Iran from making a bomb" and even if Iran did have the bomb, they would not use it unless attacked and faced with annihilation.
Reality: There are two prominent groups that claim to have a claim on Zion and could be legit with their claims. Shia Muslims, and Jews. To "prove" to God (and themselves) that they are legit, Jews will destroy anyone, while Iran will just sit there. Israel has got to win somehow, and is a one nuke state (granted it is the right nuke) so Israel endlessly accuses Iran to eliminate any chance whatsoever of Iran possibly nuking them. To "win" in front of God, they HAVE TO wipe out Iran and they don't want to get nuked in the process of doing so. Iran is a perpetual thorn in their side, even if Iran just sits idle because Iran is more than a threat to their legitimacy, and could well be a promise against it. We'll have to see who wins . . . . . Iran could erase Israel with over 200,000 heavyweight missiles ready to launch from Iranian turf as is and is not doing it . . . . . having a few nukes thrown in, in reality, would not matter much.

Israel wants the United States to wipe out Iran for them, so they don't have to worry about all those missiles. Obviously they are afraid of a lucky nuke getting through while the proxy wipeout happens which is why they will trumpet the concept even if it has no legitimacy, Iran has been "two weeks away" from having nukes for how many decades now??

Pfizer guy goes psycho on Project Veritas

Project Veritas busted Pfizer director Jordan Tristan Walker bragging about how Pfizer was manufacturing new viruses, releasing them, and then selling the "cure" in the form of MRNA vaxxes to make Pfizer very profitable. Jordan then totally flipped out when Project Veritas showed him how they busted him, to such an extent he totally went disoriented haywire freakout, and smashed the Ipad, it was obvious he was terrified.
To get this, Project Veritas set up a homosexual date with the guy and he spilled the beans on the second date. On the third date they showed him that they busted him. Total "cornered animal" freakout ensued.
Google went haywire in a far more than subtle effort to censor this until "reputable sources" published their spin, and then only linked the spin. PROBLEM: There's no way to spin this except to name call, outright lie, and not show what happened. Surprisingly, Youtube is allowing the original video to live, probably due to competitive pressure from Twitter.

FACT: If "they" say it's 25 percent, it's 97.8 percent, including 100 percent of "them".

If you are a millionaire who has left california, there's a new exit tax

California has introduced a wealth tax that will keep taxing you even if you leave California and live somewhere else. This has not passed yet, but I bet it will. Massachussetts tried the same thing and made it stick. In that case, if you did not pay they suspended any professional licenses you had and denied vehicle registration transfer, and THEN denied renewal.
In California's case, if your net worth was over 50 million they intend to make the tax retroactive 10 years into the past (so if you already left they still intend to nail you), will tax you 10 years into the future, and the rate will be 1 percent of your total wealth yearly for 10 years. So if you had 40 million, you'll pay them 4 million AFTER you leave. If you are a billionaire, they are going to peg it at 1.5 percent. this is obviously a stab at Elon Musk, who will end up paying a combined minimum of $30 billion.

In the news way too much, and gaining credibility:

The high egg prices have been caused by tainted chicken feed, some of it sold by Tractor Supply company. Lots of this has been blamed on the winter time by partial trolls, it is partially true that hens that are not cared for properly will stop laying during the winter. That is partially true. Egg production will slow down, but it will not stop entirely like it has after the "tractor supply chicken feed fiasco". At first I believed the trollage, but as it turns out, people who never fed their chickens from Tractor supply are saying they are having no problems and their hens are laying like normal. So there is something to this story.
I think they actally did lace the food with something that would stop the hens from laying, possibly forever. We all know the agenda, and a few years ago Tractor Supply was bought by flaming leftists who absolutely would do that. And with Twitter not as totally censored as it was word is getting out, they are failing to keep this under wraps.

As of January26, Lake Oroville is at 803 feet. It could have been put higher but that level is actually acceptable considering they need capacity for the spring snow melt.

Now that I have found a way around the problem, I will post a lot more tomorrow. I have to work an alt income plan now.


The Daily Mail posted a slanderously false account of Trump at Diamond's funeral

I just lost respect for the dailyfail, which blatantly lied about what Trump said. The fail is claiming Trump did not know who Silk was, in the context that he never saw her before. But this is what Trump actually said:
"I always thought Diamond was the more vocal of the pair and that Silk was the "quiet" one. But after Silk's fiery eulogy about her sister, I realized I didn't know her at all and have a new respect for her."
Additionally, Silk stated plainly that it was the vax that killed her sister. The Jewish community went nuts over that. But what about Elon? He's saying the vax screwed him up and that his new pronouns are "prosecute/fauci". The dam is going to break. AI is doing it's best to flatulently falsify what Trump said, and if people don't actually watch what went on they might be fooled. At first I was. And that's bad. It means the lie (at least for about 5 minutes) worked on me. Now I am more aware, watch what you read folks because the MSM just went to a new level of low and you need to be ready for that so you don't get punked.

Read this report by the dailyfail and remember. Credibility lost. And TheFail referred to the vax as "poisoned", they ripped Silk for believing and stating a "poisoning conspiracy theory" which is quite bold when stated to a public that is waking up.

The extent to which the Daily Mail lied and misrepresented this story HAS TO go down in memory forever, because TheFail has been used constantly by alt media and was considered a less biased more accurate source. They seriously blew it.

I am calling it - the bromelain/nac cures vax damage post circulating is flawed.

I went over it with better attention and it appears to me that it is a report that was produced by an AI, after the AI was told what to do. The amount of bromelain is plausible, but the amount of NAC is indeed ridiculous and if that's an error I believe it was done on purpose to cause "those who know" to mock alt media.

A few days ago I warned people that AI was going to be used to produce fake reports that look totally convincing for the purpose of discrediting alt media, but I did not warn people that the reports would have critical flaws that were very discrediting built into them, I had to learn that.

20 mg/g is the same as 20g/kg. At that level yes, it would kill the spike protein and also dissolve your hemorrhoids, AND YOU. If it is an error in the report, such errors do not appear in anything legit/medical.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see and understand a conspiracy, two steps above average will do.

Hey spooks:

When you use MY system to process YOUR graphics via remote desktop, at least be smart enough to put the tools back the way they were!!! My god, you are stupid. I kept wondering how they were changing when that should not be possible, I just figured it out.
What are you doing? Producing "evidence" against me with my own system?


Hey spooks, you use a different graphics style than I do, distinctly different as proven by how the tools are left, and I'll be ready to point that out in court.

RUMOR: Bromelain plus NAC destroy the spike protein

UPDATE: A reader calculated the actual doses needed to destroy the spike protein and they are not attainable in real life. /update

I am putting this down as rumor because with AI out there shitposting it could be the opposite. HOWEVER -
Bromelain is in pineapple in copious amounts. It is robust and will survive pasteurization so processed pineapple (in juice) still has practically all of it. Already a con artist is saying it is only in the core, where there is less bromelain than anywhere else in the pineapple. Have you ever noticed when eating pineapple that it seems to eat you too? Bromelain is quite literally a digestive enzyme and it is the bromelain that does that, it is not the acid in the pineapple doing that. The juice and yummy parts of the pineapple contain the most bromelain.
NAC is found naturally in very large amounts in raw uncooked onion and also to a lesser degree in garlic. Though a small amount will survive cooking, it will be diminished greatly so it is much better to eat the onions raw. Like on a nice, thick cheeseburger.
The only question is, is this legit? considering how they wanted to ban NAC supplements along with the ivermectin, I'd say there is probably something to this. What are they going to do next? ban pineapple and onions??? Or are they going to GMO the benefits out of them??

If I got jabbed, I'd say this is worth a try.

Coulden't be easier, could it? And that's exactly how the so-called "elite" would have it if one of their own accidentally disastrously somehow got the real shot. How much do you need? Bromelain is such a huge portion of a pineapple that only 1 ring per day would do the trick. But who eats only one? And there's so much NAC in onion I would assume that one appropriate hamburger slice per day would do it, but with onion I don't know for sure.

Don't get hoaxed by the giant mosquito video.

The one that uses this picture, which happens to be real

The mosquito pictured is a gallinipper. It is the largest biting mosquito species in the world and is native to the southeastern United States. It is an enormous species. They are longer than honey bees and when full of blood, heavier. I reported on these in 2012 and found the exact picture used in the video (shown above) by simply typing gallinipper.
Here is a size comparison of other mosquito species. The one next to the gallinipper is the second largest blood sucking species in the world - the Asian tiger mosquito. A prime example of a gallinipper when compared to a prime example of a tiger mosquito will have 25X the body mass. Gallinippers are baad.
Gallinippers do not appear every year. They have a nymph stage that can span several years and then transform into the adult when the correct conditions are met, unlike other species, gallinipper nymphs survive just fine on dry land and only transform when it floods. They are in areas where high water levels do not go high enough every year, it takes a very high water situation to make them transform. So they are not a big issue, if they appeared like normal mosquitoes the southern states might not even be habitable, their bite is horrific beyond belief. If anyone laughs at someone else because "they can't handle a mosquito bite" remember, it is all relative!
So why did I spend so much time talking about a mosquito? Easy answer: Because gallinippers are relatively unknown about and that leaves them open to be used in GMO apocalypse hoaxes. Yes, a giant blood sucking mosquito does exist, there is a mosquito in Australia that is larger but it does not draw blood.

No camera? no problem!!!

Two cell phones, or a laptop and a cell, or anything else with wireless (as long as there is a pair) can map you without a camera so accurately your body position is clearly known. This report says Wifi routers but leaves out the fact that anything with Wifi, even a camera or wifi memory card, can be used to track where you are and what your physical position is even if you have taped over all your cameras. LOVELY.

You can now be tracked this accurately with a Wifi signal alone. You know - Star Trek tricorder/robocop type image.

you can see in the center image the guy is dribbling a basketball and the wifi is fast enough to accurately capture that movement. Obviously this works through walls, which means your house can easily be scanned with the cheapest of the cheap cheap crap now, the advantage they are stating is that this method is a lot cheaper than spending money on a camera.

Internet of things, privacy lost. If this is published, they have been doing this with your wifi devices for at least a decade. No wonder why we can never seem to win!!! I don't see any reason why they can't use this to simply produce full detail black and white images that have everything in the room shown, the green line guys are probably outdated fiction. The bottom line: Your wifi is all the camera "they" need. Your neighbor's wifi is all the camera they need to scan your home, who says it needs to be YOUR signal they will use, and you can't tell every neighbor to shut it off. Looking at my wifi neighborhood, I can be scanned from 37 different angles. OOPS, they just saw me pee, and they definitely watched that last constipation episode. THAT is probably what they are using at least some of those supercomputers for.

DAVOS BLOCKBUSTER: "Electric for thee, and gas for me!!

A Japanese reporter interviewed a driver for one of the elite at Davos. The driver laid it all out, an epic bust that would usually only be possible by putting a microphone on the meetings, (the private ones, not the public ones). The driver said the elite will continue to use gasoline while the rest of us are forced into electric because electric is not reliable enough and is considered dangerous to them. They, but not us, need cars that give better warning before failure and have a more reliable measure of distance on the fuel guage, lots of things cause electric cars to sometimes deliver less than half the range they indicate is possible and that's not good enough for the Davos crowd and when an electric car fails, it is simply lights out, not a check engine light.

This is one of those videos that will get vaporized because it tells the entire truth in one go. For the "climate crisis" garbage at least, we did not need to get a microphone in that place, we got the answer out on the street. And that answer is: They know damn well gasoline powered cars do not ruin the environment, they are instead simply too reliable and too useful for us to have anymore, they'll continue driving gas while we get electric.

If the embed below does not play (I don't expect this to last) I have it saved and have stripped the audio off so it can be heard click here. in the video she just points the camera at the driver's feet because he does not want to be identified anyway, there's nothing to watch.

New Zealand Prime Minister probably just woke up about the Covid shot

Update: A reader wrote and said she knew damn well what she was doing the whole time. In that case she may have resigned because she knows tswhtf soon and she wants to hide in a "safe space" while the public goes nuts over so many people being dead and maimed. She can't cower in a hole somewhere if she has to show up somewhere. end of update. Plausible.
She pushed the shot hard, and is now resigning because she does not have "enough gas in the tank" to do the job anymore, and she's obviously distressed about something. She was NASTY about those shots, nailed the entire country super hard, and she might have been conned. Then woke up and realized what she was caused to do. She also said "she's only human" which is often said after people realize they totally screwed up. Sure looks like it anyway. Obviously the media is not saying anything about the shot.

This is the look of "I effed up big, I quit".


More hocus pocus from the climate change vax scam Davos crowd

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, here is a quote:

Newly released research confirms the link between a certain amino acid called proline and depression. Proline is a nonessential amino acid and is found in grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks. According to the study, a diet rich in proline is linked to an increased risk of depression.
QUESTION: how do a chicken's ovaries suddenly produce bad eggs once it's let out of the cage, automatically with all other things equal? It's called BULLSHIT. Eat bugs!!!

I think "they" relied on an AI to make that up, and the AI did not know how stupid it sounded. ADVANTAGE.

Utah doctors facing charges for shooting more than 1,900 doses of covid vax down the drain and administering saline instead

Heroes they are. Hopefully the jury will be well informed of how horrific the vax was before convicting these doctors, who saved so many people. It is likely they got caught because none of the people they "vaxxed" were having problems. They would have had real vax cards, there is literally no other way the doctors could have been caught, they probably got sent the hottest doses (utah) and serious questions were asked about why no one dropped dead.
In the U.S., the doctors are going to trial for protecting their clients. In Australia, the doctors have been put on notice that they will be held accountable for all damage done by administering the real shots. I wonder what Australia would do to these hero American doctors - probably the same thing, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Here is the warning to Australian doctors, re-posted. The elite who pulled their con on all of us can't have it both ways, can they? I certainly hope not!!

I'll take the American doctors any day, hopefully there were a whole lot more who did not get caught.

I wonder what lurks in the sewers below their offices after all that crap went into them - maybe THAT is how they got caught. How did 43 new species of super sized amoebas suddenly appear out of nowhere??? Dna analysis says Pfizer shot, HMMMMM . . . . .

There is a report circulating claiming the American Heart association has claimed 50 percent of the vaxxed will die -

I am not going to bother with this because the materials the report cites as claiming this actually state 1 in 100,000 vaxxed kids get myocarditis, which is a very bold lie. We all know the numbers are far higher, but if the quoted materials don't support the claims, the report is not valid anyway. MY GUESS: At least 75 percent of kids damaged, perhaps 25 percent noticeably and a large number will die but at this point it is impossible to say exactly how many, eventually? more than 5 percent is a safe bet, probably more than 10 percent.

China just did the largest genocide in world history - 400 million.

Chris Kitze, founder of beforeitsnews, and more wrote the following report. This is iframed, to view it at it's source click here.

I have mentioned the genocide in china several times but figured it was in the tens of millions. But there really is data to support 400 million, that might actually be legit.

If the embed does not work, click the link in the window below or the link in the headline, they will both open the same way. It will read better directly from where Chris posted this. Chris, if this gets taken down I will post it here in full. This needs to be spread far and wide because we are next and awareness is key.

A barrage of AI based fake news today

Just a heads up: It is now possible for the general public to tell an AI to generate a video of (fill in the blank) and it will do it, including any details you'd like thrown in and it will all look real. People who want to discredit alt media have picked up on this and are using this new tech to produce an endless stream of convincing fakes. I am convinced that this is to force people to accept whatever the MSM publishes because it can be anything from a child slave farm to MH370, and there's no real way to pick out fact from fiction, and the MSM will be warned. AI generated fakes are perhaps the most serious threat alt media has ever faced.
In the past it was assumed that once a video got past a certain level of complexity if it looked real it was real. That is not the case anymore, an AI can generate countless hours of work needed to generate convincing video that never happened and do it in seconds. Therefore, check check and double check everything before calling it real and spreading it.

People are saying Ukraine shot down their own heli.

I agree. With all the "aid" Ukraine has been given, they can just toast these like pop tarts

Add the rampant corruption of a failed state, and it will be done.



The Open AI logo is a literal ode to satan

A suggestion for the new phone

Just in case the mail for this got censored -

I did the "spiderphone" as a joke about how many cameras cell phones are getting nowadays and posted it a while ago.

But the "spiderphone" would be a GREAT name for a phone that spins it's own web. Sans that many cameras. At most two would do.

Here are 3 variants of the spider graphic


Someone who is highly credible is going to try to set up a new phone system

A quote from a mail:
"Personally, I would contact your Icelandic registrar and tell them someone took the email from you (even if it was Claudia's). See what they say. There's definitely a recovery process -- you are not the first to have this problem. Even ten minutes of an email and you'll know if you want to waste time on that. At some point, it's not worth fighting over.
One thing I have been working on is a calling system based on private cell network completely away from the internet. It would have p2p text and voice calling, everything in 64k of data. You would need one of these devices to talk to another device, not compatible with the regular phone network or internet. All the software would be developed by us and it would be like the original p2p skype. Back to the future. Cost for the dedicated handset would run $150-200 and annual cost of $120. Web sites that promote this would get commission for the life of the phone, just like cell phones in early days. I'll have a deck together in the next few days, and we've already done a couple calls with carriers and can pull this off. It could even support Starlink (next gen control system, but cool tech) and a private network of 700mhz public spectrum base stations (like Helium crypto) with the same device. I'll have more info in a few days, but is that something you might be interested in promoting if it met your standards and did what I said it did? I'm doing this because we are going to need something like this, it's also a good way for web sites to generate steady cash flow for not a lot of work."
My comment: Just a heads up to my readers, in case I start talking about this more. He's highly credible, known about everywhere, and can make this work. We will see how this goes.

The following types of tweets may be in error, it appears Klaus just spoke at Davos.


Hey doc, you had better inject this shit or we will suspend your license and possibly even throw you in jail. Don't talk bad about the shot or the same will happen too. By the way, you have to warn everyone you inject that the shots will destroy them, but do it in a nice way or you are toast, better yet, forget it. OOPS, THEY ARE ALL SCREWED OVER NOW, AND YOU WILL BE SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE for going along with what we forced you to do, after all, you could have quit being a doctor and you showed your support for our genocide by not leaving the medical profession.

Remember, Pfizer and others announced the flu shots would be MRNA from now on.

Because they got away with the Covid shots. Nobody killed them for it. No one killed them because we should "work within the system", "violence is wrong" and the elections are rigged. They should all get the chair and won't even get the shotgun, people are now too mind wiped to say "screw the system" and just do the right thing. We will all go down like lemmings.



I said this two years ago, and a high profile reader sent what is probably the final tally - I am going to avoid saying who he is to avoid trouble for him, but everyone in alt media knows and the major media outlets do to -

Here is what he sent, and it is BANG ON, and the ONLY REASON why COVID is "still going strong" in China.
"Here's a story I'm watching in China. Original is in Chinese. Source is literally right from the TOP, Master Li.
If HE tells us something, it literally has to be true. 15 years of meditation and I know this for a fact.
This might be too early for your readers, but it's solid. A lot of people won't believe it, but here's what I would tell them...remember those camps as far as the eye could see of shipping container housing with bars on the windows....China used the whole COVID excuse to dust 400m people there. Expect to see 500m people in China killed by this between the virus, the camps and hospital treatments designed to kill people.
They are going to export this to the world. It's going to have a similar effect (maybe not as fatal) most likely due to the vaxxing here. I was told it was a bi-phasic bio-weapon, the first part was the vaxx, the second part is the new COVID that will team up with the vaxx and kill people faster than Roundup on a weed.
Once every country in the world hates the CCP, everyone will destroy the CCP. The End.
That's a possible scenario.
What this means is everyone needs to stock up (again) and be ready to lock the gate for a while. You know what you need from the last time.
My comment: The genocide in China happened. They used COVID as cover to wipe out every last opponent. That is why when it was over with elsewhere they had people locked down screaming desperately from their balconies. They were locked down so the "bad people" would complain online, which would identify them so they could be collected. Everyone saw that vid, and it's still less than a year old. I disagree that the "world will destroy China" because the people in control of our side of the equation want the disaster to happen, was right. And the vax won't save anyone, it will help China do the job.

Here is what is going on in China -

The CCP is going around rounding up everyone who complains about being locked down. These are the independent thinkers. They are collected for "having Covid" and are then being offed in hospitals. Then they are sent to the morgues and processed like normal covid deaths. There is no major outbreak in China, but with proper management, "Covid has now killed 400 million". That is the entire story from start to finish, and it is a short one.


Citing health reasons.

"Health" sounds like BS to me. He's skipping it because he knows the world is pissed about that vax, his plan, the loss of national soverignty, "eat bugs" "own nothing and be happy" and a whole lot more so my guess is that he's doing just fine and if he shows up at all it will be a cameo. He's a coward. Cannot put his money where his mouth is when people have a chance of nailing his butt. I guess a 5,000 soldier security force is not enough to make a tyrant feel safe. At least not THAT level of tyrant.

UPDATE: Soros is skipping the opening too!! Maybe they kissed and that's why they are both "sick". is back up.

I don't know how that happened, all I could do was twiddle my thumbs. A major player who founded beforeitsnews and more, who has experience with ISNIC may have done something.

I can't confirm that however, because Claudia managed to get the passwords to my mail box and all the mails from the last two days were deleted except for the ones I already read, which obviously cannot be deleted without being noticed. If I leave the window open I can catch them as they arrive. They are not getting censored in the classic way. If I change the password she gets the new one immediately and I can't get her crap off this machine, she's probably getting help with that. If anyone knows how that server got restored and sent me how, please re-send, I'd like to know.

Claudia said she'd wipe out that site if I did not take down the truth about her, and might have begged for it to be restored after someone sending her "treats" told her they'd stop sending them if she did not get the site back up immediately. Some people thought she meant "threats" but I doubt that. She knows English far beyond that kind of mistake which was repeated more than once.

THIS is an inappropriate response to a doctor killing a family member with a shot because the doctor is not dead. He should have at least punched the screen out.

I got hoaxed by trans miss universe and had it posted for a few minutes. Ignore.

CNN is starting to wake up, but is "not there yet". even still this is telling.

People at news outlets are now falling dead. So they have a choice: continue pushing the shot and die, or start telling the truth and live.

Scientology is not a cult.

I spent lots of time at Claudia's org. I saw what went on. They don't enslave people or steal all the money, they don't brainwash people, that's all a bunch of crap. People donate what they want to donate and no one gets milked out. The volunteers are comparable to nuns in the catholic church but the scientology volunteers live better and though the nuns are professional I'd say that some of the volunteers are at an equal or higher level, there is one named Patricia in Claudia's org who is top notch beyond top notch, it would take an awesome nun to match that.
As far as a religion goes, I disagree that scientology actually is one, it's more of a social club against psychiatry that also focuses on high class education. If I had a choice - e-meter or modern shrink, it's e-meter HANDS DOWN (provided it's not bugged, as described down the page a ways) at least the Scientology auditor has ethics!! The choice between scientology and antidepressants could be described as "I have slid down the hill to the point where I have reached the cliff, and at the bottom of the cliff there's a box of antidepressants. An auditing session would be comparable to someone throwing you a rope so you don't fall off. The so-called elite HATE THAT so scientology gets back stabbed constantly. However, a CIA controlled auditing session via a bugged e-meter would match the damage of any shrink, and I not only believe, I KNOW that's a problem with the Mark 8, and down the page a ways I proved it with the Mark 8 design patent. I totally believe that's part of what happened to Claudia, for the purpose of wiping this web site out.

The bottom line is that from what I have seen, scientologists in general are better people with higher ethics than many who walk around calling themselves "christian". You cannot be pro abortion, a fag, or trans or anything else of the sort and be allowed there. Scientologists are at least based. I can say however that "clear" is predominantly a fashion statement. Yes, there is basis to it, however, seldom actually realized.

My main disagreement with Scientology is that they believe the world is a prison for the outcasts. I disagree. I think at this point, after a lot of observation, that we are all being played on home computers via a network similar to STEAM, and the computers are so advanced that the lowest represented pixel is an atom. Some people get good owners and others get shit owners which is why shitty people often have great luck, and good people often do nothing but suffer through life. This explains the double slit test, which proves that nothing gets produced until something that is alive is there to observe it, why would a computer generate a reality for a grain of sand? And the various home computers, numbering in the millions, are "parallel universes".
In the simulation, Jesus existed. God exists. History exists. And who am I to complain about how it was done, it all sure looks real.
I have seen a real world example of a bad owner. Her name was Marie. Her greatest passtime was playing the SIMS. Only, she did not play them to win, she played them to torture them. She'd intentionally set up disaster scenes so she could watch them suffer. Her favorite thing was to try to cause a sim to leave a cooking appliance in a way that would start a fire, and when the fire started she'd sell the door so the sim could not leave, and then she'd "rub herself" while the sim burned to death. They would absolutely freak out and really looked like they were dying. And in real life, Marie was disgustingly evil.
What happens to us when we get an owner like that? Life sucks. Prayers are not answered. Inexplicable disasters happen repeatedly. "loosh" is harvested. It's not a prison where we are sent to suffer, it's bad ownership. Get a good owner and you'll have "all the luck". And when your life is over, you get put in a file, waiting for someone to play you again. I believe that God definitely exists, but that he's not likely to protect a program running for someone's enjoyment.
This explains miracles like Fatima, that totally defied the laws of physics. Yes, they happened. But how? Physics cannot be flexible unless they are only software. This explains how remote viewing can happen, how prophets were accurate, why Notre Dame did not fall, how your entire life flashes before you as if it is real again during near death experiences - because all the data already exists in a timeline that is set, with the only variances being in who plays who. The game is going to play out to an ultimate conclusion, no matter what.
So the question then is, does god exist in a way that's going to matter. Will there be a judgement day? Probably. Because if reality really is software based, it's programmers were very thorough about getting things right, and they appear to have created a reality that is as real for us as it is for them. They probably programmed EVERYTHING in. And it's all going to be very very real. Once your shit owner or good owner is done with you, you are probably going to be held accountable for everything and recieve your reward or punishment, and "they" are going to watch. is down

If gets taken down, I am now at but this location will be where I update until it fails.

Claudia did it. I think I know what happened to her now, after feedback from readers.

I am starting to not be so mad at her because I think she got nailed during that surgery. Everything went to hell after the surgery, which means she probably got injected with something. Then, an influencer who claimed to be "christian" entered her life and screwed her head on backwards. Whatever happened, claudia turned into a golem. Simultaneous with this, either corrupted people in her org or a rigged e-meter was used to finish the job. Claudia was all for the site and a total "conspiracy theorist" when I met her, and she remained that way up until that surgery. There's no way in hell she'd EVER shut the site down absent being someone's drone. With the way she threw me out, she got all the contacts, all the backups, - I cannot get it back now that the root e-mail account was hers, even though I can get into one side - the hosting side, I cannot talk to anyone because the host requires a confirmation link to be clicked on in an e-mail account I can't access anymore. I can keep the domain name preserved and in my posession but that's it. I cannot release it and assign it to another server. Claudia said she was going to take the site down because the e-mail address associated was hers, and I can't change that. The server is paid, that's not the problem. She started claiming I was using her identity for it but that's not the case, a second party is handling that, it is anonymously registered. There are no tech support messages and I can't contact them either because it sends a confirmation link to Claudia's box and it is MANDATORY to click it for tech support. There is nothing I can do about it.

After everyone sent all that damn money for her cancer, this is what she did. And I think it happened because American intelligence got agents planted in her scientology org in Leon, and they scrambled the shit out of her on purpose with an e-meter so she'd destroy me. What she has done is inexplicable. Anyone want to comment?

The e-meter mark 8 is a completely buggable but highly accurate piece of shit. It is far more advanced than it needs to be to do the job, and there is no way in hell you can keep the spooks out of it, especially since it was manufactured by Sony in Taiwan, and not by scientologists the way the Mark 7 was. Scientology, as a result, is f***ed. All you need to do to screw over a mark 8 is to put wireless in it, which it is totally advanced enough to accept. From there, any nearby cell phone can hear the auditing session and give the "desired results" to the needle, as Maryland sees fit.

I am right about this, the Mark 8 has an electrode bypass which can be utilized by an intelligence agency planted bug that is cell phone coupled.


Anonymous sent: Jim, I'm deeply sorry about your personal problems. My guess is that when Claudia was operated on, "they" got to either the doctor or a nurse and forced them to inject the stuff that's in the bioweapon shots that is responsible for the mind-control Rwanda massacre; in short the stuff that turns you into a golem.
I decided to send you this note in spite of the certainty that "they" will be monitoring who sends you comments, because the possibility that I outline above poses a physical danger to you and your work is too important for the world to let them blindside you.
My response: All I know is that everything went to sh*t after the operation.
You are on the server.

The 15 minute city

Today is the first time I have heard of this, and it is the goal of the WEF to get everyone into one.
The concept is to have everthing anyone needs, from parks to entertainment to food - EVERYTHING within a 15 minute walk of their home. That means everything is within about 1 kilometer, not even a mile. The goal is to have everyone walk to whatever they need, including work, so cars can be eliminated. You will only be allowed to leave your 15 minute zone a certain number of times per year.
It will suck. Because even in Mexico where there are stores everywhere, (at least 100x as many as the United States has) - there are 4 reasonably priced grocery stores and 2 fully stocked hardware stores within 1 block of where I live and there are probably 30 within a mile - and it is the same everywhere PLUS 2 junk food stores, - even with it like that a 15 minute city won't work because specialty items are at least 4 miles away, in a country where "everything you need" is right at your fingertips.
I guess the 15 minute city is a Klaus Schwab dream of little slave plantation zones where everyone is slammed into tiny areas and travel is restricted to "within a 15 minute walk". That is far worse than the soviet bloc, where you could at least walk for a couple days without leaving your zone. A 15 minute walk could be had on any reasonably sized farm, or should I say "plantation?" The Soviet Union was considered a nightmare because travel was so restricted you needed permission to go somewhere that was 100+ miles away. Klaus wants it all within a square mile area, 10,000 times as restrictive.
What a fun future we are all headed into if this is not stopped . . . . .

Question: Where are the 7,400 homes? You guessed it! in apartment structures that look the same as the industrial areas with "30,000 jobs" all within 600 acres!!!


In a coma after cardiac arrest. Age 54. BAFFLING.

UPDATE: she's dead.


Telling: The covid shots are probably about mind control

The best people in Brazil - those who will resist tyranny and stolen elections, are being forcibly administered the covid shot. Why? Covid is over. This shot has a different purpose.


OMG, I am sitting here raping myself after an egg sandwich.

THE DEMON: Senator Scott Weiner: "Gas stoves cause cardiac problems"

Hey, let's kill two birds at once!! People are starting to realize we conned them with Covid and then maimed them with our shot. Plus, gas stoves can make heat during our "dark winter" when we cut the power. Heck, an outdoor propane tank will keep a stove going 24/7 all winter and give people heat when we cut the electricity to their furnaces. We can't have that!!! People love their gas stoves, but they won't if we blame all the heart conditions our poison shot caused on them!!!
I cook with gas. Plus, for some odd reason temps have been dropping into the 30's a lot so I use the stove for heat. Nuff said.

Are you or someone you love suffering from a medical coincidence?

A realization about the "beast system" to throw out there -

In the Bible, the "beast system" brings all who participate enormous wealth. I don't see the WEF wanting to accomplish that, instead I see a WEF that wants private jets, yachts, multiple homes and more while the peons are denied owning cars and get injected with whatever sht they dream up while the peons eat bugs and are forced out of their way of life that in reality is not destroying the world at all . . . . "climate change" is a ruse that scammers are using to cause us to accept becoming weak enough to turn them into gods. That is all there is to it. And that is NOT what the "beast system" is supposed to do.

The doom of the "beast system" is that you go to hell for participating.

Those who do not participate will have to eat from the garbage or hide out in the wilderness while watching everyone else rise, just to prove they are not for Satan. It's not about escaping a horrible situation, it is about accepting sacrifice and refusing a mark that is not of God, a mark you have to accept to avoid being an outcast and collect the goodies. That is not the WEF -
With the WEF you participate no matter what and not only do you not get goodies, you lose what you have and then eat insect gruel. It's all about the ego of psychopaths. People will therefore say no. Satan is way too smart to cause that!! With Satan, the answer is supposed to be a happy YES.

The last time the FAA was down like this was on 9/11.

UPDATE (An hour later, this is a big problem)


A few quick items

The obvious real reason for the Biden proposed gas stove ban is so when they turn off the lights, you don't have a secondary option. The push for all electric is all about control and nothing more. Ban burning wood. Then ban gas stoves. Create a crisis or social credit violation. Then cut the power. No cooked food, no alt heat sources except candles, which they'll probably also ban. Biden got busted with actual classified documents and to top it off, those documents showed his corruption with China. Not a win, the FBI just blew it off. Pence played the hero and yelled at the FBI. No action taken. Because yelling scares tyrants??
The military has canceled the Covid vax. Too little too late. How about "Just a couple years of service" and then "back to civilian life as normal", only, after that shot, NO. Interesting how they changed policy after Hamlin collapsed. Chatting with team mates?? HA. again, NO. More like chatbotting with team mates, he's gone.
The Republican controlled house voted to create a new committee on the weaponization of the federal government. HA. Like that will pass.
Might happen: 14,000 hours of J6 footage to be released to show the real truth of what happened. That's a lot of cameras worth.
X1.9 solar flare. Happened during Virgin rocket launch but has not been blamed for the failure because it was pointed the wrong way. However, if we are getting x class flares, well, that's what Ed Dame's kill shot was all about. Any direct hit from any x class would be total mayhem, and the biggest I remember was an x-22

Biden confuses Salvation Army with Secret Service

Maybe the clone/body double stuff is off a bit? Don't think an impostor would act this.




Britain tried to launch 9 satellites and failed

They used a rocket made by Virgin, Spacex stock soars!!
I am surprised by this. The Brits, historically, are not capable of such failures. All of it burned up in the atmosphere. So what is the difference? You can't blame workers from India, because India has successfully launched 385 satellites. Was it sabotage, or does Britain now have common core too? Maybe the engineers were pfizer vaxxed?
I ignored this launch until it failed because I assumed it would go smoothly. Computer simulations are a reality that works, and rockets are super old tech, failures should not be happening, what gives? Did someone miscalculate pounds and kilos again like on that Mars mission Nasa screwed up?? That would be Common Core!

Take a look at this World Health Organization instruction manual!

It outlines how to convince people to take a new "vax" even when people are immediately dropping dead from it. Page 9 is a doozie!!!

House Republicans voted unanimously to de-fund new army of 87,000 IRS agents

I believe this is just a gesture to "prove" they are actually Republicans, and are not rigged in Dems playing a part. Time will tell I guess.

Not like we were unaware . . . .

Someone shot up election officials houses in New Mexico

Someone finally took action??

That said, "suspect in custody" is always suspicious, when that happens suspect a false flag. I have come to the profound realization that it is possible that absoluetly no one who is legit has any balls.

Well, Bolsonaro is TOAST. He's in an American hospital.

He will be OWNED from this point forward, the anesthesiologist will make sure of that!! Supposedly he went in for an intestinal blockage. But if you are anything like him you cannot go into an American hospital, you'll get HARLEYED.

WIN: Court To ATF Gun-Grabbers: Bump Stocks Aren't Machine Guns And You Don't Make The Rules

A federal court told the ATF to stuff it. An unusual win. I am baffled by the low number of guns claimed to be owned by the American people. Last year alone 16 million sold and that was not a record breaker. Yet all the numbers say "a couple hundred million". Guns NEVER go in the trash, and the buybacks have been quaint. If Americans bought as little as 10,000,000 guns a year that would be a billion guns bought since 1923 and there were lots and lots of guns bought before that. My guess is the actual number is right around 1.5 billion.

I think there have been an awful lot of "boating accidents".


Madonna's charity "Raising Malawi" under accusation of sex slave exploitation of minors

Here's what is going on - Madonna is not actually trafficking slaves. What they are pissed about is the fact that Madonna adopted 4 kids from Malawi and then raised them to be trans. I was taken aback by the headline but once the details came out, all I thought was That's Madonna, would anyone expect anything else??
This will go nowhere because Madonna won't be prosecuted for this in the US, instead, she'd be prosecuted for raising them straight!! If she stays out of africa she'll be fine.

The secret behind the durability of Roman concrete has been discovered

The Romans used a combination of slaked lime and quick lime rather than the pure slaked lime we use now. Though this combination is weaker at first, when the concrete cracks the quicklime dissolves and re-hardens to self heal the crack. The concrete therefore literally lasts forever and is still strong enough to easily do the job.

Another one bites the dust

A few quick items

A college basketball player collapsed mid game We all know why.
Supposedly Damar Hamlin chatted with his team from bed. That's a load of bunk, we are 10 years into face overlays and voice mimicking, the team got a first class spoof. There is no way the vax can be permitted to be blamed for this, so it will be faked as well as it needs to be. Not buying it.
Brazil has exploded and gee, real close to January 6th! They are occupying the equivalent building in Brazil to boot. And gosh, not a single politician got a taste of the crowd also. How effective will that be?? Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Too stupid: Russia arming the cartels in Mexico!!!! HA HA, that's Hillary's job, who fingered Russia? Gotta get Mexico on America's side before the next huge war I guess, so Russia arming the cartels it is. And Russian weaponry can be had anywhere cheap so it won't break any budgets in Washington. WIN.
Russia is the country that built a better soldier rifle than America, only because sloppy tolerances work better than tight tolerances when they get dirty.

WEF claims pedophiles will save the world

Due to the original source of this, I avoided posting it for a long time.. However, despite no source other than the original being the source of all of it, more and more credible sources are picking up the story and running with it. Could it be confirmation bias? It seems to me the WEF would be more careful than this. If you have seen this posted somewhere and it was on a forum or blog, that's not the source, look a little deeper and then decide, they are, at this point, all linking back to the original source which was originally set up as a venue for feeding fake news that looks real into alt media.

That said,

Do I personally believe the WEF will at least secretly front pedophilia as acceptable, and even a way forward?? HELL YES. But that does not mean the WEF actually came right out and said it as stated.

Claudia is now going through a failed monkey branch.

Lake Oroville went up six feet yesterday

My guess is that if it is not up to the spillway, the leftists cannot let enough water go to stop it from rising faster than they want. No one will try to do anything beneficial, not anyone in charge at least.

Trump was nominated speaker of the house

By Gaetz. He will get one vote. What we are witnessing now is what happens when too many elections are stolen and the system becomes so corrupt an enemy gets placed as speaker, even when the "good guys" "win". I skipped commenting on this entire debacle because worthy news now is; "Things went as they should and an election was not stolen" The farmer knows where the manure pit is, you don't have to tell him daily. But a farmer WILL be interested in approaching rain.

