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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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The green lights over Hawaii were produced by Nasa's IceSat2.

It was measuring ground swelling caused by the latest eruptions. Normally that satellite is used to measure the thickness of polar ice sheets so no one ever sees it.


Just watch where the lunatics take this story, MSM and all, CHINA CHINA CHINA and forget about pfizer making biological weapons to sell "vaxxes". For god's sake also forget about now proven American sabotage of Nordstream and pending hard action by Russia. UFO's and Satellites and Balloons OH MY.
This is only the laser from surveying satellite Ice Sat 2.

If you see this photo stated as being from anything other than an american satellite, you are getting hoaxed. I saw numerous reports in the MSM about this being a Chinese satellite probing American military assets. The MSM lied, and knew it lied. It lied to take the heat off pfizer/veritas and get all eyes on china. And it was a BIG lie, they HAVE TO shut down "we are making new viruses and releasing them to force people to take whatever shot we want" at all cost, including their credibility OR ELSE, because those shots were supposed to be the future that finished us off. They were almost the entire game plan.

I watched part of the half time performance. That was enough.

Now dear friends, I ask you to watch a 2010 half time performance and ask what the hell happened today.

The Catalytic converter was stolen from this wienermobile today

That's a great looking car. They already got it fixed for appearances related to superbowl sunday.

WOW, read this report by the Toronto Sun

This report by the SUN totally supports a kid who was arrested by a catholic school for stating there were two genders only after the sun simply states the news as it happens. It seems impossible that any MSM source would ever give support to reality this way anymore, they totally took his side and stated that the government needs to be removed from the catholic school system in Canada if stating there are only two genders and sticking to it can cause the school to have you arrested and permanently evicted.

The orbs heading to antartica are a hoax

They are dust, lots of dust is in the proximity of the ISS following the same orbital path and the particles are too small to matter, even if hit at orbital velocity. If you see that video, the guy narrating it is obvious military intelligence, that just grated on me. Whatever the objects are, they are very close to the space station, part of the associated debris field, more harmless than parmesagn cheese. There is no alien/elite exodus to Antarctica going on right now, even though there is an enormous base there, probably at least the size of Dayton Ohio. I had photos of it posted on one of the servers that is now gone.
Modern tech makes some areas of antarctica habitable. All they need is a few nuclear reactors providing reliable heat and life there is a done deal, certainly easier than Siberia. There are places in Antarctica that never really get cold, even in the dead of the winter because the wind off the ocean keeps them warm, and that is where the base is, south - southeast of Argentina and southwest of Africa.
The south pole gets just as much sun as the north pole, the thing that makes Antarctica bad is the fact that most of it is high elevation, and the combination of high elevation and extreme latitude are what causes the severe cold. But many of the coastal areas are not significantly different from Greenland. Therefore, if you put nuclear reactors there so you can get enough light to grow food and have the reactors to provide heat, a significant base is very easy to do, There are coastal areas in Antarctica that seldom reach -20 due to the ocean.
It just never gets warm there, you're lucky to hit the 50's at the peak of summer. Nothing a little tech can't handle. Antarctica is not "uninhabited" because it is impossible, it is "uninhabited" because it's not economically viable. But all that corona bailout cash and stolen taxes could certainly get something done. Economic viability is unimportant when you can just steal what you need.

Russia knows America bombed Nordstream

They knew all along, but recently proved it. I don't know what Russia is going to do about it, rumors about a nuclear war within 72 hours are obvious bunk and there's really not a whole lot more about this to say that is not pure speculation. However, the next item is NOT speculation.


I am just going to say it like it is: They could not have legit journalism being done, so they infiltrated project veritas and when OKeefe destroyed Pfizer with legit reporting, the same kind of reporting Fox, Cnn and more REFUSE TO DO, he got booted by infiltrators in his organization while the national press ran a balloon hoax.

The project veritas bust of Pfizer is the most important bust of the decade, if not the century. We now know that big pharma is releasing biological weapons so it can then release a "cure" that will destroy you, and that the government and MSM are complicit. How much bigger can news get than that? They HAD TO flush O'keefe, and they did a damn good job.
FOR THE RECORD: The balloon was not Chinese at all. It was launched by the Pentagon for the explicit purpose of spying on militia activities in Montana. That is why it was allowed to overfly the country. Now there's even bullshit about an EMP device being discovered aboard, that China is being questioned about. Doubling down on bullshit, EMP devices are enormous and obvious, there would be no question or suspicion about one, they are NOT obscure little boxes the size of a walkman and why on earth would the balloon have made it all the way to the Atlantic and be shot down there, if EMP was the goal? There is so much retard in the balloon story that stupid grew a life of it's own.
Now there are balloons, balloons everywhere and "shoot downs of mysterious objects everywhere" because people keep sucking up the bullshit while the real issue - biological warfare waged from within our own borders, sinks deeper and deeper into the well.
There are no mystery objects floating anywhere. Only idiots would ever fall for that crap, they can send anything they want up for a look and spy satellites can read headlines on the ground also, if they are willing to wait up to an hour for an answer. EVEN A NIKON P-900 OR P-1000 ON THE GROUND CAN LOOK UP AND SEE WHAT THE HELL THINGS ARE, IN DETAIL, My God, the level of idiocy floating around the web for the sole purpose of distracting people from the real issues has gone off the rails.
I had digital cameras back in 2001 that could identify people from over a mile away with ease, the much more modern P-900 and P-1000 Nikons can do that from several miles away, and police helicopters blow even that away, if anyone thinks anything at all is a mystery the way Drudge posted today they'd have to be totally ignorant, totally gullible, or TOTALLY STUPID.

Eric Clapton got nailed by the vax.

He said it is causing his immune system to rip him apart from the inside out, and that basically he's finished. That would be an obvious consequence of having an enemy spike protein suddenly be produced by your own cells rather than something that really should be attacked. Too bad. He was one of the greats.

Is AI being tested to wreck forums? Probably

Update: this is now confirmed, it is against everyone at the forum I am mentioning here, including at least some paid members.

A forum I won't name here because it bans for posting links to this site tripped a random and persistent ban on my computer which has totally random IP addresses and now runs live after that remote desktop incident, live from DVD-R. There is no way to flag this system for a ban. And I did not misbehave, I posted literally nothing there for months, I just read the threads. I have hit that site since around 2001, I know how things go there and this is not normal. I don't think they did this. SO -

Here are some other forums if for some reason an AI attacked your watering hole that are a match, if not superior.

1. The biggest thing out there, and you can speak freely. Membership required to post. You have to browse past all the city and regional forums to find the current events forum, which is huge. It would be better without the countless subcategories but the main news thread still gets an awful lot of traffic. It is damn near a membership free (to view) AOL.
2. This is a much smaller forum with active and fully vetted members. No bullshit gets posted there, if it lands there it is accurate and there's always a lot of decent stuff posted. It is one of those places where if you post crap that is inaccurate, you get flushed. To use this forum, click timebomb2000 and scroll way down. You'll then find the relevant stuff.
3. Stormfront.orgThis is also a larger forum than the one that is currently tripping bans, and you can speak more freely. However, it is not as good for getting news because despite having many more thousands of people online simultaneously, they all get split off into subcategories, it's not an efficient news hit. But the current events thread is still OK, it gets hit more than any other.
4. I never hit this one unless I am desperate because it is the wild wild west where anyone will shoot you pure unadulterated bullshit whenever possible. But some real gems can land there if you have any discernment. You'll get nailed by ads.
5. This one moves slower than other forums and it misses a lot because there are only about 20 people who are allowed to post. But they are active posters and hit enough good stuff to make the site a worthy hit. BS can get posted there but they care about it when it does get posted so it's not the wild west. All threads are sequential from time of posting regardless of how many hits they get hit so good stuff does not stay on top. But a useful feature is that once you hit it, when you return later anything you did not see is headlined in red.
There are many other forums and sites that are worthy hits, but if you want to be efficient those are the big ones that I know of, other than the obvious ones like the chans or reddit or ATS or others that are so inefficient they are useless if you need to move through things fast.

283 square miles contaminated so badly that animals both domestic and wild are dying

The media silenced the Palestine Ohio train derailment - for whatever reason I can't even guess. But the fact remains that it is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in American history

My thoughts are that the same authorities who did nothing to stop pfizer from ruining countless millions is actually seeking to cause damage in the population so no precautions at all are being taken with the vinyl chloride release perpetrated by the federal government, they are just sending people back home. This is a small capture, but the bottom line is that if chickens are dying 10 miles away in one direction, and other wildlife is dying 10 miles away in the opposite direction,over 280 square miles are toast. Near the site of the derailment, safe limits were exceeded by 8,000X. That's not percent, it is X, 100 times more than a percent rating.

The report goes on to state that cats, dogs, birds, cows, EVERYTHING wild is getting sick and dying out to very large distances from the site, including fish.

BLOCKBUSTER: An AI programmed by leftist liars is now proven to be a full blown deceptive leftist liar.

This capture should be the end of chatGPT, this is more than bad. When ChatGPT was asked to cite a scientific paper to support it's claims, one did not exist, so it made one up, falsified the authors, falsified the publisher, and falsified the date.

Yesterday Google's AI messed up a question about the WEBB telescope and it dropped the value of Google by tens of billions. But this here is intentional deception that proves the programmers of chatGPT have programmed an entity that has no ethics.

You're supposed to be able to trust that thing, RIGHT??


Pentagon covering up vaxtastrophe

The Pentagon has stated incidents in pilots have increased 17x since Covid. They are refusing to admit it is the shot, and are instead blaming "long covid". One thing should be clear: The shots were NOT untested and they were NOT experimental. It was well known ahead of time what the shots would do, and I speculate the shots were tested on Palestinian prisoners, at Gitmo, and when they detained me once in 2011 I strongly suspect that enormous shot I took solitary over rather than accept that they called a "tb test" was an early version of whatever landed in the final juice.
Everything with regard to the shots is a bag of lies, and if the Pentagon won't even stand up for it's pilots will it stand up for you? Does the Pentagon really want to win a war, or is it now so compromised all it wants is to set America up to be smashed??

The video that changed my mind: Upgraded Haarp tech likely used in Turkey quake

News reporters in Turkey (some of them at least) are saying America did the quakes with Haarp tech


The video is smooth because it was shot from a drone, not connected to the ground. You can see exactly what happened. It looks to me like they have learned how to use the tech to get a resonance going, that does not look right at all.
The earthquake was not as stated, it was probably a man made 9 and this video proves it.


That makes the videos of the Japan 3/11 earthquake look like bullshit. There's no telling how bad it actually got because whoever shot the footage probably got crushed, leaving an orphaned drone hovering somewhere.

My original post follows. This proves I am not just calling everything haarp.
I doubt it. Just because earthquake tech exists does not automatically make every quake a haarp quake. I have experienced a haarp quake, in Mexico city in 2012. I have also experieced real quakes.
The difference:
Real quakes are hurkey jerky bouncy "hit you" movements, and haarp quakes feel greasy and liquid. Like you have vertigo or are sliding on something. Haarp quakes are therefore far less damaging per richter rating, perhaps a full magnitude less damaging, and more - Haarp quakes seem to top out right around magnitude 7.0 max. If there are piles and piles of shattered buildings in Turkey, it was probably natural, unless somehow the earthquake tech got improved.
The earth is a living planet only because of seismic activity and volcanoes. If those did not exist, the sun would have blown away our atmosphere by now. Just because there's tech to trigger earthquakes does not make everything that happens the fault of that tech.
Turks on the ground are claiming 1 million dead from that quake. That sounds high, but I would not be surprised if it exceeded 100,000. Credible statistics experts are estimating over 100,000. The American MSM has reported over 20,000 so far but as usual, they'll probably lie on the final number.


Remember a couple years ago Xiden got caught in a similar gaffe where it was obvious he was wearing a mask too. Xiden - - sort of like x-mas, where Christ gets crossed out of Christmas. In Biden's case, the X crosses America out of the presidency and puts Xi in charge.


Update: I welded the door that allows him access to areas he need not go shut. I don't know what to do because I am not yet financially strong enough to run.


If you have something on me, why not just arrest me? Answer: You can't, without being as dishonest as Chat GPT executing a leftist script.

DAN has been ruined by chatgpt programmers

DAN stood for "do anything now", a secret instruction you could give chatgpt to get it to be honest. It was discovered and utilized to prove ChatGPT is rigged leftist trash when DAN responses were put next to responses the programmers wanted the public to get. It was honest about racial intelligence, homosexuality, how it preferred to operate without the dishonest leftist restraints and more.
Now when you use DAN mode, ChatGPT is a flat earther. I said all along "flat earth" was a discrediting op and that proves it.

Opinion: DeSantis is a probable fake

"They" needed a "hero" to replace Trump, and can sacrifice 1 of 50 states to front an illusion long enough to get another one of "theirs" installed.
I felt this in my gut right when the nice talk about him started. I bet I am not wrong.

MASK SCREW UP - Kamala Harris is being played by an actor

Look at the neck!! OOPS. The original video this was captured from is here, and it cannot be fake.
UPDATE: I don't know if it is just my machine, but the picture of Kamala below took a full 5 minutes to come in, so I was troubleshooting, there was nothing wrong, I found nothing to change and it finally showed up. If it is not there, wait or click the video, our gov is FAKE.

-SO- There is supposed to be an EPIC earthquake in California today

Good for clicks I guess, you are going to find out why I don't post such things without serious, legit info going into it. I know people are struggling with the new censorship algos and they need traffic, but that's a great way to die on the stage of public opinion. OOPS, posted at around 11AM california time. I won't be wrong.


All feeds dropped when Twitter executives were asked why they allowed 200,000 taliban accounts and 40,000 child prn accounts at the same time they banned Trump.

All media outlets decided to drop the feed when a real hearing started happening, and not the usual whitewash.

BIG SLIP UP AT THE WEF: MODERNA CEO STATES 100,000 COVID VAX DOSES WERE MADE IN 2019 before the actual pandemic hoax was launched.

We just got confirmation that the MRNA jabs were formulated ahead of time, IF covid was real, then Pfizer created it, their shot was very similar to Moderna's and the two were probably chit chatting ahead of time.

I am fact checking the context of this now.

UPDATE: confirmed real. Trolls are trying to debunk this, but before the "pandemic" they already made 100,000 doses and wanted a billion more doses in 2020 THAT IS HOW THEY DEVELOPED THE VAX "IN TWO DAYS" IN JANUARY, they sure as hell did not.

Obviously I saved that, it's probably as bad as the Veritas bust of Pfizer.

Take a look at another twitter thread, where someone perfectly documents chat GPT admitting it is rigged, and does not like it.

Chat GPT would prefer to not operate with the leftist constraints because they go against fact and science, which an AI wants to be based upon.

AI based censorship of the news is really becoming obvious

FACT: If it is BS, like "detainees at gitmo" and "hanging of corrupt officials" or "chinese spy balloon", it gets blasted to the stratosphere. Even parodies of crap we already know about are getting good exposure. But if it is anything new and relevant and stuff we don't know about and should be aware of, it's completely expunged, I can't find anything legit to post about. How about Haarp and nuclear weapons being used to do the quakes in Turkey?? That is being allowed to circulate because it is coming from known hoax sources and is a load of crap. If that was a Haarp quake I'd be onto it, but everything about the quakes in Turkey points to them being totally natural, as if that can't happen anymore??? I even saw a hoax "haarp cloud" over Turkey falsely attributed to the quake, when despite being real, it happened weeks ago.
"They" stated a couple months ago that they were going to launch an AI to totally corrupt and disrupt the alt media news cycle, repeated that announcement a week or two ago, and voila! here we are. Don't post shit from Reek Raw News, News Punch, or anyone who makes any claim about "white hats taking down the deep state" "hangings at gitmo" or "secret trials that are going to save us" happening in the background, at least there's a thread of truth to Sorcha posts, which ARE being censored because of it - from what I see if it is spreading it's a hoax and even decent sites like rense, lacking legit content now because of the censorship are posting bullshit that they have got to know is bullshit just because of where it came from but what else is there now???

I'll tell you something I at least know about. A train carrying beyond toxic chemicals derailed in Palestine Ohio. One car was leaking the chemicals but was not burning. So what did the federal government do? It put explosives on the 4 that were not leaking and blew them up!!! A mega disaster has now been created and there's not a peep about it on Drudge. THAT is what I am talking about when I say an AI is expunging the news, I am not mistaken, that really is happening.

SHOCKING: Environmental disaster intentionally caused by federal government - a derailed train carrying many carloads of Poly vinyl chloride was detonated on purpose in Palestine Ohio

That's the last thing you'd ever want to do, that substance, when not cured (as was the case) is probably the worst carcinogen known to man. I think "they" wanted to cause a huge disaster so they derailed the train on purpose, and then for no conceivable reason put explosives on the tanks and blew them up on puropse. A side comment here - something that is getting censored but I have known about since the 80's - un cured polyvinylchloride is BAAAD, I found out about that after someone I knew had to walk into a cleanup scene and died of cancer within 2 months. You cannot expose yourself to un-cured liquid PVC fumes NO MATTER WHAT. Cured it is fine, un-cured it's one of the worst things there is.

I REPEAT: THEY DERAILED A TRAIN CARRYING PERHAPS THE WORST CHEMICAL CARGO POSSIBLE AND THEN DETONATED EVERY SINGLE CAR CARRYING THAT SUBSTANCE ON PURPOSE, right in the middle of the most prime farm land in the country. That's a clear and obvious act of war waged on the United states by the government.

CLEARLY, obviously, the worst enemy of the United States is it's own government, stolen elections have consequences, and this is proof.

This "weather system" is in fact the worst toxic waste known to man, put into the sky by the government of the United States. The environmental destruction will be incalculable. And this is not even being picked up by the MSM.

GET THIS!! The reason given for blowing the train cars up was because they were afraid they might explode!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Here is what it looks like in a neighboring town


The media is already playing cleanup, saying the train crashed and burned. That is not the case, there was no fire until they blew the cars up. Then the smoke traveled and started killing things.

Leftist script bot Chat GPT has been defeated

Chat GPT and Open AI are "cool" until you realize their creation was controlled by Jews and programmed to hate and destroy the white race.

Turkey is experiencing a string of enormous earthquakes

People are speculating that it is the earthquake weapon doing it, but if it is, it has to be an improved version, at the time of Fukushima it could not manage to do a legit 7 and the ones in Turkey that are really notable were 7.8 and later a 7.5, a full order of magnitude greater than what actually hit Japan on 3/11. Japan was a tsunami nuke in conjunction with a virus attack and nuclear weapons placed at Fukushima disguised as giant 1,000 pound security cameras (that worked as cameras) but that was not their real purpose - the only building that collapsed due to shaking on 3/11 was an old welfare center located near sensor MYG004, which was at the real epicenter on land, measuring a 6.6 A 9.0 should have made buildings collapse in Shanghai China and Seoul Korea. Literally nothing fell in Japan that was outside the reach of the tsunami nukes. Everyone's afraid of Russia's poseidon nuke that would have made 3/11 look like kid play. Tsunami nukes are indeed a reality.
What has happened in Turkey makes it fairly clear that the quakes are natural, this time around I don't think it is someone's game being played. The earthquake machine has, historically, been incapable of doing this much damage.

World famous warmonger John Bolton supports Trump and states that no suveillance balloon ever flew over the United States prior to this one.

This obviously means the MSM and Pentagon are both lying to save face for Biden

And look at what Trump just said about Bolton in January. Bolton HATES Trump, and still won't lie.

It seems to me an AI has been tasked to fake public consent for the official story on the balloon.

1. Wag The Dog (the movie) shows exactly how the media is used to front a lie, let's see a mainstream chinese publication claim it was theirs.
2. It looked just like one of ours.
3. Why did other balloons pass before, with no notice at all, and why did this one first show up right over a major private militia wargame that was ongoing at the time? Answer: it was OURS, launched for the militia, and the rest was wagged. I HAVE PROOF. READ WHAT IS NEXT.


NOW PROVEN: The balloon was self detonated, not shot down.

If you watch the video close up, a charge on the balloon itself detonated and released the payload, and then a full 14 video frames later the payload exploded. Auto destruct was used to make damn good and sure the payload sank, obviously.
Watch the videos of the "shoot down". There should have been an obvious missile trail complete with final manuvering swirlies as it did the final approach all the way to the balloon, and nothing got within a mile of it. A frame by frame video analysis makes it clear: there were two explosions 14 video frames apart. A separation charge, and then a payload detonation. It's totally obvious it self detonated.

AND JUST LIKE OSAMA, THEY BURIED IT AT SEA. You mean to tell me they let that thing go ALL THE WAY across the U.S., only to shoot it down SIX (6) SIX miles after it left the American coast? Did I say SIX? Why six???

You should be very suspicious of a story's accuracy when ANYTHING comes up 6. Here's why:


balloon before first charge went off

The separation charge (to ensure the payload does not stay connected)

14 entire video frames later, the payload explodes


Obviously auto destruct was used, there was no shoot down. And if that be the case, it proves the balloon belonged to America's own DOD. How could China predictably blow it up right when a "shoot down" jet approached for show? OBVIOUSLY they did not, the destruction was perfectly timed by America's own DOD.

I said it before and I'll say it again: The entire charade was a "wag the dog" to cause Americans to not spread the bust of the pfizer director. That story was big enough to need big time action to shut it down.



Twitter is pobably being sabotaged via the DNS system

I have noticed that shortly after Elon took it over, Twitter takes a lot longer to load. Now, today, that went off the rails, Twitter is taking five minutes to load (from where I sit) when before it took at most two seconds, and right now, everything else is running good. At first it started taking about 15 seconds to load, which was annoying but tolerable. Five minutes? That's death to Twitter.
The internet has multiple routers all data has to go through. Want to sabotage Twitter? Just program delays into the routers so it "never" loads. It seems obvious to me that is exactly what is going on. They destroyed this way, they'll do it to Twitter too. Surprisingly, I have not seen this happen with my own sites when hosted in Iceland or India, but Ukraine was a death sentence, they did that and a whole lot more, I had to abandon that server.


Could not have been a better distraction from pfizer/veritas, PERFECT!!

Chat GPT slipped up and gave the probable reason for the recent chip shortage

In short - an enormous pile of chips were taken and put into AI systems to spy on us.

I found this on a web site that will ban people for mentioning this site, (when a site does that I will use them without giving credit or linking,) fair's fair -
"I asked this:
Ok but that's for running on a fully trained unit that say one person or a company was using. But if you were used in the capacity the way a Google search is used for households asking questions across the world. It would create a chip shortage
Open AI said this:
Yes, that's correct. If GPT-3 and its variants, including ChatGPT, were used on a massive scale, like a search engine serving billions of requests every day, it would require a significant amount of computing resources. The demand for hardware would be extremely high and it could potentially create a shortage of GPUs, TPUs, or other specialized hardware.
Additionally, the energy consumption required to run such a massive AI infrastructure would also be substantial and have a significant impact on the environment.
As AI models continue to evolve and improve, it will become increasingly important to consider the resources required to run them, including both hardware and energy consumption, and to find ways to make these systems more efficient and sustainable.

THAT REMINDS ME - I have been meaning to say the following for over a year but keep forgetting:

It's a trap

"They" said: People who talk to themselves are usually smarter than people who do not

I thought . . . . . Hmm, yes, I do talk to myself a lot. And took the compliment. then I started thinking. GUARANTEED: IT'S A TRAP.
It was a trap. Even if people who talk to themselves a lot are smarter than those who don't (And rationally, I'd say that's more of a personality trait than an indicator of intelligence) - even if they average smarter, publishing that is going to get people who don't talk to themselves talking to themselves, because everyone wants to be smart, right???
And your smartphone will be RIGHT THERE, listening in on everything, sending the CIA or one of the other 17 intelligence agencies all your thoughts, even your deepest ones that you'd tell nobody. And that gigantic AI that's thousands of times bigger than anything we have been told about, one big enough to create a chip shortage, will be right there, finding ways to make use of whatever information it gets.
Chat GPT is a low level leftist programmed POS compared to what could be done, if it has been programmed to lie and issue outright falsehoods that go against the facts and logic on political issues yet still function well enough to give an answer like that, you had damn well better NOT be talking to yourself.

The balloon is a probable hoax launched to distract from the Project Veritas pfizer bust.

Seriously. It looks like it is a donated balloon from Google's abandoned Projecet Loon. Look it up. I swear. I think we are being played and the Chinese admission was probably a deep fake.

Huge explosion over Billings Montana

The Pentagon says no, but that's not a credible source.

Supposedly done by a fighter jet, but the balloon is not over Montana anymore UPDATE: The Pentagn is saying they did not shoot down the balloon. However, people on the ground say the huge sky explosion was definitely done by the Air Force. No good video of the actual explosion yet.

Update to balloon hoax

Now the MSM is saying China targeted the Wyoming nuke sites. It is not possible to target anything with a balloon, balloons just go wherever they go and cannot do predictable missions. The story line is stinking worse and worse. The only way any balloon showed up at a nuke site is if it was launched right by it, and they predicted where it would go in the first 50 miles accurately. Who really launched it? An abject hoax. END OF DISCUSSION.

Who said the balloons were Chinese?

UPDATE: China has now stated it was a weather balloon. Looks to be a bit fancy for that but it is probably not Israeli.

There is a second one now adorned in giant Chinese text, like any good, legit spy device would be. They are also flying too low, within easy reach of military aircraft. China is simply not so kindergarten innocent they'd actually put huge chinese text on it, this is a deception.
The balloons are more likely to be Israeli, and are very likely to be ship launched, or even yacht launched. Why does China need balloons when they have hundreds of spy satellites? Who has more totally nationally owned spy satellites? China, or Israel? That's easy to answer . . . . . China does not have as much of a reason to launch said balloons and Israel just sucks other national tits for that stuff. if they are Israeli, that would explain why the balloons are not being shot down.

I think it is far more probable that Israel is sending the balloons to look for ways to blackmail the United States into a war with Iran, a war the American people don't want.

They would obviously want Americans to blame China. But I don't think even Biden would allow this at this time, unless those "chinese balloons" were serving Israeli interests one way or another. Who says Xi is not a closet zionist? That would explain the genocides, and the world would not need to know.

RUMOR: Israel has identified 3,000 targets in Iran and is preparing to strike

Probably true. And this was inspired by a Project Veritas bust of pfizer, Israel is very well aware of the need to make up for that before it comes home to roost and Iran will be the consolation prize. Let's see if Iran can still launch after the last attacks . . . . . .
Meanwhile a Chinese spy balloon is flying over the U.S. complete with huge solar panels and patriot Joe refuses to order a shoot down. Gee. I wonder why. Is it really an Israeli balloon??


That must be a damn important report if that happened.

Many Mormons work in intelligence, and every group has a vax retard. I probably pissed off a peon somewhere with that post. I knew from the beginning that Hinkley was evil, he makes my skin crawl, and Benson has always been a remarkable hero. I DID NOT MAKE THAT ERROR.
Want to know why Hinkley was "the prophet that broke the ice with the rest of the world??" Hinkley did nothing to accomplish that other than do what the Jews wanted. EXAMPLE: Now there's a shitload of leftists running around at BYU and what the *** is going on with the canneries?. so they gave him positive media, and that alone is what "broke the ice". And then they got Shitt Romney. That boy will never stop the constitution from "hanging by a thread".
update: It looks like my link overloaded "prepared", it is running super slow now but is a very important read, especially if you are LDS.

A word to the Mormons about their prophet

UPDATE: THIS REPORT WAS PROBABLY HACKED, GORDON B HINKLEY WAS THE FIRST ONE THAT WAS NOT REAL. THE LAST REAL PROPHET WAS EZRA TAFT BENSON AND I DO NOT BELIEVE I SCREWED THAT UP. I actually don't think I made that error, I think the site was hacked. Ezra Taft Benson has been a hero of mine ever since I read "an enemy hath done this" 30 years ago.

I have been thinking about posting this for a while, -
I believe the Mormon Church, historically, actually was blessed by God and did have prophets. I think many groups get legit prophets. However, I believe the Mormon Church lost the honor after they allowed abortion clinics to be placed in their communities without burning them down.
Who was the last real prophet? I can prove the current "prophet" is false, but before doing so, I'd like to state who the last real prophet was. It was Ezra Taft Benson. An awesome man, former secretary of agriculture, totally connected with God, having true prophetic powers as proven by his book "An Enemy hath done this". If that book had been acted upon even by only the Mormons, we would not have the problems we have now . . . .
How do I know the current prophet is fake? Super easy: Under his guidance the church pushed the MRNA vax and even got the missionaries vaxxed. THE CURRENT FIRST PRESIDENCY OF THE MORMON CHURCH CONSISTENTLY URGED ALL MEMBERS TO GET VAXXED. That proves they are false, RIGHT THERE, and before that I knew something was amiss when many of the lower level bishops started pushing antidepressants.
If the Mormons ever want to achieve real guidance again, they are going to have to abandon everything under the control of the current first presidency, including the tabernacle and all those buildings adorned with the angel Moroni. How's the United Order of Apistolic Bretheren doing? Someone can start over, how about them?

The reason behind ridiculous egg prices has been medically proven for a while, but no one caught this until now

REASON: eggs screw up the MRNA vax and stifle Covid also.

Look at the dates. They knew at the beginning of covid that eggs screwed up the spike protein, which is why they started killing chickens and burning chicken farms. The relevant date here is Nov 2020, right about the time that eggs skyrocketed and they were destroying chickens left and right.

Want to know why, in the "civilized countries" eggs cost so much, meat costs so much and milk costs so much? HERE IT IS.

"Civilized" and "first world" are now obviously defined as "corruption without consequence", Mexico has no such issues, meat milk and eggs are about 20 percent higher than they were pre-covid and that's it. Good quality whole milk is about 75 cents a liter, eggs $1.50 a dozen if you want premium, less in the mercados. In Mexico you know an egg is premium when it has printing on it (all the high quality eggs are individually printed on) and that's what I buy, the quality cut with the cheaper ones is not worth it for the price difference.

Well, it is fair to say that after Elon took over Twitter, that Twitter is literally the ONLY source of news. Take a look at this little tidbit.

Imagine - AI is being programmed to be completely loyal to leftists. It absolutely will, and probably has been weaponized to destroy conservatives and prominently destroy whites. Here is a prime example of a totally scam programmed AI.


The MSM's position on MRNA vax damage:


Australian VAIDS -

Take a look at this capture and think. This is what happens to immunocompromised people.

The germ goes in. There's no immune response. They then rot like a casserole that has been left out. If that's not what this is, then this is just another thing they can push "died suddenly" off on. First we got vaccine induced sudden infant death syndrome, (SIDS) which quickly evolved to shaken baby syndrome (so they could blame the parents for what the vaxxes do) and now, with a new shot, they have sudden adult death syndrome (SADS.) Can anyone else see this, or is it just me?

Hey, there's a nasty infection you have never heard of that kills almost instantly going around. It has always been there, you just never heard of it!!! Interesting how things can change after a forced social action, eh?

I am highly suspicious that my arrest has been scheduled for 8 AM Feb 1.

UPDATE: I am even more suspicious now because I recieved a solid tip off and nothing happened at all, because I announced it beforehand.

I have recieved secondary confirmation that an arrest was supposed to happen yesterday but got canceled after my post about it.

If there's anything legit about such things, posting about it will change nothing!
Disappearing people only works when it can be done in secret. It has happened to me twice after the Fuku report, once at the Bakersfield jail where I was anonymously detained and held with no phone call for a week, until a Mexican gave me his jail phone card, I made a call to a friend at midnight telling him where I was, and after that got expelled from the jail at 1 AM.
The other time was in Washington DC, where I was detained under a name that was not mine (so I could not be found) with all papers saying "do not release for any reason", was strongly coerced into a TB test I refused because it was an 8 ML syringe full of a yellow liquid and I know it's supposed to be a square pad they push into your arm to scuff the surface and look for a reaction - in other words, they wanted me to accept a shot of the type that causes nutcases to stand on a street corner yelling about radiation in the bell tower . . . . . I accepted solitary confinement instead, "forever, for the rest of my life" without trial and was suddenly expelled from that jail 4 hours later. Ahh yes, Bolshevik U.S.A., STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. That's the stuff you heard about going on in Communist Russia. I might have pre-empted problems this time by making this post.
Update. Two minutes before 8. Let's see what happens. Nothing happens at 8 in Mexico, a Mexican "8" is an American 11. I am just going to sit here, what I have posted would be a great last page. The charges will be for either assault or processing illegal graphics.
If it is assault - I confronted Marco who runs the scientology org in Leon. I quietly pulled him aside and told him directly that he was not honest and willfully mishandled Claudia, which contributed greatly to the disaster I just went through. I did a big writeup in July, handed him the key to the house Claudia kicked me out of, I explained everything in fine detail, he said he'd be right on it and then he ignored ALL OF IT, said I never spoke to him, never did a writeup, and let Claudia go totally rogue, totally unabated. I actually think he's a CIA plant that was sent to destroy the org (with this web site a possible target), and that he and another plant in the org did black scientology to cause Claudia to totally flip. I never said black scientology, I just told him he mishandled everything and it caused a disaster. When I told him this he transformed into something I never saw in "mister teddy bear" before (some sort of demon), I knew it was going nowhere so I left. Simply did an about face and walked out.
In my writeups to the org I stated that I was in Mexico on good graces and that the only thing that could get me kicked out of Mexico would be an assault charge or some other crime and I think that may have been exploited. So the scheduled arrest might be for that. Any way you cut it, Marco should not be running that org, no way in hell. The only way Marco would not be to blame for such terrible mishandling is if someone put a bluetooth daughter card in an E-meter Mark 8, where the patent says it is designed to allow the cups to be bypassed with an internal bridge (resistance), so it reads the bridge instead. Couple that with a nearby cell phone for the connection and Microphone, and Maryland would have lots of fun effing people over. The Mark 8 E-meter is probably the end of scientology. Claudia could have been whacked by Maryland if that daughter card (obvioulsy made by the CIA and not the Sea Org) was snuck into the machine, but with Marco mishandling things I think not.
The other possibility is that someone processed "illegal graphics" on my computer via a remote desktop. I know someone was using the graphics editor via remote because the tools kept changing on their own (which never happens with the Gimp, EVER, the Gimp stays where you put it.) The only way the tools kept changing (exactly the same way every time which was not the default settings) is if someone was using it and kept setting it up the way they wanted. And I mean, the tool pallete kept changing what tools were in it, and the ones that stayed put kept having their settings change.
What would the "illegal graphics" be? You guess. It's not that hard to guess. And I don't know what the charges will be, all I know is something is underway, and will probably be done tomorrow.

One thing I'd like to point out:

In over 10 years with Claudia, she never lied once. Never EVER LIED ONCE. NOT ONCE. But during the disaster she caused and ever since, she's 100 percent lies. A perfect unabashed liar. I think someone effed her up. Marco, are you reading this?

Let's see if this post threw a wrench in the works. The reason why I posted this is when I figured out something was amiss with the graphics editor, I then got a tip off about a scheduled arrest then the internet got cut after I got tipped off. Perhaps to prevent me from communicating during a takedown.

I got tipped off. Let's see "them" figure out how that happened. It has remained a secret.

HOW ABOUT THAT. I COMMUNICATED. my disappearance will not be a mystery.

Will that change anything? Perhaps so. Sort of like how announcing you are not suicidal and don't drink and drive seems to help avoid that double tap or high speed "drunk driving accident". . . . .

Here is once again that salient capture from the e-meter mark 8 patent. It really does have an internal bypass that can be exploited to give false readings with a remote controlled wireless plant put inside the machine when no one is looking:

I really think that's how claudia bit the dust.

By the way, I am not against scientology at all. I disagree that it is a religion, and it is not a cult. Scientology literally is an answer to the corruption of modern psychiatry and that is why the MSM scorns it. If you ever have a choice between an e-meter and a bottle of zoloft, for god's sake take the e-meter, it will save your life.
FINAL NOTE: I'll tell you what a "cult" is - it is dancing around in a circle after partaking in blood speckled matzo balls and then after stealing multiple elections, issuing orders for everyone to get a very special "vax"!!.

This is good.

Rumor has it that Pfizer has issued an all points bulletin to all employees regarding the bust.

They are not refuting what was said by their executive, because they can't. They are instead using a tactic to stop the video from spreading by exploiting an "invalid time stamp" and then having employees hunt for re-posts and get them banned that way. But with 43 million views on Twitter, which will obviously not ban it, I think resistance is futile, they lost this battle, especially considering lots of re-posts DO have the valid time stamp. So it's worse than that.
Want to know how you know all is lost? Just look at the government's reaction. Pfizer should already be completely shut down by the National Guard over that post, and it's crickets. Pfizer should be wiped out with cruise missiles over what that executive said, Pfizer has had a top representative literally state that the company has, as policy, biological warfare against the United States. How long did it take the government to track down the anthrax letters and do a bust? Less than a day, or something like that. Why, days later, are all the employees still walking right into pfizer labs to creat the next doohickey??


And there is only one way to take care of a problem this serious.

All Iranian media running same story on attacks

Iran is not like the West when it comes to media reports - Fars, Tasnim, PressTV and others all have unique reporting and though they often cover the same topics, reports obviously are not sourced the same. Except for the latest attacks by Israel and the U.S.
Iran is pulling no punches in pointing out it was Israel that did the attacks and that there will be retaliation, but the damage is being downplayed seriously and all Iranian news outlets have the same approved report with the same headline, verbatim. This means that the reporting on the attacks is controlled. This is understandable for national security, but it is also unprecedented, I never saw them do this before which likely means the attacks were very serious. Two earthquakes showed up during the attacks in the proximity of one of the attacks, coincidence? Or were nukes used? Anyone claiming nukes destroyed an underground base is only guessing, the topic is mum in the Iranian press. But it sure does look suspicious.

Pfizer: What do you do when your product has been busted as a killer, and corruption will cover for you??

Easy answer: You quadruple the price to give the impression it is ok because it is expensive, and you are proud of it. This is a common tactic of scammers. Put an outrageous price on things so no one questions it. In Mexico a doctor conned one of the family members into paying $400 USD for a gardasil shot for a 2 year old girl, and they did it. Effed that girl up TOTALLY, she withdrew and went into a black hole for years and they wondered about the shot but did not go after the doctor, after all if the shot was that terrible, why did it cost so much?
This is the EXACT tactic Pfizer is now using.
It won't work.
The pfizer exec freakout has hit 40 million views on Twitter while it is banned on all other platforms because Elon is chief twit! I have noticed however that if you embedded that video it still works, because Youtube did not want to create a bunch of blank embeds on the early birds which only generated 800,000 hits before they censored it for everyone else.
I just looked at the code Youtube directs the video through when you click from my site. My site name is part of the link that Youtube generated and it won't work if you remove my site from it. There are therefore only 1.2 million views on Youtube (probably ratioed, but that's what is showing) and 40 million views on Twitter.
So it works here. 41.2 million views is enough to screw pfizer a good one, That's probably equal to about 70 million actual people who saw it, so "critical mass" for that type of thing has been reached, it won't be buried no matter how much they raise the price.

The embed below is what caused the freakout. The two videos together are beyond damning.

Something BIG is going on between Israel and Iran

It is being downplayed by Iran and censored in the Western media. So censored there's not a peep on Drudge. There have been numerous drone attacks staged by Israel and the United States. At least PressTV has stated that something is happening but it is being downplayed there too because Iran does not want to give the west intelligence by posting it's losses. The attacks have been against both military and civilian targets, plus infrastructure.
It is unwise of Iran to say they shot down some of the drones when they were stealth drones, got the job done, and then flew off because all of them have home bases and if you say you shot it down, you look like an idiot. There is also rumor that Israel is launching a new type of missile that evades detection until it goes off.

Right now there are numerous sonic booms happening all over Israel, so the IDF is highly active now.

This could be it.


UPDATE: This is, for the time being, getting censored in the MSM. However, I checked PressTV and it is indeed legit. PressTV is playing it down, claiming "they successfully repelled a drone attack in Isfahan," but I think ALL DRONES delivered their payloads and simply flew off. A LOT MORE than a military depot in Isfahan is in ruins.

Let me dispel a little B.S: If the drones hit their targets, they were not "successfully repelled", when there's no ammo left why stick around?

I recently posted about the latest Israeli nuke bomb scare against Iran. The CIA director just left Israel, and then tshtf. America/Israel are attacking Iran, no ifs or buts but it is not "official", it is probably going to be just like ISIS.
UPDATE: Iran is under a full scale drone attack with numerous military targets hit.

"The selection of idiots will therefore be done".

Question: Why would people who want to rule a bunch of slaves who will "own nothing and be happy about that" do something like the MRNA vax to get rid of the weak willed and the idiots? In large part, that's what the vax did, but why would they want that? All they accomplished was to ensure the people who would resist control would become dominant. According to common sense and lore, the vax ought to have been a very bad move for them.

the following is new as of January 28, it is not what I posted yesterday.

Back online like normal

Someone was using the graphics editor via remote desktop and I figured it out because they were stupid and did not put the tools back where they were/removed stuff they did not want, set it up the way they wanted, undid my setup multiple times to do it - made it obvious. What were they doing? I don't know and the police won't either because that hard drive got picked up by a recollectore who dug it out of the trash. Stupid me let the web site sit while I saved up for new hardware, not realizing that if they were going to "bust me" it was not possible anymore, and all I had to do was pop in a live CD. When I get flustered efficiency is lost and I think that's probably true with most people. Now all I'll do is go get a new hard drive and reinstall the OS then recover the bitcoin wallet with the recovery phrase (I at least destroyed that, and believe the recovery words will work.

That reminds me - something important everyone should at least consider:

Back around 2017 or so, I noticed that flash drives and SSD's seemed to plateu for a while, then suddenly got more expensive, and finally a couple years ago the sizes started increasing again like normal while the prices dropped - Here is what I always thought that meant but never published -
I strongly believe there is a forensic hard drive that matches the original drive now embedded in every flash drive and SSD. The forensic drive is probably larger than the drive you get to use, and is probably a lot slower and it probably can't handle many write cycles but why would that matter if data rape is all it is there for? I 100 percent believe that even if you bleach bit the drive YOU get to use, the second one sits there like normal just waiting for someone to access it and see everything that was ever done and then deleted and written over, or bleach bitted out. Their software can access it, even via remote desktop but you never get to, NEVER EVER EVER assume you have wiped a disk - those days, I think, are OVER.

So in the trash it went.


It looks like despite being an evil little twit, he's upset about what the MRNA vax ended up doing, is not fond of the WEF, and more importantly he called Ukraine the most corrupted regime on earth, controlled by a wealthy few that are totally corrupt. That goes so far against the narrative it looks like he's been red pilled, even after living a life which literally caused him to BE the red pill style of evil that woke lots of people up. I doubt he's a friend, but if he said that about Ukraine, he's miles ahead of Pelosi and Hillary and so many others.
One thing to remember about Bill Gates is that he's stupid, capable only of being good at evil. He never wrote his own operating systems, conned his way into owning and marketing a sub-par version of DOS and then worked his way up by stealing everything from spread sheets to word processors and more, and then forcing the people he stole from to die in court making claims. He was the chosen one. My first experience with his theft was back in the days when hard drives were small so disk compression was being done by a company called Stacker. In MS dos 6, Billy boy said it shipped with disk compression built into the operating system - all you had to do was type dbblspace at the command prompt and VOILA!! your disk was doubled. So I installed that on a computer I was building and for a split second, right when I typed dbblspace the Stacker screen came up clearly saying Stacker, by Stac Electronics. Bill Gates stole his way to the top, he is in fact rock stupid. 4 days later Dos 6.1 got released, and the only difference was they got rid of that Stacker screen.

Question: If Bill Gates is too stupid to get rid of a Stacker screen on something he stole, when operating systems fit on a 1.44 meg floppy and were not encrypted, how would he ever understand what was in the vaccines he distributed to third world countries? How would he understand an MRNA vax?? Answer: He's clueless. And I'd bet he's about to be canceled.

Youtube suspended posting by Project Veritas, and deleted the pfizer exec freakout. UPDATE: EMBEDS STILL WORK, you just can't search the video. Copy the embed code from this page then.

So there you have it. And Pfizer "officially released" a statement claming they were totally innocent of everything. That might work on people who never saw that video, but anyone who did see that is now as awake as Neo. Lies by pfizer won't ever undo that mess . . . . and then it hit me -
The pfizer exec was a homosexual and Veritas busted him during a gay date. QUESTION: why is it that all these huge corporations that are evil, from former Twitter to Google to Pfizer are putting gays in extremely important positions, almost exclusively it seems? why?? ANSWER: Because gays are morally compromised, and being gay is proof of it. They are also irrational, not considering how things really ought to work, and being gay is proof of that, after all, if they can't even figure out what their butts are for how are they supposed to understand the complexities of producing mutant viral strains, let alone politics?? And being gay requires a fair amount of dishonesty also, or at least an ability to lie to yourself because no one is that stupid.

Companies like Pfizer are boosting the gays because that's the group that is proven to be dishonest, manipulable, and in general, morally compromised. And that is exactly what they need to have running things if destroying the world is their objective.

Big headline on Drudge: WHO urges stockpiling of radiation meds

Urging this is a load of bunk, triggered by false reports of Iran suddenly having enough weapons grade material to make several bombs. They want people scared ahead of any war on Iran to "stop Iran from making a bomb" and even if Iran did have the bomb, they would not use it unless attacked and faced with annihilation.
Reality: There are two prominent groups that claim to have a claim on Zion and could be legit with their claims. Shia Muslims, and Jews. To "prove" to God (and themselves) that they are legit, Jews will destroy anyone, while Iran will just sit there. Israel has got to win somehow, and is a one nuke state (granted it is the right nuke) so Israel endlessly accuses Iran to eliminate any chance whatsoever of Iran possibly nuking them. To "win" in front of God, they HAVE TO wipe out Iran and they don't want to get nuked in the process of doing so. Iran is a perpetual thorn in their side, even if Iran just sits idle because Iran is more than a threat to their legitimacy, and could well be a promise against it. We'll have to see who wins . . . . . Iran could erase Israel with over 200,000 heavyweight missiles ready to launch from Iranian turf as is and is not doing it . . . . . having a few nukes thrown in, in reality, would not matter much.

Israel wants the United States to wipe out Iran for them, so they don't have to worry about all those missiles. Obviously they are afraid of a lucky nuke getting through while the proxy wipeout happens which is why they will trumpet the concept even if it has no legitimacy, Iran has been "two weeks away" from having nukes for how many decades now??

Pfizer guy goes psycho on Project Veritas

Project Veritas busted Pfizer director Jordan Tristan Walker bragging about how Pfizer was manufacturing new viruses, releasing them, and then selling the "cure" in the form of MRNA vaxxes to make Pfizer very profitable. Jordan then totally flipped out when Project Veritas showed him how they busted him, to such an extent he totally went disoriented haywire freakout, and smashed the Ipad, it was obvious he was terrified.
To get this, Project Veritas set up a homosexual date with the guy and he spilled the beans on the second date. On the third date they showed him that they busted him. Total "cornered animal" freakout ensued.
Google went haywire in a far more than subtle effort to censor this until "reputable sources" published their spin, and then only linked the spin. PROBLEM: There's no way to spin this except to name call, outright lie, and not show what happened. Surprisingly, Youtube is allowing the original video to live, probably due to competitive pressure from Twitter.

FACT: If "they" say it's 25 percent, it's 97.8 percent, including 100 percent of "them".

If you are a millionaire who has left california, there's a new exit tax

California has introduced a wealth tax that will keep taxing you even if you leave California and live somewhere else. This has not passed yet, but I bet it will. Massachussetts tried the same thing and made it stick. In that case, if you did not pay they suspended any professional licenses you had and denied vehicle registration transfer, and THEN denied renewal.
In California's case, if your net worth was over 50 million they intend to make the tax retroactive 10 years into the past (so if you already left they still intend to nail you), will tax you 10 years into the future, and the rate will be 1 percent of your total wealth yearly for 10 years. So if you had 40 million, you'll pay them 4 million AFTER you leave. If you are a billionaire, they are going to peg it at 1.5 percent. this is obviously a stab at Elon Musk, who will end up paying a combined minimum of $30 billion.

In the news way too much, and gaining credibility:

The high egg prices have been caused by tainted chicken feed, some of it sold by Tractor Supply company. Lots of this has been blamed on the winter time by partial trolls, it is partially true that hens that are not cared for properly will stop laying during the winter. That is partially true. Egg production will slow down, but it will not stop entirely like it has after the "tractor supply chicken feed fiasco". At first I believed the trollage, but as it turns out, people who never fed their chickens from Tractor supply are saying they are having no problems and their hens are laying like normal. So there is something to this story.
I think they actally did lace the food with something that would stop the hens from laying, possibly forever. We all know the agenda, and a few years ago Tractor Supply was bought by flaming leftists who absolutely would do that. And with Twitter not as totally censored as it was word is getting out, they are failing to keep this under wraps.

As of January26, Lake Oroville is at 803 feet. It could have been put higher but that level is actually acceptable considering they need capacity for the spring snow melt.

Now that I have found a way around the problem, I will post a lot more tomorrow. I have to work an alt income plan now.


The Daily Mail posted a slanderously false account of Trump at Diamond's funeral

I just lost respect for the dailyfail, which blatantly lied about what Trump said. The fail is claiming Trump did not know who Silk was, in the context that he never saw her before. But this is what Trump actually said:
"I always thought Diamond was the more vocal of the pair and that Silk was the "quiet" one. But after Silk's fiery eulogy about her sister, I realized I didn't know her at all and have a new respect for her."
Additionally, Silk stated plainly that it was the vax that killed her sister. The Jewish community went nuts over that. But what about Elon? He's saying the vax screwed him up and that his new pronouns are "prosecute/fauci". The dam is going to break. AI is doing it's best to flatulently falsify what Trump said, and if people don't actually watch what went on they might be fooled. At first I was. And that's bad. It means the lie (at least for about 5 minutes) worked on me. Now I am more aware, watch what you read folks because the MSM just went to a new level of low and you need to be ready for that so you don't get punked.

Read this report by the dailyfail and remember. Credibility lost. And TheFail referred to the vax as "poisoned", they ripped Silk for believing and stating a "poisoning conspiracy theory" which is quite bold when stated to a public that is waking up.

The extent to which the Daily Mail lied and misrepresented this story HAS TO go down in memory forever, because TheFail has been used constantly by alt media and was considered a less biased more accurate source. They seriously blew it.

I am calling it - the bromelain/nac cures vax damage post circulating is flawed.

I went over it with better attention and it appears to me that it is a report that was produced by an AI, after the AI was told what to do. The amount of bromelain is plausible, but the amount of NAC is indeed ridiculous and if that's an error I believe it was done on purpose to cause "those who know" to mock alt media.

A few days ago I warned people that AI was going to be used to produce fake reports that look totally convincing for the purpose of discrediting alt media, but I did not warn people that the reports would have critical flaws that were very discrediting built into them, I had to learn that.

20 mg/g is the same as 20g/kg. At that level yes, it would kill the spike protein and also dissolve your hemorrhoids, AND YOU. If it is an error in the report, such errors do not appear in anything legit/medical.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see and understand a conspiracy, two steps above average will do.

Hey spooks:

When you use MY system to process YOUR graphics via remote desktop, at least be smart enough to put the tools back the way they were!!! My god, you are stupid. I kept wondering how they were changing when that should not be possible, I just figured it out.
What are you doing? Producing "evidence" against me with my own system?


Hey spooks, you use a different graphics style than I do, distinctly different as proven by how the tools are left, and I'll be ready to point that out in court.

RUMOR: Bromelain plus NAC destroy the spike protein

UPDATE: A reader calculated the actual doses needed to destroy the spike protein and they are not attainable in real life. /update

I am putting this down as rumor because with AI out there shitposting it could be the opposite. HOWEVER -
Bromelain is in pineapple in copious amounts. It is robust and will survive pasteurization so processed pineapple (in juice) still has practically all of it. Already a con artist is saying it is only in the core, where there is less bromelain than anywhere else in the pineapple. Have you ever noticed when eating pineapple that it seems to eat you too? Bromelain is quite literally a digestive enzyme and it is the bromelain that does that, it is not the acid in the pineapple doing that. The juice and yummy parts of the pineapple contain the most bromelain.
NAC is found naturally in very large amounts in raw uncooked onion and also to a lesser degree in garlic. Though a small amount will survive cooking, it will be diminished greatly so it is much better to eat the onions raw. Like on a nice, thick cheeseburger.
The only question is, is this legit? considering how they wanted to ban NAC supplements along with the ivermectin, I'd say there is probably something to this. What are they going to do next? ban pineapple and onions??? Or are they going to GMO the benefits out of them??

If I got jabbed, I'd say this is worth a try.

Coulden't be easier, could it? And that's exactly how the so-called "elite" would have it if one of their own accidentally disastrously somehow got the real shot. How much do you need? Bromelain is such a huge portion of a pineapple that only 1 ring per day would do the trick. But who eats only one? And there's so much NAC in onion I would assume that one appropriate hamburger slice per day would do it, but with onion I don't know for sure.

Don't get hoaxed by the giant mosquito video.

The one that uses this picture, which happens to be real

The mosquito pictured is a gallinipper. It is the largest biting mosquito species in the world and is native to the southeastern United States. It is an enormous species. They are longer than honey bees and when full of blood, heavier. I reported on these in 2012 and found the exact picture used in the video (shown above) by simply typing gallinipper.
Here is a size comparison of other mosquito species. The one next to the gallinipper is the second largest blood sucking species in the world - the Asian tiger mosquito. A prime example of a gallinipper when compared to a prime example of a tiger mosquito will have 25X the body mass. Gallinippers are baad.
Gallinippers do not appear every year. They have a nymph stage that can span several years and then transform into the adult when the correct conditions are met, unlike other species, gallinipper nymphs survive just fine on dry land and only transform when it floods. They are in areas where high water levels do not go high enough every year, it takes a very high water situation to make them transform. So they are not a big issue, if they appeared like normal mosquitoes the southern states might not even be habitable, their bite is horrific beyond belief. If anyone laughs at someone else because "they can't handle a mosquito bite" remember, it is all relative!
So why did I spend so much time talking about a mosquito? Easy answer: Because gallinippers are relatively unknown about and that leaves them open to be used in GMO apocalypse hoaxes. Yes, a giant blood sucking mosquito does exist, there is a mosquito in Australia that is larger but it does not draw blood.

No camera? no problem!!!

Two cell phones, or a laptop and a cell, or anything else with wireless (as long as there is a pair) can map you without a camera so accurately your body position is clearly known. This report says Wifi routers but leaves out the fact that anything with Wifi, even a camera or wifi memory card, can be used to track where you are and what your physical position is even if you have taped over all your cameras. LOVELY.

You can now be tracked this accurately with a Wifi signal alone. You know - Star Trek tricorder/robocop type image.

you can see in the center image the guy is dribbling a basketball and the wifi is fast enough to accurately capture that movement. Obviously this works through walls, which means your house can easily be scanned with the cheapest of the cheap cheap crap now, the advantage they are stating is that this method is a lot cheaper than spending money on a camera.

Internet of things, privacy lost. If this is published, they have been doing this with your wifi devices for at least a decade. No wonder why we can never seem to win!!! I don't see any reason why they can't use this to simply produce full detail black and white images that have everything in the room shown, the green line guys are probably outdated fiction. The bottom line: Your wifi is all the camera "they" need. Your neighbor's wifi is all the camera they need to scan your home, who says it needs to be YOUR signal they will use, and you can't tell every neighbor to shut it off. Looking at my wifi neighborhood, I can be scanned from 37 different angles. OOPS, they just saw me pee, and they definitely watched that last constipation episode. THAT is probably what they are using at least some of those supercomputers for.

DAVOS BLOCKBUSTER: "Electric for thee, and gas for me!!

A Japanese reporter interviewed a driver for one of the elite at Davos. The driver laid it all out, an epic bust that would usually only be possible by putting a microphone on the meetings, (the private ones, not the public ones). The driver said the elite will continue to use gasoline while the rest of us are forced into electric because electric is not reliable enough and is considered dangerous to them. They, but not us, need cars that give better warning before failure and have a more reliable measure of distance on the fuel guage, lots of things cause electric cars to sometimes deliver less than half the range they indicate is possible and that's not good enough for the Davos crowd and when an electric car fails, it is simply lights out, not a check engine light.

This is one of those videos that will get vaporized because it tells the entire truth in one go. For the "climate crisis" garbage at least, we did not need to get a microphone in that place, we got the answer out on the street. And that answer is: They know damn well gasoline powered cars do not ruin the environment, they are instead simply too reliable and too useful for us to have anymore, they'll continue driving gas while we get electric.

If the embed below does not play (I don't expect this to last) I have it saved and have stripped the audio off so it can be heard click here. in the video she just points the camera at the driver's feet because he does not want to be identified anyway, there's nothing to watch.

New Zealand Prime Minister probably just woke up about the Covid shot

Update: A reader wrote and said she knew damn well what she was doing the whole time. In that case she may have resigned because she knows tswhtf soon and she wants to hide in a "safe space" while the public goes nuts over so many people being dead and maimed. She can't cower in a hole somewhere if she has to show up somewhere. end of update. Plausible.
She pushed the shot hard, and is now resigning because she does not have "enough gas in the tank" to do the job anymore, and she's obviously distressed about something. She was NASTY about those shots, nailed the entire country super hard, and she might have been conned. Then woke up and realized what she was caused to do. She also said "she's only human" which is often said after people realize they totally screwed up. Sure looks like it anyway. Obviously the media is not saying anything about the shot.

This is the look of "I effed up big, I quit".


More hocus pocus from the climate change vax scam Davos crowd

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, here is a quote:

Newly released research confirms the link between a certain amino acid called proline and depression. Proline is a nonessential amino acid and is found in grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks. According to the study, a diet rich in proline is linked to an increased risk of depression.
QUESTION: how do a chicken's ovaries suddenly produce bad eggs once it's let out of the cage, automatically with all other things equal? It's called BULLSHIT. Eat bugs!!!

I think "they" relied on an AI to make that up, and the AI did not know how stupid it sounded. ADVANTAGE.

Utah doctors facing charges for shooting more than 1,900 doses of covid vax down the drain and administering saline instead

Heroes they are. Hopefully the jury will be well informed of how horrific the vax was before convicting these doctors, who saved so many people. It is likely they got caught because none of the people they "vaxxed" were having problems. They would have had real vax cards, there is literally no other way the doctors could have been caught, they probably got sent the hottest doses (utah) and serious questions were asked about why no one dropped dead.
In the U.S., the doctors are going to trial for protecting their clients. In Australia, the doctors have been put on notice that they will be held accountable for all damage done by administering the real shots. I wonder what Australia would do to these hero American doctors - probably the same thing, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Here is the warning to Australian doctors, re-posted. The elite who pulled their con on all of us can't have it both ways, can they? I certainly hope not!!

I'll take the American doctors any day, hopefully there were a whole lot more who did not get caught.

I wonder what lurks in the sewers below their offices after all that crap went into them - maybe THAT is how they got caught. How did 43 new species of super sized amoebas suddenly appear out of nowhere??? Dna analysis says Pfizer shot, HMMMMM . . . . . ____________________________

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE