The communications for this site got cut off by those who are stealing the election. I do not know how they hack the message box, so I cannot fix it. I am not going to let a server go to waste so here are the Hunter hard drive videos.

All these videos originated directly from billionaire Guo and are not hearsay. Guo's site is awful to navigate but the main page is and if you go there you might have a chance of finding something before I do. You know - something LIKE THIS. and oh, this is even better. I'll compress those a bit and post them here tomorrow.

This one is the most important video ever released in internet history. This has to be listed first. The bidens sold America to China for $1 billion, documented.

This two minute video shows the initial setup of Obama for what is shown in the first video (above.)

This video documents the Hunter audio file we have all heard, and documents how Xi had Ye Jianming (the richest man in the world) drowned in the Yangtzee river because he knew too much after being Hunter's partner. This one is GOOD.

This video shows how the Bidens laundered the money and identifies the people on both the American side and the CCP side that cooperated to get the money clean, so Joe could stand up and talk all about how he's completely clean.

This video shows how the Bidens set up their shell companies to receive their funds, which CCP companies they interacted with to get the money laundered, and who the beneficiaries were.

American coup via vote fraud in progress now

Get involved to stop it - all you need is your phone and the instructions on this site.

Start today, time is all but gone. Tomorrow really will be too late. At a minimum, call your friends and family and point them to this site so they can join the fight to save the nation. America is at a tipping point, if this election is stolen there will be no going back. We need everyone, (working or not) to hop aboard the effort to save our country.

If you are unemployed because of Coronavirus, now is your chance to do something great for your country. Any way you can, start cold calling people to wake them up to what is going on, the American media surely will not, it is up to YOU.

Snopes and election officials lied:

Thousands of completed, stamped, and unopened 2020 mail in ballots really were photographed at Sonoma county landfill

Whistleblowers are stating that mail sort machines with address and voter databases merged are throwing Trump's votes straight in the trash.

Click here to view documented proof these really were 2020 ballots in the trash, and that every lie was told to cover this up.

This video documents more Biden corruption

This video shows Hunter screwing Obama's kids, plus him looking at a drug guide sheet to prevent himself from overdosing, plus showing him with a young kid buried under other women, plus him naked with his neice, plus MOST IMPORTANTLY Sex with Liu Lifey, KEY ACTRESS IN THE MOVIE MULAN, as a gift from the CCP, AND A LOT MORE Gosh, I wounder what Liu had to say about that! It probably did not matter.

This video is a Hunter porn video that documents him getting a blowjob from (disclaimer, what is "probably" "his niece"that's a safe way to say it while she was underage and proves he did it in the United States, where that would be illegal. Guo was not so straightforward but the way he puts it is obvious anyway.

Truck driver busts election fraud

A truck driver dropped off a load of paper for recycling at RR Donneley in Pennsylvania. While there he discovered two semi trailers of addressed and postage paid Trump ballot request forms had been sent there for recycling and were not mailed. The previous drivers likely wanted this busted and left a mess.

Full story here.

8 ballots sent out to one person in California, this is happening a lot.

Election insiders blow the whistle: Mail sort machines used to steal the election

Election workers have revealed that mail sort machines are being used to merge voter and address databases to throw likely Trump votes in the trash, with new ballots cast for Biden their place. When voters check to see if their mail in ballot made it, the answer is YES. . . . only not quite as they intended . . . .

Full story here