It is probably a good idea to cash out your 401K

The so-called "elite" fully intend to bring the value of the dollar down to zero to force America to accept the great reset. When this is done (and it will be done, it is not a matter of if but when - WHEN this is done it will be far better to have assets than money in any retirement plan or the bank. Assets - Gold. Silver. Land. Emergency preps. Anything you spend money on basically. Heck, even old cars that still run good but are at minimum value might be a good choice.
The bottom line is that when the bottom drops out, the last thing you want to be holding is a bag of cash.


California is now recieving historical levels of rain. That should put all the dams chock full. Yet today, Oroville is at 716.5 feet, it is only rising 2.5 feet per day. That does not seem plausible to me. There are a few factors to throw in, such as a lot of this falling as snow which will then fill Oroville when it melts but the dams are for flood control also and there does not need to be any flooding because all the dams are low enough to catch every single drop. If the floods are severe be VERY suspicious, it probably will mean that the leftists left all the floodgates open to destroy this chance to restore all the water.
The leftists will do anything possible to get their "climate crisis", including sabotage of infrastructure and they'll make the excuse "gee, all that rain fell right where we could not catch it, water crisis continues . . . . . they will do it if they can get away with it and people not being aware of what is going on will make exactly that possible.

Scarborogh fair is returning

This was featured in a Simon and Garfunkle tune, and went out of business in the late 1700's. It was a yearly trade festival that became non viable due to distribution chains improving. The linked article says it's not going to be the same as the original but from what I can observe from facts presented it's going to simply be a modern evolution of the concept that's quite close. Rather than trade things like spices and seeds and other essentials it will gear itself towards more modern items and art. I would go to it if it was near me just to check it out.

Seems interesting. See this.

Popular consensus is that Damar Hamlin will be a game changer

I disagree. If it is only one incident, everyone will be able to kid themselves and return to "normal". If it happens again, everyone will try to half kid themselves. If it happens a third time, WATCH OUT, that is when tshtf. But on the field, everyone knew. They knew. By now they have all heard about the clotshot, everyone knows and the third incident is where denial will be totally abandoned.

Oroville is at 714 feet.

That's not high enough considering how much rain there was, the flooding is because they are not using the dams for control, they are just letting it all go. When we come out of this "mega storm" that now has the "bomb" word attached to it (because that makes it environmental terrorism I guess) - Just watch - when this is over there will still be a water crisis because they let it all go.

The bay area is issuing mega flood warnings

It is supposed to rain for 14 days straight. Suggestion: Use the dams to catch it rather than sabotage by letting all that water go!! All the dams are at critical low levels. There's no excuse for a flood, that is part of what the dams are for. Maybe someone wants to commit sabotage by bringing Lake Tulare back.

Aussie media: Fluctuating temperatures causing "gene changes" and illnesses

It is NOT the shot doing that!! Reports like this prove the shot really does alter your DNA and not in a nice way. Some days are cold, some days are warm, and THAT changed your genes! by the way, the changes will mean your genes now say your life is shorter.

I'll say it like it is: The entire Covid scam was a plot by the Jewish people for the purpose of getting the goy to accept a malicious shot designed and tested by the Jews on Palestinian prisoners. There were no blunders and no mistakes made, the entire situation was a malicious fabrication.

As part of the hoax they have to ensure the world that they are the most vaccinated of all, but their autism stats were 1 in 80,000 until I looked it up and blew it open, suddenly six months later all their stats matched the United States. At least what they published, and what idiot would believe that?

Do not let them get away with it.

China is continuing the scam because it is a communist country with people who worship Jews. I kid you not, they do and the Jews are exploiting it fully.

Doctor explaining exactly how the vax causes clots gets cut to weather.

Clotshot Monday night football death

Update: Probably dead but not admitted to by Jewish doctor who at least admits he's in a coma following cardiac arrest.

RUMOR: The game was canceled because too many recently vaxxed players walked out. Games do not get shut down for injuries, which this still qualifies as.

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field and died after successfully completing a tackle while playing against Ohio and it's an obvious clotshot death, there were no serious hits, he got up, and then collapsed and died of a heart attack. Probably knocked a 4 foot long clot loose and it plugged the heart. Game Canceled.
He had just completed a totally mundane tackle. The media, NFL, and entire vax wagon is now trying to claim he took a massive hit to the chest and that triggered cardiac arrest. That is a lie, nothing "hit him" and if that normal tackle could trigger cardiac arrest there would be no game called football. There would also be no such thing as airbags and shoulder belts.

5.7 cents per kilowatt hour

I took control of the utilities for the apartment building where I live. I am not the manager, I was simply assessed as being the guy for that job because I am on the ball and won't let the lights go out. And I just found out that thanks to Obrador, the utility rate is 5.7 cents per kilowatt hour, after taxes. How much would you pay if you were not being reamed? 5.7 cents, because Obrador is NOT giving a discount on natural resources, he's just not screwing the people. Even when he was "keeping the prices low on gasoline" he did it by not screwing the people and by keeping actual prices at parity with cost per barrel. The high energy prices are completely fabricated by corrupt oligarchs, and I just got proof and got it by paying for a set amount of power and then dividing the payment into kilowatt hours purchased. 176 kilowatt hours was only $10 USD.
That much power will last for a while because due to the way things are constructed in Mex, nothing heats up during the day so air conditioners are not needed. Everyone cooks with gas. It's just refrigerators, computers and lights.

Been meaning to post this for a while:

I did this while I was offline, inspired by the ridiculous number of cameras phones are getting now just to be "cool".

That was done with Ubuntu Studio running on an old Lenovo C-20 I picked up at a pawn shop for $75. Ubuntu Studio is awesome, someone put windows 10 on this computer and basically bricked it. With Ubuntu Studio there are no problems with performance at all.

Looks like no disasters happened over New Years.

I think the so-called "elite" have lost their wit, they don't dare anymore . . . . .

Don't fall for crap like "Doctor records hydra vulgaris swimming in vaxxed kid's eye

There were no "hydras" in the vax. Nor the DNA for them. Every time anything like this came up it was microscope anomalies - "air bubbles" and if there was a hydra in a kid's eye the vax had nothing to do with it.

Russian analyst says nuke Yellowstone??

One did say that in 2015 but there is nothing being said in relation to the current conflict despite what some in alt media are implying now.
Opinion: Yellowstone will blow when it wants to, not when someone nukes it. The orders of magnitude are off by so much that even tsar bomba would be unlikely to set it off. If the "earthquake machine" does what it does by tampering with gravity, that might work if they crank it enough and I'd bet that as far as yellowstone goes, they are only about 1 percent of the way to what they'd need with even that.
If I ever hype Yellowstone, the reasons will be geological, not military. Yep, it is getting ready to blow, but what about the context in relation to the time line? "getting ready" can take thousands of years.

Trolls are grasping at straws, saying that type of ampule does not exist anymore.

German vice chancellor calls for autopsies of those killed by covid jab

Gonzalo Lira has predicted Poland is next

This is an important opinion because he is positioned extremely well, 10 minute bitchute video

Do the "huge meaningless art" forms that appear everywhere really serve as markers for where the bunkers are??

Why do so many, if not all of them, have doors??

Look at the entrance - you can't push a lawn mower into that, it's not for storing yard equipment. This thing is not lit, it is not for maintenance either.

The BOMB cyclone

When did this become a thing? Answer: when it served the politics of global warming. Gee, the climate must be changing, we never had bomb cyclones before!! Only, yes we did. The current "weather anomaly" going on is a simple cold wave that happens every normal winter. The worst I remember was at the end of 1989 into 1990 when it was constantly more than minus 40 with wind chills constantly below -70. Where I worked there was a coffee machine that served ridiculously hot coffee and if you threw that in the air outside it would fall as snow. If you poured it on the ground it would form a stalagmite. This went on for weeks. It became a fad. And there was no "bomb" in any of it, it was just a very cold winter.

I guess having "bomb" attached to the description makes everything worse now, right??

What? Did the days of emergency kits in cars for winter vanish? FACT: If you get stalled in a snowbank where you are not discovered in even this not so mundane but not record breaking cold wave, and you don't have your candles and blankets and food in the car along with serious winter warm wear so you can try to walk for help, you're DEAD. And that's normal for winter!!!

Interesting. Is Obama Hitler's grandson? It would not surprise me.

New viral word: Vaxxecuted.

Just noticed this on the Voterig server

The numbers people ought to go nuts.

Very interesting vaccine autism post

To add to this, back in 2012 I looked into autism stats for Jews in Israel. Answer: 1 in 65,000. Then about 4 months after publishing that, they were changed to "match the United States". Wanna know why so many Jews end up being valedictorians? Hint: They were not born smarter!!

Claudia -

As it turns out, she monkey branched for a guy that had more money. To not look bad in front of family, she tore me to shreds. Most likely the relationship with the new guy will terminate soon. I wondered about those "8 hour doctor appointments" after the cancer was cured.

Mandela effect may not be web based

I just recently saw "Jacques Clamentes" foods change to "Clemente Jacques" And an inverter I had while recently homeless now has one fan, when I was upset by how inefficient it was with two fans. Jacques Clamentes could be explained by a change in business, but the inverter I owned the whole time and was upset with for it's inefficiency has also changed, I was irked by "two fans on a 120 watt inverter," it left a real impression. What are we living?

Train vs concrete beam

I am now convinced most chicken sold in the United States is spoiled.

Yesterday I got chicken at Soriana and to my surprise, when I opened the package it was starting to spoil and it smelled bad. I am still seriously short cash DO NOT DONATE FOR ANY REASON, I will not receive a dime, so I soaked it in bleach and cooked it anyway. End result?? it tasted exactly like American chicken.
After this incident, I concluded that in America it is probably all spoiled so they put a chemical on it that neutralizes the stink. That is why you are told to always cook chicken thoroughly or you will get sick. ALL CHICKEN. from every source. Why is that? what is so magical about chicken that it will get you sick from being undercooked every time?
I noticed that Mexican chicken is always far better than American chicken and now I believe I know why. and worse? As bad as this chicken stank, when cooked it only had a hint of that "American chicken" taste, what on earth is being sold in the states?

Kari lake: "They printed 19 inch ballot images onto 20 inch ballot paper."

That's what happens when you are so incompetent you drop a 20 inch ballot image into "word" and "Word" puts a half inch border around it before printing!!! So incompetent photoshop was out of the question.
Yes, such an error is obviously actionable and proves the election was rigged but nothing will be done about it because the nation is too far gone. If you want proof the nation is gone, this is it.

Roger Stone is going off again about the satanic portal over the white house

One that has been there since the Biden inauguration. He is getting trolled with trolls saying it is the lights from airplanes and out of context video, problem is, the portal is actually there. I checked the white house live cam and it clearly showed it. Then the camera was replaced with one that had less dynamic range to conceal it. But if you enhanced the image from the new crapped out camera, the portal still popped out of the murk. It is there, no ifs or buts. I looked for my previous report on this for over an hour and could not find it. If you remember that, the portal is still visible now.

A major Europe bound gas pipeline just exploded in Russia

As it turns out however, the people who blew it up did not understand how Russia's pipeline systems were set up, and Russia was able to divert around the blast site with alternative pipelines.
Going over the headlines, one thing is obvious - major censorship has kicked in 10X worse than the end of November. The only alt media that is getting posted anywhere and allowed to stick are Jewish trolls and known psy ops. This was probably done to offset Twitter going out of control.
The biggest news I can find is that Twitter released proof that it was operating under the control of American intelligence, it's not like that's a secret but having that info officially released is a big deal.

At least this is making the rounds. It's old news from a few months ago being treated as new:

When this year is finally added to that chart, if it is allowed to be accurate, it will look worse than last year.

Some people are laughing at the leftists for getting the shot but an awful lot of conservatives did too, and NONE of the high ranking leftists who were in on the plot did. So as far as I see it, it is pure damage and the reason behind the headlines about "falling white birth rates necessitating immigration" and "taking naps increases your risk of strokes dramatically", just like "five glasses of water a day" now will too. And now the movie Avatar triggers heart attacks.
"Five glasses of water a day" was really just a prescription for your recommended dose of fluoride. After all, a "glass of water" can be anywhere between 1 liter and 200 ML, the "advice" was simply given to remind people to take their dose, any dose and you can't expect the truth about what the shot did to people to ever be repeated in the MSM.

Elon Musk suspended Kanye

My opinion on this is that Kanye was eliminated by Harley because after a long absense Kanye surfaced totally nuts. He was well anchored before that tweet I posted and then "showed up at Mar a lago to get Trump to be his VP". That would be nuttier than a fruitcake, and after that he spiraled down the toilet. Harley stuck to his word, Kanye is toast.

Harley stuck to his word. Kanye is a goner:

New CNN CEO Chris Licht says network publishes fabrications and leftist vitriol

"so much of what passes for news is name-calling, half-truths and desperation."
My comment: At least in the MSM, especially CNN. And he then followed up by saying CNN will continue to be leftist, but "will get it's facts straight" now.
Good luck with all that!! ____________________________

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE